Episode 31



in the car.

“What’s wrong?”

My father said, looking worried. Hime remained face down for a long time and did not look up. She did not speak.

I reached out and grasped her hand. I thought she didn’t respond, but then I felt her hand tighten. I responded by putting a little strength into my hand as well. In response, Hime also puts a little more force into her hand.

As I was doing this, I unconsciously intertwined our fingers. It has become a lover’s connection. Hime, who hadn’t looked up for a long time, would be wondering what was going on. She looked up and glanced at me.

But then she immediately looked down.

Shirono ……It seems I need to make it clear. About today and about me until now. I have to make her understand.

But that’s still a long way off. I’ll make preparations, and when she has an opening, I’ll take that chance and make sure…. No, not now. Don’t think about it now. Calming Hime down is the first priority.

I hold her hand and try to talk to her.

“H-Hey, Hime…”
“Don’t talk to me, ……. I want to be quiet right now. …… So …… don’t talk to me, onii chan…..”
“Y-Yes. ……”

Like Shirono, she had eyes without light. I-is she angry?
It remained quieter than ever until we arrived home.


Upon returning home, Hime immediately ran into her room. I’ll leave her alone for now. It’s the least I can do.

Hm? No, wait. There was still something I could do. This bag. The bag containing Hime’s clothes. Did she leave it in the living room and come rushing into the room? I’ll send her a text message to let her know. I probably won’t get a reply, but I’ll send it …….


Eh, I got a reply. No, it’s too soon. It was right after I sent it.

[Bring it.]
[Yeah. Okay.]

After I typed those words, I headed for Hime’s room.

As I was walking up the stairs, I was wondering why Shirono had recognized me at that moment, and I was thinking about it. The whole family must have proceeded to the food court.

A restroom away from that vicinity, you know? How did she know I was there? Did she found me? How?

There were no answers to be conceived, even though my mind was a jumbled mess. Then, let’s ask the person in question……. No, let’s not do that. It’s her sister, isn’t it? I should ask Kurono about that time with Shirono. Kurono will find out that I was playing in the same place, but that’s okay. It’s not that troubling.

I will ask Kurono later. As I walked with the bag in my hand, I arrived in front of Hime’s room. Should I just leave it there? What should I do? Then I heard the ringtone of a text message again.

[Come in.]
[Are you sure? Have you calmed down?’]
[Why do I need to calm down? I’m fine.]

Are you sure? Are you just being stubborn? I opened that door with doubt in my mind.

“Hm? Ah, Onii chan”
“No! Put on your clothes! Why are you in your underwear?”
“Why?….Is it okay to dress like when having sex? ”
“I don’t understand! How did you suddenly decide to have sex? I thought you were depressed!”
“Why would Hime be depressed? What did you do to make me feel depressed?”
“Eh, because Shirono was really mean to you, and you were crying.”
“Oh, that? That’s just an act to get onii chan’s attention, okay?”

Ah, well, this girl is an actress.

“Well~, so that’s Shirono-san that onii chan was talking about. I’ve always wanted to meet her. Maybe she’s even prettier than Hime. I wonder if I can compete with her.”

What kind of competition are you guys playing at? Are you two competing for my girlfriend?

My sister in her underwear continued.

“Well, as long as we make it an established fact, I win, don’t I?”
“Onii chan. Come here.”
“Eh, I-I don’t want to. ……”
“Eh? You don’t like it? your cute little sister is asking you to have sex with her, but you refuse.”

Hime comes closer. She was wearing only pants, and her legs were the most beautiful and shiny legs I’ve ever seen. So beautiful. Don’t …… have that kind of impression!

I put my hand on the door handle.

“Oh, you’re going to run away? I’m going to tell dad that I almost got raped out loud. I’m sure oni chan won’t have any excuses if I look like this, right?”

I immediately removed my hand. My escape route was blocked. In a situation like this, you have to keep your cool. I should have done the same thing I did with Kamiki-san.

“W, why?”
“Hn? What?”
“Why are you suddenly doing this?”
“Hmm. Because I’m pissed off.”
“Against Shirono?”
“Against onii chan”

Hime took my hand, which she had taken and then let go, and made me sit on the bed. There is Hime in front of me

The actuality is that the actuality is that you can’t get a good

“Why is it against me?”
“Because it was your date with Hime, and you were talking to Shirono. That’s what pissed me off. I don’t care if she was your girlfriend. It’s the same with other women, you know? Also, the reason I acted like I was crying was to get rid of Shirono san. At that time, it was all Shirono-san the whole time.”

What are you talking about? Definitely not the usual Hime. Don’t be like Shirono and say you’re pissed off because I’m talking to someone other than you.

“I’m pissed off, so I’m going to kiss you.”

Then Hime did as she said, slowly moving her face closer to mine and kissing me. This time, she didn’t just lay her face on top of mine. She firmly puts her tongue in. It was a mutual licking and kissing. It was tongue kissing.

“…Hmm, Chuu, Puhaa.”

Our mouths are parted. Naturally, there are strings of saliva on their tongues. It’s a thick kiss.

“Fufu, Finally, I got to kiss onii chan in a loving way! Thanks for the kiss, onii chan!”

It’s better not to resist too much. If things go wrong, my parents will kill me later. Should I just keep quiet until I come up with a way to turn things around?

“Well then, onii chan. Take off your clothes.”

She really meant it.

Her face was redder than usual and her breathing was erratic, so I decided that I should obey her order.

At the same time, I noticed that her condition was not normal. Something was not right

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