“Yeah, I knew you were that kind of guy. ………”

I glared at Yosho, who sighed in a somewhat exaggerated gesture, and he sighed loudly again.
As expected, I was irritated and was about to open my mouth to say something, but before I could do so, he covered my mouth with “Oh wait a minute.”

“……… hey.”
“More importantly…”

The words were somewhat drowned out, and I couldn’t help but interject, urging him to continue with my eyes.
At that moment, Yosho leaned forward and looked like a child before opening a present.

“You guys, how far did you get?”
“How far……..?”

I choked on my words, and I could feel my cheeks burning slightly.
Seeing my reaction, Yosho loosened his mouth and nodded.

“I know you’re in puberty,and even if you’re a novice, you can still at least kiss —-.
“Today, we held hands.”

When I say that in a small voice to hide my loose mouth, Yosho opens his mouth with a stupid pop after about ten seconds.

Wait a minute, Yosho looked at me while holding his head down. Perhaps his head was still hurting or his face was scrunched up, so I kept my eyes on him as I fished through my bag.
Yosho growled as if he was thinking for a while, but then he turned to me with his face still twitching and asked

“Hey, Nagi. You’re not going to say that’s all there is to it, are you, ………………?”
“What do you mean that’s all? I’m sure I did a pretty good job!”

After almost shouting, I hastily lowered my voice and whispered at least loud enough for Yosho to hear me.

Hearing those words, Yosho stiffened and looked up at the sky after a few seconds.
This is too late, his voice somewhat melancholy. As soon as I heard his voice, I pulled my hand out of my bag.
I pull it out of my outside pocket and offer it to Yosho.

Yosho stares at what’s in my palm as he comes back to consciousness from the heavens.

“………………… headache pills?”
“Yeah. You’ve had a headache for a while now, haven’t you? This is an over-the-counter medicine, and it’s the one you use all the time, so don’t worry.”
“Oh man, your concern is in the most exquisitely misplaced ………….”
“What do you mean?”
“I’m talking about someone in front of me who’s giving me more headaches.”

Saying that, Yosho made a face as if he had given up on something, took a deep breath, said, “Thank you for the headache medicine, I’ll take it.”

When I said, “Take care of yourself,” he gave me a dead-eyed look. I couldn’t understand.

“This is still too much rationing just for today. …”
“Well, it was a one-sided love, but suddenly it became a mutual love.”
“No, I said, ‘Congratulations on your marriage.’”

I felt my cheeks rise slightly at his words, and I turned my head away from him.
Ignoring Yosho, who said, “Stop it, Kisaragi-san or not, it’s just weird for you to blush,” I plopped down on the desk.
After brushing off Yosho’s poking hand, I sigh and say I’m done with this conversation.

“I’m only giving you advice because I’m worried about your future. …………”
“I’ve been worried about the future of this country ever since I found out you were in charge of Japan’s future.”
“No way, my future is secure.”

There is no one else who is such a great talent. The Yohsho who said that is the so-called elite —– who are considered to be the future prime minister.

In this Sakurano High School, which is —– called the most difficult high school in the country, there are many oddballs.
The public and internal image of this place is so different that it is called a “super elite school” by those who know nothing about it and a “cherry blossom” high school by those who know what’s going on inside.
Sakurano High School is generally attended by the elite who have been accepted to not only national but also overseas universities,—– but in reality, as I stated earlier, it is It is a place where weirdos gather.

If someone wants to say, “I want to play Nagashi Somen,” they bring a Nagashi Somen machine.
If someone wants to eat pizza, they order delivery.
It would have been better if it were that …………….

Unfortunately, this school attracts only the elite who have played the role of “honor student” to the outside world.

If someone says, “I want to do Nagashi Somen,” someone in the class will bring in bamboo and start the process.
If someone said, “I want to eat pizza,” someone in the class would bring bricks from somewhere and build an oven.
And coincidentally, or perhaps inevitably, the teachers who gathered at the school were also a bunch of weirdos.
During class, they made and sold pork miso soup.
After school, they sew things and distribute them to students at every event.

The school’s structure was such that the students, who were too unique to be in such a unique school, would do their schoolwork in order not to give up their daily lives.
Incidentally, the inside story of Sakurano High School, which pretends to be elite to the outside world, leaks out to the next generation of elite from where, it is a game of word-of-mouth in which seniors call out to their parents so that they will not be discovered.

Therefore,—— basically, Sakurano High School has only selected elites, and there are many people of high social standing who have sought freedom for some reason or another. And they are the ones who have taken the trouble to get their hands on it.
And they continue to play the role of the chosen elite on the outside so as not to lose the wings they have just acquired.

Honjo, who just now was playing the inside game, is also an extremely well-known young lady who is the heiress to the Honjo conglomerate. I think it’s well said.

—— And Yohsho, who is yawning loudly in front of me, is another victim who should have been a spare.

Even though I feel like I can’t say anything, I talk to Yosho as usual so as not to bring it out.

Well, when it was time to call it quits, Yosho got up from his seat, but I stopped him and said, “Oh, by the way, there’s something you haven’t told me yet.”
He looked back at me curiously, beckoning me to open my mouth.

“Hey. After all, how do you make a baby?”
“Ah, ………….”

When I asked him that, he put his hand on his chin as if he was thinking about something.
And then he looked at me, nodded and ruffled my hair.

“Hey, stop it.”
“Nagi-kun, you are so pure.”
“You’re so noisy.”
“I’m complimenting you.”

“Oh no, no, no rebellious kid,” he said, sighing deliberately.
The corner of Yosho’s mouth then arched up.

“—– I love you guys for being so pure.”

I couldn’t say anything to that guy who laughed somewhat lonely.

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