“Hey, Sena. What’s wrong?”

I —– Kisaragi …………, Amou Reona tilted my head as I looked at my friend in front of me.
She, Honjo Sena, saw me tilting my head and made my voice even louder, which had been growling from earlier.

“No. ……………… should I say this or not …… …….”
“If that’s how Sena worries about me, then I guess I’m fine either way.”
“Ree, you really are a good girl. I love it.”
“I love you, too. I love Nagi as an object of romantic interest, though!”
“I also like Ree who naturally falls in love with me like that. …………”

Sena, who said, “Well, I’m not going to tell you,” crushed and stretched my cheeks, then took a small breath.

Sena calls me “Re-“, Nagi “Na-“, and only her childhood friend Ibuki-kun, who has been with her since elementary school, “Ibuki”, for some reason she is distant towards Ibuki.

Sena smirked and moved her face closer to me.
The fresh smell of Sena’s scent wafted through the air.

“And. What about Naa?”
“No, um..”
“Here, here, don’t be shy.”
“Hey, Sena, ……………”

Sena, which is supposed to be a young lady, is only here to expose her true self,—–, and I know that she plays the obedient child in social occasions, but without being strong, I turn my face away from her.
Even though I was aware that my cheeks were slowly burning, I squeezed my voice.

“I held hands with him myself today,………….”
“………… what?”

After a few seconds, I looked at Sena, who froze with a smile on her face and then scrunched up her face.
Sena took a couple of deep breaths and then said the same words again.

“What did you say?”
“Jeez, I held hands with him myself!”
“What about hugging? What about a kiss?”

Sena, who should have been smiling earlier, asks the question with a straight face, and I unintentionally confide in her what I have been thinking for a long time.

“Umm…… hugging and kissing are urban legends that exist only in stories,…….”
“Pure is the word that comes to mind here, isn’t it?’

When I said that while averting my eyes, Sena muttered, “Well, Ree is really shy,” and then let out a heavy sigh.
Then she held up her index finger and pointed it at me sharply.

“Listen? Re-, you have a really good face, not only a good face, but also a good personality, studies, and athletics! Especially when it comes to looks!”
“I think that’s an exaggeration. ………”
“I mean, ……… you could even get married, so why can’t you do anything like a girlfriend?”
“I-I’m embarrassed ……….”

Scratching my cheeks, I drooped my head helplessly.
After staring at it for a few seconds, Sena said, “Angels existed,” holding her face with her hand and looking up.
And after a while, she calmed down and suddenly raised her head and approached me.

“Anyway! Push and push and push and push! Nah, Naa is so easy, if you get close to him, he’ll fall for you in a heartbeat! No, he’s already got the hots for you!.”

I was shocked at those words and clenched my fists.
That’s the spirit! Sena nodded and opened her mouth to speak.

“So, we’ll start with a hug —-.”
“First, we’ll start with holding hands naturally!”
“That’s a good place to start, huh?”

After hearing my words of determination, Sena muttered, “Yeah, I knew that, because it’s Ree.”
As I looked away, I sighed, wondering what it would be like.

“Well, but it’s usually about this much, I’m sure, maybe, probably …………. for elementary school kids.”
“Eh? What?”
“Nothing. ……Yeah, but I think even junior high school students are a little more advanced these days. ”

As I said that, Sena slumped out and groaned for a while while saying things like, uh, Ummm, and so on.

And after that, Sena muttered, “Youth is dazzling, isn’t it?” because she had lonely eyes that seemed to be thinking of someone else, but still couldn’t reach them.

“Sena. ………………After all, Sena is the one who is thinking of Ibuki-kun..”
“It’s okay.”

In response to my unintentional remark, Sena interrupted my words with a gentle yet firm tone.

Taking a deep breath, I narrowed my eyes and looked up at Sena’s face, who seemed to be smiling.

“I’ve already decided I won’t make any more mistakes,”

I couldn’t see Sena’s face as she turned her back and deliberately caught the wind.

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