After two and a half years of wearing the shirt I was used to, I put my arm through the blazer, which was fashionable for a public high school.
As I put my feet into my shoes, which are still on the front porch, I hear a dumb chime just in time.

It landed in front of me with a “jaaaan” sound effect as it broke into the house before I could open the door.

“I’m here to pick you up!”

Smiling with a smile on her face, my childhood friend—Amou Reona, who was supposed to be wearing the same blazer, was wearing it like a model.
When Reona saw that I had finished putting on my shoes, she said, “Well, let’s go,” and opened the door.

“Wait a minute!”

I hurriedly grabbed her hand and took a quick look at her whole body.
She tilted her head curiously, though she didn’t seem to know why she was stopped.

“Reona, were you planning to go straight to school?”

She smiled at me with a cheerful smile, an expression I couldn’t see when she was an idol.

I’m happy to see it, but there is still a limit.

Haah, sighing, Reona, who had been standing in a position of dignity, looked at me strangely, but proudly puffed out her chest.

“Look, I put on a wig, and I changed my uniform from ribbon to tie!”

Reona fiddled with her tie, saying, It’s an advantage of this school that you can wear either a ribbon or a tie.
But when I saw her face without glasses, I let out a big sigh again.

“Your face is still a national treasure, right …………?”
“I told you not to say that!”

When I muttered involuntarily, Reona’s face, which should have been smiling just a moment ago, for some reason turned bright red.
………… might not be a national treasure, but a world heritage.

“Come over here.”
“Eh? ……… that way?”

Reona, who sounded a little confused, looked at my face as if she were startled.
Pretending not to notice it, I pulled her hand as it was.

Then, in a room in the corner of the house, which is a little larger than an average home.
Hidden away, perhaps because it had not been used for many years, the doorknob was a little dusty.

“I’m coming in.”

I brush the dust off the doorknob with my hand, and after a moment’s hesitation, I open the door.
At that moment, I could smell the distinctive smell of foundation and perfume wafting through the air.
Frowning at the smell, I turn on the light, and the first thing I see is a multicolored wig.

“Sit there, Reona.”

Reona nodded at my words and sat on the chair in front of the mirror in the center of the room.
Then she opened her mouth while looking at me through the mirror.

“This is Nagi’s father’s room, isn’t it?”
“………Yeah, it is.”

I picked up one of the dozens of different wigs and put them on Reona’s head one by one.
This one is different too, I muttered, taking the milk tea colored wig and putting on the fifth wig.
Unlike last time, this time she has black hair like me.

Reona does as she is told and turns on the TV with a thoughtful look on her face and flicks through the channels somewhat restlessly.

“you let me into Nagi’s dad’s room right,”

[The Nobel Prize was awarded to —]
[—-, a meteorite of a magnitude rarely seen in recent years.]
[The winner of this year’s Akazemy for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading or Supporting Role went to —–]

While preparing for what might be said, I apply foundation without letting her realize it.
Drawing eyeliner over it to make an impression, I looked at Reona’s face.

“…….. So that means Nagi’s dad approves of me, right?”

I drop the perfume I was holding at the unexpected words.
It was the size of the palm of your hand, and it rolled on the floor with a clang.
After picking it up, I stare at my childhood friend next to me.
But her face was glistening with hope.

(Ah, how cute)

Not that.

Unintentionally, I counteracted the words I thought reflexively and looked at my childhood friend who is humming a song cutely…no, in a good mood
The smile on Reona’s face was the same as before, a smile that would make anyone fawn over her.

“………… I don’t want you to show that face out in the open too much, though.”
“No, it’s nothing.”

After denying the possessive words that had unintentionally overflowed my mouth, I began to wrap the hair of Reona’s wig.

While braiding the sides, I kept chanting in my mind, “mindless fire is also cool” (Mantra) over and over again.

Without knowing how I was feeling, Reona turned it to me.

“Nagi’s father is basically in a foreign country because of his work, and Nagi hasn’t been in touch with him, so I was wondering what I should do.”
“If I can enter Nagi’s father’s room, that means our marriage is approved, right!”

The words that could not even be considered a reply spilled out of my mouth.
But apparently, my wife took the questioning reply as a “yes.”
Her face brightened even more, and she smiled, “Yes, I knew it!” and smiled.

I couldn’t say anything to that face, and in the end all I could do was put Reona’s hair in a ponytail.
Finally, I asked her to lengthen her skirt and urged her to leave the room.

“I was surprised to see how much just changing the length of a skirt can change one’s impression of a person.”
“Never mind about that, let’s just do it so that I can’t see it.”

Returning this to Reona as I pushed her back as she folded her skirt, I turned her toward the front door.
“Eeeh, it doesn’t matter,” she said, and she waved her hand at me in dissatisfaction.

Then I turned off the lights in my room and the TV, which I had left on, and went out into the hallway myself.
Batan, With a bang, it closed as if rejecting someone.

“………Yeah, I’m on my way.”

I hear Reona’s voice calling me in the distance.

“So I don’t need you, —- dad.”

The sunlight shining in from the outside looked awfully dazzling.

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