Saved by the chimes of class, I go about my school life as usual.
Once school life is over, I go home and relax on my bed in my room.

From here it’s my free time alone……Or not
Because soon I start to hear the windows of my neighbor’s room rattling and footsteps on the roof.
You might think it’s a thief, but that’s not possible. As I’ve said many times before, this was always the same. The window of my room rattles open.

“I’m coming in.”

The person who appears is Hirasawa Reo
My classmate and childhood friend. Reo comes to my room every day.
It’s the same way he comes to my seat during recess.
I have known Hirasawa Reo since before I can remember.
We live next door to each other and are close family friends, and we can walk between each other’s rooms through the roof and windows.

“Hey, Ryoma.”
“I have the manga you mentioned on my bookshelf.”
“Anyway, ……, sniff. The smell is curry, isn’t it? Let me eat!”
“Didn’t you have dinner?” 
“Ryoma’s curry is dessert! Separate stomach, separate stomach.”

We are teenagers and involved in gymnastic club activities, so our stomachs are, in a sense, infinite.
Cooking is one of my hobbies, and I often cook dinner for my parents, who both work.
One of my favorite dishes is curry and rice. I don’t make it any special way.
I use a store-bought curry Sauce. I don’t have a special way to make it, but Reo seems to like my sweet curry.

“You’re making one for me too, right?”
“Well, I always do.”
“Hyuu! As expected of Ryouma! I’ll be waiting for you with my manga.”

Reo pulled out the book he wanted from the bookshelf and lay down on my bed.
I’m 50% sure he’ll be engrossed in the manga and 50% sure he’ll fall asleep, but with Reo’s share of enthusiasm behind me, I went downstairs to the kitchen.
I quickly reheat the curry in the cauldron and put the rice in the bowl I had prepared in advance for Reo
The door to the room near the kitchen opens.

“Nii nii!” 

There was an angel.

It was my sister, rubbing her eyes and sighing with her tiny mouth.
She came running up to me.

“What’s wrong, Hiyori?”
“I woke up to the smell of NiiNi’s curry.”
“Oh, I’m sorry I woke you up.”

I put Hiyori, who had just turned five, to bed around twenty o’clock, but she seemed to have woken up…..

Yeah, younger sisters who are much younger are very cute without any favoritism. The way she smiles is just adorable.

“Is Reo coming too?”
“Yeah, as usual.”

Hiyori went up the stairs and rushed into my room.

“Oh, it’s Hiyori, isn’t it?”

I enter the room and Hiyori immediately embraces Reo from the front.
Hiyori treats him like an older neighbor brother, and my sister is quite taken with him.

“When is Reo going to marry Hii-?” (TL/N : Hiyori) 
“If I can’t get married, I’ll ask you.”

I cut the conversation short.

“When Hiyori turns twenty, Reo will be thirty-one. I don’t approve of such an uncle’s care. ”

I really want my sister to be happy.

Even though I know Reo is a good guy, I can’t allow the age gap.

“Hiyori, go back to your room. Father and mother will be home soon.”
“Yes~. ”

I took Hiyori out of the room and handed the curry I had brought to Reo

“Ooou~! It smells so good!”
“I made sure to put some cheese in it.”
“As expected! If Ryoma were a woman, I would definitely take her as my girlfriend.”

I honestly think I am taking care of him too much.
If I or Reo had been a girl, we might have had all kinds of romance.
But unfortunately, the relationship between me and Reo is still just that of male friends, no matter how far we go.
But I honestly think that’s fine.
The most popular in the class caste.
I was more than happy that the most popular guy in school called me his best friend.
I was sure that I would continue to spend time with Reo like this. That’s what I thought. I had assumed it.

That was when Reo ate about half of my curry.

“Hey, Ryoma.”
“Another one? There’s still a lot left.”
“I have something I want to discuss with Ryoma.”
“Hmmm, what is it?”

As childhood friends, most of our conversations are jokes and playful.
There was not one thing that was a decent consultation even if it was a consultation.
So this time it was probably something like not doing tomorrow’s homework or forgetting an important printout at school.

“I think I’m in love with someone.”
“Oh, really? Reo, you know. Ever since elementary school, you’ve been popular with girls and they’ve been confessing their feelings for you. But you turned them all down, saying you didn’t know anything about love. You never told me you had a crush on anyone. …… Eh? For real?”
“…… yeah.”
“…… Eeeeeeh!?”

I am probably the only person in the world who could be this surprised.
That’s how uninterested Reo was in love.
He had never shown interest in the favors of many girls in elementary school and middle school, and even after entering high school, he kept rejecting confessions of love because he was a basketball player only.
He was so unaware of love that some people thought he liked me more than the girls.

“I can’t stop thinking about her,”
“Oh, really? No,……, I’m surprised.”
“I …… don’t know what to do.”

I feel that if a boy as big as Reo confesses his love, he can get any girl he wants.
The only ones that are difficult are the girls who are on the same level as Reo

Seemingly welling up in his chest, Reo placed the half-remaining bowl of curry on the floor, revealing his feelings of love. 
I never thought that a gluttonous Reo wouldn’t be able to eat all the curry. I feel like he really like her.

“So who do you like? I know you’re going to tell me if you’re going to talk to me about it. You can at least tell me, right?”
“Yeah, I can only tell this to my best friend Ryoma.”

Reo, who is handsome and capable, relies on me, who has nothing to offer.
It’s a usual thing, but the joy makes me want to help.

I listen to him to make sure I hear what he has to say.

“I got a thrill from talking to her today, too. I think I really likes her.”
“If Reo talked to her today, does that mean she might be one of the girls in that group?”

Reo nodded.
Seriously, ……. The first thing that comes to mind is Matoba and Miyoshi, the two gals who have a crush on Reo.
If Reo had a crush on either of them, he would have a shot at both.

“Could it be Matoba san or Miyoshi san?”
“Why those guys? I’m not interested in them at all.”

Well, I guess not.
Even so, Reo doesn’t seem to notice that those two are in love.
The most popular guys can be as choosy as they want to be.
Even though those two are very good looking.
In that case, it would have to be Asahina-san, the most popular girl in the school.

“If that’s the case, it might be difficult even for Reo”
“Well yeah. She’s very cute when she smiles, and I’m sure she has a great personality.”

I thought it was totally rude, but Reo’s Love and Asahina-san didn’t overlap.
I mean, Asahina-san is very cute, but does she have a good personality?
I have the image of her being very hard on boys, and to be honest, I’m not very good at it. I asked Reo with horror.

“The girl you like is Asahina-san, right?”

Reo’s voice was clearly annoyed.

“That’s not true at all. Asahina is a very bad character. I don’t think she and I are compatible.”

He was clearly expressing his dislike for her. Well, to be honest… I didn’t have the image of Reo and Asahina-san getting along well at all. Hnn……? So who is the girl Reo likes? I have no idea.

“You see,……, that girl.”

I don’t know, but Reo said while embarrassed that he had run out of ideas.
“The little girl that Asahina is always hanging out with.”

That’s when I remembered
There are four girls in the group, Asahina is the leader, and Matoba and Miyoshi stand out with their girly tone and appearance.
The remaining one was. She is the plain girl who is always shrinking and smiling behind Asahina-san. I remember her, though I don’t have much of an impression of her. That girl!


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