“…………… Reona?”

Suddenly I, —– Amou Nagi, was about to leave from school when I felt that my childhood friend, who should not normally be at school, was on the rooftop.
Somehow I had a bad feeling about it, and I ran up the stairs to the non-existent fifth floor —- rooftop at what was probably the fastest speed I’ve ever run.
Normally the rooftop is not open. It is not open, but it is —–.

(Please, let it be my imagination. ……………)

When I finally reached the rooftop, the door was closed.
I was so happy, but then I felt a gust of wind blowing from there, as if to show the coldness of winter.
I heard a creaking sound, and the door slowly opened.
I was startled and froze, but my eyes caught sight of my childhood friend who was easily climbing over the fence that was posted with a sign that said, “Due to the danger ahead, this area is off limits.”

The winter breeze blowing in the wind makes her look so fragile that I can’t help but admire her for a moment.
But then she shakes her head, and in the blowing wind, I grab the arm of a human being 30 meters in front of me.

“What are you doing, Reona?”
“…………….. Nagi?”

I look at Reona, who tilts her head as if nothing is wrong—– , as if she were approached within the school, and I make my face grim.
Seeing my face like that, Reona smiled at me.

“Hmmm – I’m standing on the rooftop if you’re asking me what I’m doing. I can only say ………….”
“Answer me seriously.”

At any rate, I grab her arm and bring her back inside the fence, and I face my childhood friend.
I was waiting for an answer with a somewhat nervous look on my face, and Reona answered with her usual smile, as if she were answering the weather today.

“Well, if you’re asking me……..”

Gently releasing my hand from her grasp, Reona spins around and makes a graceful turn.
The undyed brown hairs fluttered in the wind.

“I think it’s correct to say I was about to die.”

A whoosh.
The sound of an inhalation overlapped with the sound of an exhalation.

And when I understood those words, an irresistible fear surged through my heart.
No, no, no, no.

Reona is my childhood friend, my friend, my best friend, my —- beloved person who has been a part of my everyday life.

I don’t want to lose her.
I don’t want to lose someone who means so much to me.
I asked Reona with this thought in my mind.

“Why are you trying to die?”

And as if to express such feelings, the words that came out of my mouth were rough, which on the contrary calmed my heart.
And when she heard my words like that, Reona’s face distorted ……………… as she tried to smile again.

“I don’t want to do this anymore,…………………!”
I don’t want to be an idol.

When I saw Reona shedding tears like that, I realized how helpless I was.

Hearing Reona’s confused muttering words, I nodded to reassure her.

When you hear the name —— Kisaragi Reona, 98 out of 100 people will surely be able to associate her face with it.
Because she is such a famous and national ……………… idol.

She is a high school student, has a great style, and of course, a well-defined face.

Reona, who also worked as a model for a while, has exploded in popularity since her first year as an idol.
She has appeared on many TV shows, variety shows, surprise shows, radio shows, and even starred in a TV drama.
As such a national idol, she became busy in proportion to her popularity, and inversely to her popularity, she had no time off.

Saturdays and Sundays? No, she has TV show taping, live performances, and handshake events.
Then weekdays? On weekdays, there are drama rehearsals and voice training sessions.

If that’s the case, where is the time off for ” Kisaragi Reona ” as a human being? —–If you were to ask me that, I would not be able to answer.

“—–I want to quit being an idol already,……… …”

I stroked the hair of my childhood friend who was sobbing and crying raggedly.

It was a testament to the effort that had gone into taking care of it every day, and it felt so good to the touch.

My heart ached at such a thing, and I muttered, “…………enough”
Ehh, I slowly told my childhood friend, who looked up with a small voice and tears spilling out of her face.

“You don’t have to be an idol anymore,”
” ……………… is it okay?”

Hearing Reona’s confused muttering words, I nodded to reassure her.
But then, interrupting Reona’s words as she was about to continue something, I opened my mouth again.

Even if I never get to tell her how I feel, it’s okay, as long as it keeps her alive.

“Hey, Reona. I’ll be a shield, a sword, a hero for you. If you want, I’ll even be a villain. So, please.”
Please don’t die.

The tears that had been spilling down her cheeks were no longer running down her cheeks, and I was reassured that she was going to be okay.

“……………Hey, Nagi…”
“Can you really be whatever I want you to be?”
“Of course.”

I nodded, and Reona gave me a smile that I hadn’t seen in a long time.

“I see, thanks!”

She smiled once more, and I was glad I could stop her, I thought again.

“—– So, Kisaragi Reona san,………No, Amou Reona san. This completes the procedure.”

After I saw off the woman at the city hall, I watched the TV in the waiting room with my wife next to me.

“This is a breaking news! National idol Kisaragi Reona has announced her retirement! Repeat! National Idol —–“

I look at Reona, who is smiling at me as I watch the chaos unfolding in front of the TV.
She was smiling with such vivacity that she raised her thumbs up the moment she laid eyes on me.

“I did it, Nagi, I’m a married woman from today! Congratulations!”
“How is that possible!”

(TL/N : I expect great things….)

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Well that escalated quickly

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need for speed: wife edition

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Double You Teh-eef
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Damn, looks like the story is travelling at mach 2 without fleshing out lmao