As we froze, stunned, a different male student opened his mouth in bitterness.

“You have no idea how ………… much we’ve been waiting for your wedding …!!!!”

The boys nodded their heads in agreement, as if to vent their long-held feelings, and then suddenly raised their fists in the air.

“The national idol has been in the same class with us for three years! The despair that outweighs the joy of finding out that you are in the same class! And jealousy!”
“Stop flirting in the classroom! You’re pissing me off! We’ve been discussing for a long time that we’d definitely all break into the wedding!”

The rest of the girls look at the sobbing boy with waterfalls of tears in his eyes, and the rest of the girls look at them coldly.
But then, in an instant, it turned into a smile.

“Amou-kun and Kisaragi-san, congratulations on your marriage!”
“I can’t believe you two got married so soon~.”

………… Um, that’s assuming we’re getting married anyway.

But after seeing the way the girls looked at me earlier, I couldn’t say such a thing, and I simply fell silent.
This is what is commonly known as silence is golden.

Within the class in such a welcoming mood, one of the girls advanced in the group of girls.
Upon seeing the girl’s face, Reona’s face lit up and she walked up to her.

“Re-! Congratulations on your marriage! You’ve done it!”

Reona smiled as she approached the schoolgirl —— Honjo Sena, and she hugged Reona.
Her hair, which she had pulled into a side ponytail, swung freely, and she stuck her thumbs out at me.
Seeing my struggle, Sena looked at me and laughed, then leaned in toward me. …………… and then a group of boys shouted

“Hey, Honjo! Don’t you dare run off! I’m the first one to ask for details, you idiot!”
“Shut your mouth, you munchy boys! I’m the first one to ask, you idiot Ibuki!”

Hearing the voice that flew by, Sena let out a rough snort and raised her legs with all her might toward the male student who had just raised his voice.

With a beautiful arc, it hit its target, and the most terrifying technique called “inner thigh” was decided.
There was a familiar voice that grunted and winced, holding back what was an important part of the boy’s body.

“………… Waaa ………… that looks painful……”
“That thing hurts, especially for a guy. …………”

After confirming this, I and the boys around me shuddered and involuntarily held down the spot where I should not have been kicked.
When I glanced at them, Sena smiled, and Reona asked Sena with a worried look on her face.

“………. Sena, are you okay?’
“Hm? What?”

Yes, Reona, please give your advice to Sena.
Reona, who was unwittingly entrusted with the thoughts of all the boys, glanced at Hoshina’s feet.

“Can’t they see you insides………?”
“Aaah, it’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine! I’m wearing shorts!”

When Sena flipped up her skirt without any hesitation, we were all silent, but since the person in question didn’t notice it, it didn’t make any sense.

Reona, however, smiled as if she was relieved to hear that, saying, “I see, I’m glad to hear that.”
The boys looked at her in disbelief, and then, as if they had given up on something, they started to back away.

They shivered as if they were afraid of something, and in their eyes, the boys who were still moaning looked like sacrifices.
But I turned my head to Reona alone and groaned as I looked at her with a big smile on her face, “I’m so glad to see my friends.”

……… Sorry guys, my wife is so cute, you’ll have to forgive me for today.

At least instead of saying, “We’re not having a wedding,” I add.
Seeing the classroom instantly perk up with those words, I cover my loose mouth with my hand to hide it, relieved to be back to normal and normal life.


“Ouch,………, it hurts like hell.”

Seeing a male student —— Ibuki Yosho who moaned, “Damn,” and couldn’t get up, I held out my hand in dismay.
After grabbing it stiffly and putting all his weight on it, that guy sat down on the chair while saying “Thank you”.

And to be honest, I can’t help but feel sympathy for Yosho, who sometimes looks down and mutters, “Ouch.”
As I was watching him with an indescribable expression on my face, I suddenly saw a shadow in front of me.
When we both looked up at the same time, Yosho frowned and then glared at its owner.

“What are you doing?”
“It’s because Ibuki said something stupid, isn’t it?”
“It’s because Honjo says stupid things.”
“I think you’d better fix that sort of thing, pervert.”
“I think you should treat that kind of thing well, you wickedness.”

The two are glaring at each other so much that you can almost hear the sound effect of a Spark, and then Reona appears from behind Hoshina and says, “Stoop”
I told her that she was cute in that way, and she said, “I like that about Nagi,” as if it was a matter of course for some reason.
I stiffened involuntarily, and Reona, after a moment’s delay, seemed to realize what she had said, and waved her hands around in a flurry.
Her face is bright red, as if she had just been boiled.

“No, you know what?! I like Nagi’s way of saying what she thinks, and I wonder if having a child with Nagi would make her an honest child. …………!”
“I bet Reona’s child will be beautiful and pretty too.”

I nodded in agreement with Reona, who was holding her cheek with her sleeve as if in a panic, and Yosho and Hoshina, who were standing next to me, turned to me saying, “Hmm?”
We were so surprised when they asked with straight faces, “Hey, for your information, do you know how to have a child?” We looked at each other and tilted our heads.

“”…………… come to think of it, I don’t know.””

Without noticing the two of them visibly stiffening, we continued to groan with question marks in our heads.

“I thought you could do that on your own when you got married?”
“I’ve heard that you can if you both take a cabbage and eat it together.”

As I was talking to Reona, saying, “Oh, no, I didn’t think so?” I noticed that the two next to me were shaking full of it.

The moment we were about to call out to them, I was being held by Yosho and Reona by Sena,…, like they were saying, “It’s not easy, we’re not going to let you go”, they grabbed our shoulders firmly.

“”Let’s talk for a minute.””

With that, they took me to the edge of the classroom and Reona to the rooftop stairs, their eyes not smiling at all.

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