After finishing all the work, the team practiced in a game format.

The ace Reo was in good form today, and no third-year student could match him in a one-on-one match. The number of players from the women’s basketball team and the women’s volleybal team had increased to see how she was doing.

But Reo is still moving. It is only when his beloved Otsuki-san comes that he is at his best, and at that time he moves like he is in another dimension.

Tsumugi and Arisa were preparing towels and drinks. I can’t watch too much as I’m playing right now too.

Running . Eh? I noticed that Tsumugi had somehow climbed up on the stage in the gym.

What’s that …… pompon in her hands?

“Let’s go!”

Tsumugi raised her hands in a big gesture.

“The basketball team! Go for it, go for it! Hooray! Hooray!”

It was enough to unintentionally stop the play.

Tsumugi in gym clothes started cheering with fluent movements and loud voice. Her voice sounded so great that everyone’s attention was brought to Tsumugi.

Her movements were very soft. She moved her long arms and legs widely, and her jumps were very high and above all.

She had a great smile and a loud voice.

“Concentrate on the play!”

The voice of the head of the team made everyone concentrate on the practice.

The team seemed to be filled with energy by Tsumugi’s cheering voice, and they seemed to be able to play more powerfully than usual.


Reo couldn’t help but yell

She even did backflips and was extremely athletic.

It would be a great help if we could see this kind of support at an official match.

I felt like I was able to see a side of my childhood friend that I didn’t know before.

After the practice match was over, I approached Arisa, who immediately ran up to Tsumugi with a refreshed look on her face.

“Ah, Ryoma.”

“Tsumugi, that’s amazing. When did you do that?!”

“I was surprised too. I was wondering what you were going to do when you said let’s cheer …… you did cheerleading or something at your old school?”

“Hmm, well, …… something like that.”

“I’m sure we had a cheerleading squad.”

“I’m not that good! I was just trying it out.”

But Tsumugi’s movements were amazing even to an amateur’s eye.

her movements were powerful, just like the Japan’s best high school cheerleader team that you often see on TV.

Tsumugi is also very athletic, so I think she would be a good fit.

“Then you should do it, too, Arisa chan! We’ll both cheer for everyone!”

The club members were excited to hear her say that.

“You too, Asahina-san, cheer for the team!”

“Wow, I want to see”

“She’s got that body of hers, doesn’t she?”

“Cheerleading by the two most beautiful girls is just too good!”

Arisa glared at them.

“I’m not going to do it! I’ll hand out towels, so get in line!”

At Arisa’s angry shout, the boys backed up and started to line up in two lines, including Tsumugi’s line.

They were all happy to get in line, even though they were scolded. It’s great to get a towel from a cute girl, isn’t it?

The line was long as one by one they started talking to each other. Arisa was slightly faster. Not surprising since she is a salty person.

But is this a handshake event? Are there any members of the men’s volleyball team involved!


I thought about getting a towel too, but it would take too long and I’d get cold. Let’s go outside.

I went out of the gym and headed to the washing area.

My childhood friends Reo and Tsumugi are both leading serious school lives.

Am I the only one who has this kind of trouble ……?



I was surprised when Arisa suddenly called out to me.

The truth is, I haven’t been able to talk to Arisa alone today.

[Arisa likes Kogure-kun]

Damn, I can’t look at Arisa directly because of that.

Just looking at Arisa’s face makes my face hot.

“I thought you gave towels”

“I left everything to Tsumugi.”


Arisa chan!? I can see Tsumugi’s face as if to say that

And Arisa was holding a big towel in her hand.

“I joined the basketball team partly because of rivalry, but also because I genuinely wanted to cheer up”

“Y-yeah….. the basketball team.”


Arisa shook her head and denied it.

Arisa’s face turned a little red, and she was also hesitant.

What will you say? But there is a part of me that is somehow expecting it.

“A-all I want to support is Ryoma ……. If I can support you, that’s all that matters!”


“H-how should I put it, Ryoma and I are best friends!”

The way she said this with her face bright red, as if she was confessing, looked extremely cute.

Arisa quickly approaches me and covers my sweaty upper body with a large towel.

“I’ve always longed to have a girl wipe my sweat off! I remember what you said before.”

I think it was when we both saw Reo confess his feelings to Otsuki san.
I think I said that I would certainly yearn for it.

But this is ……. Arisa wipes my sweat from directly in front of me.

I’m so nervous that I’m sweating even more.

“I think …… Ryoma’s behavior is strange today. We don’t see each other at all.”

“I’m sorry …….”

“You met with Shizuku this morning, right? I’m wondering what you were talking about, but I’ll try not to ask……”

“Did you hear anything from Otsuki san?”

“Shizuku tried to hide it too, but I can tell. Yeah, it looks like it, but she’s not very good at hiding it, Shizuku.”

Come to think of it, Reo once told me that I am not good at hiding things.

I’m like Otsuki in that respect.

“You don’t hate me ……, do you?”

“I’m not! I’m very happy to be with Arisa right now.”


That’s an honest feeling. Arisa filled the hole that Reo left behind when he started dating Otsuki-san.

Working as a housekeeper is fun, and to be honest, about Arisa…..

“I’m sorry, I’m being weirdly conscious. I’ll try to get back to normal soon! Just give me a moment.”

“I’ll wait forever.”

Arisa smiles.

“I’ll wait forever until Ryoma’s mind is at peace. …If it’s made clear now, it doesn’t seem like the outcome will be good.”

“That’s ……”

“But the fact that you’re aware of me means there’s a little hope. I’m too embarrassed to put it into words, but I’m …… happy”

This feeling that she can’t put into words. Yes, it’s here.

If I can be honest enough to blow this past out of the water, I’m sure …… she’ll be closer to me than anyone else.

“But I can’t wait until I’m a grandmother, and loving another girl is…….impossible”

“I-I’ll do my best.”


“So Asahina likes Ryoma after all?”

“Haa? You are such Reo if you don’t understand Arisa-chan’s changes.”

“Shut up. I have Shizuku. Well, as long as Ryoma can get over what happened then… I’m fine with Asahina, Tsumugi, or whatever.”

“Did you say something?”

“Nothing. Come on, manager. Now go back to work.”

“Shut up. Don’t tell me what to do. ……”

Tsumugi turned around and continued to watch Arisa wipe the sweat off Ryoma, who looked embarrassed.

(Something is bothering me…… . I wonder why. But I’ve decided I’m not going to fail at this school. I don’t want to be alone anymore)

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