What do I, a self-proclaimed normal high school student, find most difficult in my school life?

It’s recess.

You might think that I am being bullied or that I am isolated, but that is not the case.
I belong to the highest ranked group of boys in my class caste.

So you might think that I am having a hard time being bullied or taken advantage of, but that is not the case.
Of course, I am a core member of the top group, but I don’t have such a grand status.
I’m a bottom-of-the-line looking guy, and to be frank, I’m a negative character.

So this word fits to describe my position. So …… air.

“I don’t feel refreshed.”

The name of the classmate who blurts it out in a strong voice beside me is Hirasawa Reo.
He was born with light brown hair and a sharp face with a clear nose.
He is tall and has long legs, so the term “fine eyebrows” fits him well.
Sitting lightly on the desk in my seat, he is one of the most popular boys in the class, or even in the school.
I’m not just talking about his face, but his athletic ability and good grades in his studies make me, as an ordinary person, envious.

“What’s wrong with you, Reo?”

Reo is the center of the class, and the boys who approach him are also in the top tier of the class caste.
For example, Sato of the soccer team, Suzuki of the tennis team, and Tanaka of the baseball team.
The guys who approach him all have a sunny disposition and have been dating girls since elementary school.

“I think there was something I wanted to do, but I can’t remember what it was. I’m almost there, but I can’t remember.”
“I know.”
“Yeah, that’s what happened to me the other day.”

As soon as Reo spoke up, the other guys would follow suit and start chattering away.
This is the basis of conversation in this group.
So, words are exchanged around me, and I naturally turn my gaze one after the other to the one who uttered the word.
As this exchange continues, a girl’s voice is suddenly thrown in from an unexpected direction.

“Hey, hey, Reo!”

Everyone’s eyes turned to the girl.
It is a common practice for the top group to be approached by girls.
In this case, the most famous girls in the class were looking at Reo with admiration.

“We went to see the basketball team play yesterday!”
“Hmm? Yeah”
“It’s really awesome. Reo threw a shot at the end of the game. It was really cool! Right?”
“Yeah, yeah! That was really cool! Reo is awesome!”

Reo replies in a slightly curt manner.
Reo, the ace of the basketball team, was very active in yesterday’s basketball practice game.
He was the envy of all the students in his class who went to see the game.
In fact, many of the girls like Reo so much that they have formed a fan club.
The gals in the class seem to like him, and frequently ask him to play with them.

“Let’s go out today! Let’s do karaoke or something!”
“There are a lot of girls who want to hang out with you.”

The gals were very aggressive in their advances.
They may be light on words, but they are attractive, good-looking and stylish.
If it were me, I would have turned bright red if a girl like that came on to me so hard.
But Reo were not really listening to what they had to say.

“I’m sorry, but I’m busy with club activities, so I’ll see you later.”
“Eeh, always turn us down! I’m going to ask Arisa out too.”

The boys, with the exception of Reo, were all in an uproar at the mention of that name.

“Is she coming?”
“Seriously, I want to go too!”
“Hey! Don’t use my name without my permission.”

The name may have been a reaction to another girl’s voice being thrown into the mix.
A girl with an annoyed face and a contemptuous look at the boys approaches.
Yeeah, she is the most popular girl in this school.

“Sorry, sorry. But if Arisa will come with me, maybe even Reo.”

The boys, with the exception of Reo, are giving her fawning glances.

“If it was just the girls, but I don’t want to go with the boys.”

The beautiful girl cut off the request of the gals.
Well, I’ve never heard of her playing with boys.

Her name is Asahina Arisa.

Her platinum blonde hair and emerald blue eyes shine even from a distance.
Her hands and feet are spotless, and she boasts a slender, model-like figure with a well-defined body that shows in areas that show and retracts in areas that don’t.
Her occasional smiles are uncommonly cute.

Her family runs a company, and she is the daughter of a wealthy president.
In addition, she is a talented young woman with high physical ability and shows excellent qualities in everything she does.
Her academic ability is naturally the best in her grade. She is so perfect that she is almost too perfect.

It is safe to say that more than half of the boys at school are in love with her. As I recall, three of the boys here also had a crush on her.

“Hey, Asahina. There’s a soccer game next week if you want to go! Come and watch!”
“If you can’t do karaoke, Asahina-san, at least have dinner……!”
“I’m sorry, but I’ll pass. I’m busy.”

The boys’ love for each other was cut short, as if she could see right through them. It’s pathetic.

