I Put out some of what I brought at night.
We had a nice dinner and now…
“I’m sorry we can’t come in until the guests have finished, so I hope you’ll bear with us.”
“That’s all right, and I’m glad you’re here.”
“Oh, yeah? I’m glad.
It was probably the first time for me to be on Mirei san’s lap.
I was very happy, but she seemed to be somewhat depressed when she was taking out her luggage and when she was eating.

“Speaking of which, we took separate baths today, but from tomorrow we will use the open-air bath here.”
“Why aren’t we using it today?”
“Because I don’t think it’s ready yet.”
“I see.”
Mirei san patted me on the head.

She tells me that the bath is ready.
“Then take your time.”
We each take a bath.


“I’m sure he thinks I’m acting weird today…”
I think as I take a bath by myself.
I made him worry, but Masa was kind enough to treat me as usual.

I’ve been wondering if I should talk about my past ever since Sana told me.
To be honest, it wasn’t a good story and I didn’t think it was necessary for Masa to know.
So I went out of my way to take a bath here, even though I could actually use the open-air bath from today.

I thought that Grandma Natsue might be able to tell Masa about it, since she was usually right where she left off.
But I still have to tell him myself.

I said to myself, but I couldn’t take the first step.


“I feel incredibly tired.”
I put my feet on the foot pressure mat to see if I could do anything now, but I still can’t.
I got dressed and flipped up the curtains to find Grandma Natsue sitting on the sofa.

“Good evening. Masaya kun”
“Good evening. Why is Grandma Natsue here?”
“I always like to see the starry sky at this time of the day.”
The sky was full of stars.
“It’s beautiful…”
“You think so, don’t you? I always look at the starry sky from here on a clear night.”
We gazed at the starry sky in silence for a while.
“What kind of person is Mirei to you, Masaya kun?”

“What kind of person…at first I thought she was a cool person. As I got to know more and more about Mirei san, of course there are many cool things about her. but I also got to know her kindness and sometimes her cute personality, and now she is my favorite person!”

“I see. I think so too. By the way, do you know about Mirei’s past?”
“That face, you don’t seem to know.”
“I’m sorry….”
“You don’t have to apologize. There is no way to know because Mirei did not talk about it either.”
…The conversation was cut off for a while and there was silence.
“Do you want to know?”
“I want to know!”
“It’s not that good, okay?”
“I know! I still want to know!”
“I understand.”
Grandma Natsue told me.

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