“Is it because they fear the return of Hina as the rightful queen? Mostly, are they afraid that the many bad deeds and injustices they have committed will be exposed to the world?”

“……that is also”

She still doesn’t know about her background. I don’t even intend to take her to the continent of Eurus in the future,……, because I can see that the more she knows, the more unhappy she will be. If you convey that intention to the client through your mouth, I can promise you that I won’t take your life. However, I’ll keep your skill abilities sealed. I’ve heard that high-ranking magicians can use Restriction magic to suppress it, and I have a trick as well.”

“………Pfft, There are a lot of people in this world who are a nuisance just by being alive. You’re an assassin yourself, so you know what I’m talking about.”

He’s going to say the same thing as …… Mors.

I’m sure that even if I successfully rounded up the black dragon, the client wouldn’t be satisfied. That’s probably it.

“Then the person who should be dealt with is the current king of Japan,……, the one who ordered the killing of Hina’s parents, right? That guy doesn’t need to be looked into, as long as he’s the king, I’ll know right away.”

“Kill?! You’re going to assassinate the king of a major power that rules the continent of Eurus by …… yourself?!”

“It doesn’t matter if you know …… the target. The most troublesome thing is that no matter how many times you kill the monster, it will change its appearance and resurrect again and again.”

The thought of Mors suddenly comes to mind.

No matter how many times I kill him, he will appear again in a different form. There is no way to lose, but honestly, there is no way to beat him.

A boss that I really don’t understand. The one I can never kill.

That is what I am in terror of.

“Changing form, ……, are you talking about your boss?”

“There is no boss for me right now. And yes, Black Dragon, he’s the one who gave me the information and urged me to get rid of you.”

“…… I knew it. The One with a Thousand Bodies …… never thought that the Seti the Reaper who betrayed the organization would be the one to get rid of me. …… It seems that my skills are such a hindrance to him.”

“Your transfer skill? you are certainly a threat, and if it weren’t for me, you might be invincible… but Mors is immortal. Even if he dies on the spot, he’ll revive right away.”

“….how should I know. But I’m sure he was afraid of me. That’s why I was promoted as a boss in the Dark Nine Dragons, and that’s why I’m able to stay here on the Grand Line continent, where Hades is in charge.”

I see. …… Apparently, Mors has something that is inconvenient for him if he is “transferred”.

Something important enough for him to go out of his way to ask me to assassinate him.

What comes to mind is Magic Sword ansalar…

However, Mors said that Magic Sword ansalar is not the main body.

If it were a weakness, he wouldn’t be carrying it around like that and exposing it.

Perhaps that is Mors’s secret and weakness as well.

Either way, the black dragon is done for.

I thought I could ask him about Mors’s weaknesses, but …… well, it was just a hint, wasn’t it?

“Black dragon, from the way you talk, it seems that there are several bosses in the Dark Nine Dragons, other than you. And I don’t think you’re strong enough to win them all.”

“W-Well, what then?”

“If you’re useless, you’ll have to die. You’ll make an example of them.”

“……B-Buhahahaha! After all, Seti the God of Death is merciless!”

The black dragon, while lying face down, suddenly begins to laugh foolishly.

“Then what? Has that dagger stuck in your head finally begun to destroy your brain? ”

“It means there are still ways to escape! you know—Tenshinpan!”

The black dragon exerted his last ounce of strength and activated his 《Transfer Skill》.

In an instant, his figure disappears.



As if falling from the ceiling, the black dragon fell.

“Gahaa! S-stupid …… why can’t I!?”

“Oh, that’s right. I forgot to mention …… that a fellow magician whom I trust has enchanted this entire factory with a domain blocking spell. You can only use these skills in here now.”

“A-a fellow? You’re a coward for not fighting alone!”

“What are you talking about? You sent 100 of your subordinates to attack me first, right? Which mouth did you use to say that?”

“… Ugh.. please help me. I’ll give you any amount of money, anything you want… I’ll somehow explain it to the executives of The dark nine dragons… Please, please don’t kill me.”

The black dragon begs for his life. In other words, it meant that there is nothing I could do against this guy.

And he’s lying.

By the time he was defeated by me, he had already lost his authority as the boss.

No one in the organization will follow this guy anymore.

“It’s no good. I have no choice but to punish you gracefully like a boss – die!”

I move at high speed and kick up the hilt of the dagger that is stuck in the black dragon’s head.

I blasted it so that the blade gouged out a large gash in the wound.


The black dragon lets out a desperate scream, and his brain is violently destroyed along with a gush of fresh blood.

Finally, he turned white, shaking several times, and finally stopped moving.

“I guess it’s finally over… However, it seems that the underworld of the Euros continent is quite dark.”

Even if the ringleader is killed, the “Dark Nine Dragons” have not been destroyed.

In any case, one of the other executives will become the leader and continue to target Hina.

In the end, it is a “lizard’s tail.”

I was just used by Mors for his own convenience.

I am sure it served as a warning to the “Dark Nine Dragons” and their client, the current king of Japan.

Either way.

“–I’m going to protect Hina. No matter what the enemy is.”

I picked up my severed left arm and attached the sections to each other.

The cells are rapidly activating and multiplying, and the wound is healing.

The rest will be restored to its original state if I give it time.

I released the “bio-enhancement” mode and returned to my normal state.


The door is opened vigorously.

Fiala and Manisa came rushing in.

Incidentally, Karina and Miriel are waiting at the inn, and I ask them to guard Hina.

“Seti kun, you won!”

“Yes, thanks to the magic Manisa performed. It really helped me. ……”

Thanks to her, I was able to make sure he didn’t escape and I was able to finish him off for sure.

“Seti san, you are badly wounded, are you all right? We’ll take care of you right now!”

“Thank you, Fiala,……, it will stick naturally as it is, but it will take time and leave me paralyzed for a while. Your divine restoration magic will definitely heal much faster, so thank you.”

“Perhaps.. are you expecting me? I’m glad you asked for my help, but… Seti-san, you’re wrong.”


Fiala nodded silently in response to my question. She seems to be somewhat angry.

In addition, Manisa was so taken aback that she let out a sigh.

The next morning, I returned to the inn.

“Seti Dono. I’ve heard from both of you,…… and I have a lot to say, but that’s how powerful the enemy was, isn’t it?”

Karina, who had been waiting for me, said something that sounded like she had something stuck in her back teeth.

“Well, I guess so. If I hadn’t done it this way, I’m sure I would have been wounded more deeply.”

It’s true that I wouldn’t normally have cut off my own arm.

But it’s also a trained assassin’s way of breaking through to the enemy.

“But …… don’t do anything reckless anymore. We’re all worried about you, Seti.”

“Thank you, Miiri. It won’t happen again.”

I gently placed my freshly recovered left hand on Miriel’s soft cheek as she looked like she was about to start crying at any moment.

The kindness of the girls for me was a joy to see and it soaked into my heart.

Thanks to everyone, I am able to fight as Seti.

The battle is over.

The bodies of the Black Dragon and the others will surely be taken care of by the organization’s cleaners.

I have no intention of getting involved in that.

After parting with everyone, I sneaked into the room where I was staying.

On the bed, Hina was sleeping with Shabazo cuddled up to her.

I smile, patting my chest in relief at her adorable sleeping face.

“I’m home, Hina ……, and I will definitely protect you.”

Again making a vow, I gently stroked Hina’s hair and cheek.

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5 months ago

That was cool, saying that he would kill a king from great country in another continent. To protect a person one treasures, being the enemy of the world sounds like a fair price to pay.