As I was admiring Reona’s smile, I suddenly noticed my mother looking at us with a sly grin.

Her squinted eyes were looking back and forth between me and Reona as if insinuating something, but after a little while, she suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, I’m going to miss my business meeting!” she suddenly exclaimed.

My mother put on her high-heeled shoes, opened the front door, and just like that, as if by word of mouth, she stormed out of sight.
As I watched her go, the whole house went ………… silent, as if all the noise from earlier was a lie.

“………………Anyways, let’s eat before it gets cold.

I murmured to no one in particular, and Reona shook her head somewhat absentmindedly.
Reona’s slightly pouty face was cute,………… and I thought, in general, love is blind.


After returning to the living room where I had just been, I sat down at the dining room table next to it.
I began to eat my omelette while looking at Reona, who still had a poisoned look on her face.
The sound of metal clinking echoed in the quiet space.

I ate the omelette with “Amou Reona ” written on it, but somehow I managed to keep only the “amou” part of it.
……….. I didn’t mean to spare a little bit or anything.

However, the sound of the dishes brought me back to myself and Reona said, “Ah,” and quickly began to check her phone.
I watched her as she carelessly shoved a slightly cold omelette into her mouth.

—– At that moment, Reona dropped the dynamite for the second time today.
To be more precise, I should say that she put liquor in the oil poured in a row, and then dropped a lump of dynamite in it.

“………… Ah, Nagi! I got a message from my mom congratulating me on my wedding!”

Well, as it turned out, I blew out the omelette I had once shoved in my mouth.
I know very well myself that it was dirty, but this could be called an irresistible force.

On the screen of the smartphone that Reona vigorously thrust out, there was a picture of the omelette rice that she had just shown to my mother —– “Nagi & Reona, we are married” written in ketchup. A photo of the one she took was sent to the message chat.
And at the destination.

“Um, Reona-san ……………? To me, it looks like it says [mom]—-shiori in that addressee……….”
“Yes, it does! I thought I’d better inform my mom as soon as possible!”

The question I fearfully asked was affirmed with a smile, and I suddenly became far away from consciousness.
When I managed to bear it with the smile in front of me, the image of Shiori, Reona’s mother, a woman who no matter how I looked at her, she looked about the size of a college student,—–, appeared in my brain. I shook my head and batted it away.

I shook my head to dismiss it and stared at the LCD screen again.

“Mom, I got married!”
“Congratulations! Is the man you’re marrying Nagi-kun?”
“It’s nice, getting married. But I think you should have done it a little earlier~”

………There are too few decent people around me.
No, there are some people, but it’s not like I’m talking to someone on the other side of the world.
I remembered my father’s face, which came to mind for a moment, and shook my head, “I still don’t want to ask that guy for too much help.”

As I scrolled through the phone that was handed to me, I saw words that had a bit of a strong impact on me.

“When it comes to marriage, it’s all about the kids!”
“Mom only gave birth to one child, right?”
“I had enough with Reona! By the way, when are you planning to have kids?”

…………It seems that Reona inherited not only her looks but also her quick temper from her mother.
I couldn’t keep quiet any longer and raised my voice in protest to Reona.

“Reona. As expected, I think I have to give a formal greeting even to Shiori-san first.”
“I don’t really care about that. Or does Nagi not want to marry me? Do you want to delay it?”

Yes, I’m sure I didn’t say anything wrong.

“No, that’s not what I meant. In the first place, it’s too early for a high school student to get married. So even if you know each other, you should greet each other properly, I think………..”

I am sure I am not saying anything wrong.
I’m sure of it, but my words are getting more and more slurred.
The reason is that Reona is staring at me with a disapproving look on her face.

She was the one who was staring at me, and she puffed out her cheeks with a cute pout.

“Nowadays, a formal greeting only annoys the other party!”
“I see. ……………”

Really …………?

I growled lowly, propping my chin up with my hand.

(No, …………… it will happen someday, and I should have been rather glad to say it earlier. …… ………? But I still thought it would be better to do it a little more properly …………)

As my thoughts whirled around, Reona came closer to my face and tilted her head.

“Or did Nagi not want to marry me?”
“No, it’s not that…”
“You still don’t want me to be your wife…..?”

Saying that, Reona shook her head without even a few tenths of a second, and her face lightened up.
Still, after that, as if she came back to herself, she coughed and said, “Fufu, this was an act. you fell for it!” When I saw Reona smiling and holding her mouth with her sleeve in a panicked but happy manner, I looked up at my own burning cheeks.

I was so weak against the wife, it seems.

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