I Met a Very Beautiful Girl at a Mixer Who I Used to Help and She Was a Ridiculous Landmine Type of Woman (Her Sister Is a Ridiculous Yandere)

Source: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/16817330651677348259


Tsukasa Kirishima is a freshman in college.

He lost his parents in high school, and in his second year of high school, he once saved a very beautiful girl from being attacked by a pervert near his house.

He sometimes thinks about it, but when a male friend who goes to the same university invites him to a blind date, he goes and finds the super beautiful girl he saved that time!

That day, he starts to get involved with a super beautiful girl.

He also gets involved with her sister……

As he gets to know the beautiful sisters, Tsukasa Kirishima is gradually swallowed up by them, feeling a great sense of “discomfort.”

Episode 1 – Film actress and 2 years in the past 1

Episode 2 – Film actress and 2 years in the past 2

Episode 3 – Matchmaking and a girl who looks like Hiiragi Kaede 1

Episode 4 – Matchmaking and a girl who looks like Hiiragi Kaede 2

Episode 5 – Good-looking men and their complements But

Episode 6 – Yuna is well protected

Episode 7 – Yuna thinks about Tsukasa 1

Episode 8 – Yuna thinks about Tsukasa 2

Episode 9 – The devilish Nana

Episode 10 – Reunion with Yuna

Episode 11 – Hiiragi Kaede

Episode 12 – Though I try not to be swallowed up

Episode 13 – good girl

Episode 14 – Maid

Episode 15 – Distance leads Tsukasa in a certain direction

Episode 16 – Next to Yuna’s

Episode 17 – anxiety

Episode 18 – support

Episode 19 – Cheeky Tsukasa

Episode 20 – Entered

Episode 21 – close relation

Episode 22 – lover

Episode 23 – the positive and the negative

Episode 24 – close friend

Episode 25 – Two came to visit