“Mouu, Arisa.”

Ootsuki, the petite girl next to her, softly chided her.
This group of girls is the top group of girls, with Asahina Arisa at the center.

The men is Reo. The women are Asahina san. It is safe to say that these two are the most powerful in the class.
The central figures are always the ones who excel in appearance and have a lot to say.
It is not that they excel and talk about interesting things, but the brilliance of their one-liners is totally different.
When Reo speaks up, he becomes the talk of the town, and when Asahina-san speaks up, it becomes the opinion of the women in the group. I think that is a kind of charisma.
There is no doubt that this class …… could have the entire school year revolving around these two.

“You should listen to Arisa! Reo is really awesome!”

The one who raises her hand in an exaggerated manner is Matoba, the gal who has feelings for Reo

“Yesterday at the basketball game. With ten seconds left in the game, we were losing by one point. Our school gets the ball, and Reo runs out, receives a pass with a few seconds left, and shoots! We got the point at the end of the game and turned it around! What’s that called?” 
“I think it was a buzzer-beater.”
“Maybe that’s it!”

Matoba-san nodded in agreement with Suzuki’s point. Reo in yesterday’s game was really great.

“He was really cool! I mean, I’ve fallen in love with you all over again. ……!”

Matoba-san tangles herself in Reo’s arms as she presses her breasts against his chest.

The approach can be described as obvious. As expected of a gal, she’s able to go all out for the boys she likes.
I’m not going to use this as a reference, but it’s a great way to learn how to get a boy you like by putting your body on the line like this. I won’t use it as a reference, though.

“It’s no big deal.”

Reo waved her hand away in disgust.

“I thought it was a big deal. I couldn’t help but yell out!”

Miyoshi clasped his hands together as if to share with Matoba.
The two cheerful gals praised Reo. But even so, Reo’s expression was not good.

“Ryoma is the one who got the ball and made it happen, and he’s the one who did it.”
“Don’t be modest! Reo is really great.”
“That’s why he’s the ace of the basketball team!”

The boys around him were happy to see that he didn’t take the girls’ approach in consideration.

If you make a fuss like this, everyone will know how amazing Reo was.
As one would expect from Reo. I’ve been hearing the word “Sasareo” a lot lately.

“Hee, if you won with that play, that’s great.”
“That’s right.”

It seems that Asahina-san and Otsuki-san honestly praised it just because of the content.

If the target of this praise was not Reo but another boy, that boy would have cried with joy.
After all, when the most popular boy in the school is active, everyone praises him.
If it had been me, I am sure there would not have been such a commotion.
Because Hirasawa Reo is a charismatic figure among the boys, he is admired by everyone.
But Reo would not return such praise,…….

“I-I see. Thanks”

It is rare to see a Reo embarrassed by a girl’s words.
It was the first time I saw Reo who had never returned even a millimetre of interest from the numerous girls who had approached him.

Well, she is the most beautiful girl in the class. I guess even Reo would be embarrassed when praised by Asahina-san, the most beautiful girl in the school.
After that, the conversation continued to revolve around Reo and Asahina san

Well, as you may have noticed by now, I haven’t said a word even once while belonging to this group.
It’s no wonder. I am an air. It is strange that I belong to this group in the first place.
I really hate this break time.
But I can’t leave so easily.

“Ah, I remember now!”

Reo suddenly shouted. And then his hand hits the top of my desk.

“Ryoma! You said you bought the new issue of the manga I borrowed from you the other day! Let me read it tonight!”
“No, I’ve been wanting to do that for sure, but I forgot about it. It’s been in the back of my mind for a long time, and I’m glad I remembered it!”

Everyone stared at me and Reo with stunned expressions due to the sudden change of topic.
I didn’t ask for attention in this way. Suzuki, with a dumbfounded look on his face, raised his voice.

“Reo and Kogure are …… really good friends, aren’t they?”

Reo said.

“Me and Ryoma have known each other since childhood, so it’s no surprise!”

The only reason I, Kogure Ryoma, am in group is because I am childhood friends with Hirasawa Reo and we are best friends.
I never intended to belong to this group in the first place.
All I had to do was to spend my free time during recess in a relaxed manner.
But Reo always came to my seat during recess, and the boys would gather there, and the girls who liked Reo would come and form the upper caste group.
Let’s do something about the subtle atmosphere around my seat. Oh, they probably think it’s my fault. It’s painful.

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