“Sorry, Reina ………. Sorry. ………”
“Nagi, don’t cry. It’s not your fault. Reona will be fine.”

I looked at Reona who smiled clumsily while saying that, and clenched my fists.
I swallowed the tears that started to well up again, and Reona forced me to look up at her.

“……… Reona?”
“If Nagi is going to have sad memories, Reona will rewrite them for you! I’ll make all your sad memories fun with all of Reona’s!”
“……. what are you talking about?”
“So, Reona will be the best! So, Nagi, no matter how late it gets, definitely come after me! Then ——“

After a pause, my childhood friend looked at me and smiled.

“Together, we’ll be the best!”

She looked more radiant to me than anyone and anything else when she said that. ——-

………… dream, huh?

I’ve had a very nostalgic dream, I thought as I woke up.
There was a smiling face of Yosho there, and I frowned involuntarily.

“Nagi-kun. You’re so generous to doze off during math class, which is your specialty. I’m good at math, too, and I’m going to take away your first place, aren’t I?”
“Just because I’m good at math doesn’t mean I can fall asleep. Well, you can figure out math by looking at the subject book, right?”
“There it is. You’re making a serious comment and then you push me down.”

Ignoring Yosho who was saying strange things with a serious face, I put away the finished math textbook.
I whispered while taking out the next world history preparation from the drawer.

“I’m sorry Reona. I didn’t keep my promise.”

The words I muttered were lost in the sound of the rain that was falling in flurries.


“Yes. That’s it for today’s class. You should take a good rest before you go home. I’m going to bed when I get home.”

With that, the world history teacher and homeroom teacher slammed the world history textbook shut and walked out of the classroom with a big yawn.
The homeroom teacher, who is too much of a freewheeling type, always dismisses the class at this point because he is too lazy to do the HR.

As I pack my bag with writing materials and textbooks and get ready to leave, I stretch out.
As I leaned forward, my hand brushed against Yosho, who was sitting in the seat in front of me.

Then, Yoto looks back at me while saying “Hmm?”

sorry, I hit my hand’, Yoto lightly nodded and then whispered in my ear.

“What are you going to do on your way home?”
“………….What am I gonna do?”

I asked him in a bewildered tone, and he sighed in exasperation.
When I muttered that handsome guys can do anything, “What, you like me?” he said

“Rather than that. What do you mean, what am I going to do?
“I mean it as it is. Kisaragi-san has that good face. I’m sure it will come out soon.”
“…………… don’t mess with Reona, okay?”
“Where’s the guy who messes with his best friend’s girlfriend? Ah, wife? wait, I’m scared, scared, scared.”

I raise my eyebrows at Yosho, who tries to convince himself that his love life is based on a principle of not caring about anything.

I opened my mouth involuntarily when I saw that Yosho’s face looked like he was giving up on something.

“You know, Yosyo. What happened between you and Honjo in the past?”
“Nothing happened.”
“That’s a lie. I’m sure you’re lying. ———”
“Really, ‘nothing happened’.”

Saying that, Yosho looked somewhere in the distance, and I couldn’t say anything more and was embarrassed.
At that moment, the vision suddenly darkened, and the shoulders involuntarily shook with ………… a tremor.

“How did you know!”
“You’re the only one who would do something like this, Reona.”

With a sigh, she removed her hand and turned around with her whole body.
Then, I grabbed Reona’s hand, who looked like a child caught in a prank, and made her sit down on the chair next to me.

When she turned around again, Yosho and Honjo, who seemed to have come with Reona, were covering their faces with their hands and looking up.

“……………Why are you two looking so weird?”
“”Because it’s dazzling.””

Over rationing can sometimes be a poison, I said, and the two of them seemed to calm down after a while.
After taking a few deep breaths, they wiped away the nosebleed that had erupted with a natural gesture.

“Phew. At any rate, Kisaragi-san is going to disguise herself after this, is that right?”

I took out my pouch to reapply the makeup that I had removed when declaring my marriage to my classmates.
Ignoring Honjo, who said, “There’s a boy here with a lot of girl power,” I applied primer to Reona’s face.

“You’re good at this.”
“………. well, a little, due to my father’s profession.”

In this school, many students don’t want to be told what their parents’ professions are.
So, most of the students would know that the mere mention of the word “parent’s occupation” is something that they don’t want to be mentioned.

Perhaps this unspoken understanding was conveyed, Yohsho and Honjo nodded lightly and let the topic drop.
I managed to block out the words by applying foundation to Reona’s face as she tried to open her only mouth.

This would somehow create silence, but with this member, it was not awkward at all.
While I was thankful for that and silently continuing with my makeup, Yosho unexpectedly broke the silence.

“Hey Nagi,………… could it be that this is the disguise Kisaragi-san was wearing in the morning?”
“Yes, it is. Why do you have that in your possession,…………, no way!”
“Ah, that no way. This is a worse situation than we anticipated.”

As Yosho scrolls through the screen, Honjo appears from the side, saying that a picture of Kisaragi in disguise is circulating on the Internet.
Honjo frowned and tilted her head, comparing the phone’s screen to Reona’s face.

“But you know what? Why don’t you just change your disguise?”
“No. I told you it was worse than I expected.”

I shook my head as I removed Reona’s makeup that I had just applied.
Reona also tilted her head in the same way as Honjo, and suppressed her mouth as if she were shocked.

“No way, …………… school”
“Yeah, it looks like Kisaragi-san is right.”

With an even more stern face, Yosho shows us the screen of his smartphone, which glows brightly in the dark.

“Kisaragi-san’s school is exposed”

I could hear Yosho’s voice, saying that he carefully wrote down how to recognize the person who sent it back, as he clicked his tongue.

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