Episode 6 – Yuna is well protected



I turned around, startled.

There she was.

Yuna was there.

“Haa…… haa…… haa……”

Today Yuna acted like a queen and sometimes showed her sexy appearance, but now Yuna was out of breath hard and looked like she was in dire need.

She put a tremendous amount of pressure on the hand that was holding my right shoulder.

If she kept this up, I would definitely get hurt.

I looked at her, my face contorted, and she opened her mouth, her beautiful blue eyes moistening.

“Why do you pretend you don’t know? Didn’t you save me that time, two years ago!”
“….. yeah. Yes, I did.”
“Then why are you leaving!”
“It’s …… more than that, my shoulder …… hurts.”
“I’m so sorry,……, I’m so sorry,……. forgive me …… please forgive me …….”

Yuna looked at my shoulder and immediately removed her hand.

She suddenly shakes her body, as if she is feeling fear.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.”

Then Yuna let out a sigh of relief and turned a sad expression on her face to me.

No, it’s really too beautiful to look directly at to be honest. ……

She moistens her eyes before opening her mouth.


She suddenly called me by my name and I returned it in honorific.

“Will you give me your contact information? I’ll give you mine”

I immediately took out my cell phone and handed it to Yuna. Then Yuna handed me her phone as well.

Maybe it was just my imagination, but it seemed different from the phone Yuna was playing with at the pub. Well, it’s probably just my imagination.

When I finished typing and looked at Yuna, she was still busily playing with my phone.

When I finally got my phone and put it in my pocket, Yuna suddenly came very close to me and stared at me.

She looked at me like a lioness hunting a herbivore, and I was overwhelmed.

“Hey, Tsukasa kun”
“W-What is it?”
“Tsukasa-kun, when I call you or send you an Line message, you’ll answer or reply, right?”
“You won’t ignore me, right? You will not block me, will you? You will not delete my Line account or phone number, will you? You’re not going to change your phone number when you get a new phone, are you?”
“No, I’m not going to …… that!”

I got goosebumps when I saw Yuna’s smile.

Maybe it’s because I’m looking too closely at her beautiful, sculpted face.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m looking at her beautiful, sculpted face up close, but I don’t think the things she’s saying and doing right now are giving me an unknown amount of fear.

And it seems to strongly stimulate something that exists somewhere in my mind.

If I looked into her eyes any longer, I would be swallowed up.

I would go crazy.

So I back away and open my mouth.

“I’m going to take the train home. Are you okay, Kiryu-san?”
“Yeah. It’s late at night.”
“Are you worried …… about me?”

There was also the tragedy of two years ago, and when I nodded, Yuna suddenly started fidgeting, stroking her expensive-looking buck and opening her mouth shyly.

“I’ll be fine. I’m protected all the way.”
“T-That’s good to hear.”
“Yeah, that’s really good.”
“I’ll see you later.”
“All right. See you.”

I shook my hand and moved my feet, pushing down my unnameable emotions.


Yuna side

When Yuna confirmed that Tsukasa had disappeared, her body trembled slightly.

“Ah …… Tsukasa, I came…… but I mustn’t cause you any more trouble, just for today.”

Saying that, she starts stroking her own brand bag again.

Then a group of pick-up men walking next to them approached.

“Weew …… She’s so cute. What do you say?”
“No, no, no, you can’t have that one. She’s too beautiful and scary.”
“It doesn’t cost anything to talk to her. Look at her, her face is too small and beautiful, but her breasts are too big and her legs are too long. …… If only she dyed her hair black, she would totally be Hiiragi Kaede. ……”

Three pick-up men approached Yuna.

“Hey, sweetie! Come play with us!”
“I’ll tell you something good!”
“Come on, come on, I’ll buy you a lot of delicious food!”

Yuna, on the other hand, didn’t seem to care what the three of them said and kept stroking the branded bag.

Then, she took something out of the bag.

It was a stun gun.

“Haaa …… Tsukasa …… Tsukasa Tsukasa Tsukasa ……Tsukasa protected me the whole time.”

With a mellow face, she pressed the button on the stun gun.

Then there was a crackle.

“Oh no! Run!”
“Look! I told you it was a bad idea!”

Yuna, completely unaware of the three fleeing, puts the stun gun in her bag and pulls out her cell phone.

She then quickly dials someone.

Before the third call was over, someone picked up the phone.

“Yuna, how did it go?”
“I …… was too happy …… really …… too happy ……”
“You finally met him”
“Yeah, …… no doubt about it.”
“Me too, I want to meet him …… Fufu”

(TL/N : Okay, this time must be a real Yandere)

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5 thoughts on “Episode 6 – Yuna is well protected

  1. Los autores japoneses siempre usan la excusa:”probablemente sea solo mi imaginación.”. Para que el protagonista no se dé cuenta de algo.

  2. The first things MC should do the next day:-

    1. Throw away the phone.
    2. Change mobile phone provider and also phone number.
    3. Quit university.
    4. Apply for green card in USA and migrate there permanently.
    5. Change name to a new one.
    6. Lastly, get a couple of reconstructive surgeries to change that face, and also maybe gender too.

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