After changing into our workout clothes, we freshmen were supposed to play a game with the seniors as part of our basketball club’s trial membership.

From the perspective of the other freshmen, we would be borrowing the strengths of the higher-ranked people. But from my perspective, I saw it as an opportunity to show off that strength that took our weak team all the way to nationals.

And yet!!!

Impossible! Impossible! It can’t be!

Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan !!!
And I couldn’t hide my irritation as I bounced the basketball.

“Hey, Minamino-san! What happened to all that energy you had earlier?”

I glare at the woman smirking in front of me.

“Fujisaki Akari.”

She is the “girlfriend” of the student body president, Kirisaki Yuto, and the vice president of the women’s basketball club.

Her dribbling speed, sharp drives, and technique to toy with her opponents have earned her the nickname, “The Fairy on the Court.”

Who is she! Who called her a fairy!
She is the devil!

I glanced at the scoreboard at the end of the court.

0 to 0.

The score was tied.
But the content of the score is completely different.

All of my attacks were blocked, and once the ball was stolen, the other team attacked, but they “intentionally missed” all of their shots.

That means this 0-0 was created by their warmongering!

There is no way I can allow myself to be made a fool of like this!

I look at my teammates around me. All the freshmen, except for me, were all brokenhearted, and I couldn’t see a shred of motivation.

You are pathetic! You’ve got to be kidding me! Show some spirit! Don’t you regret doing this to me!

I glared at the enemy in front of me.

I’m calm. Be calm, Minamino Rinne.
What’s your strong point? You’re always calm and collected, and you can judge the court from a bird’s eye view, aren’t you!

I answered in an interview when we went to the nationals.

“Minamino Rinne san. What are your strengths as a basketball player?”
“Hmmm. I am perfect in every way, but if I had to say, I would say that I am always calm and collected and can judge the court from a bird’s eye view.”

When I answered, the interviewer and Kirito laughed.
After that, Kirito said.

“That’s your fault, isn’t it? Rinne’s strong points are her fierce drive and her determination to never give up, no matter how bad the odds are against her. Right?”
What did he say?
The interviewer nodded his head.

How rude! That makes me sound like a single-celled player!

Hmm. I’ll show you that I’m not a single-cell player!

“Hey, Fujisaki Akari”

I spoke to the woman in front of me.

“Oh? You’re going for an off-the-board tactic, aren’t you? Okay, I’ll take you up on it. Or better yet, put on your senpai.”

I say to the smiling woman

“Why don’t you cut a few corners like a senpai and give me some points for my junior year?”

That’s a lie. I’m not happy to get a point for that.
But my tactic is just down the road.

“Hmmm. That’s no good. This trial match is to break your noses, you know. Now all we have to do is to discourage Minamino-san’s will to fight, and then our mission will be complete, right?”

It is the job of the Senpai to discipline the cocky juniors. So, hey!

What a thing to say.

Hmph. I knew that.
So I said.

“Oh? Fujisaki-senpai, you have a small heart as well as breasts, don’t you?”
“What the heck?”

At that moment, I set up a drive towards the woman’s right!

“I won’t let you go!”

At the end of my drive, Fujisaki Akari was firmly waiting for me.

“T-that worked!”

Clearly, Fujisaki Akari was less relaxed than she had been a moment ago.
I see, this one is more useful.

As I was thinking that, the woman said to me

“Hey, Minamino-san. You mentioned my breasts, but you’re not big either, are you?”


The only drawback of my high specs in all things.

It’s that I have ‘slightly’ small breasts.

But I could read that approach!

“Hmmm. Sure, ‘right now’ they’re not enough. But unlike you, I have a future!”

Unlike you, who is a senpai in high school, I am only a freshman.
There must be room for growth left in me!

To me, Fujisaki Akari said something outrageous, as if she was taking pity on me.

“Minamino-san, you don’t have a future”

“I speak from experience. The three years of high school are not the time for the little ones to make up the difference between the big ones and the little ones. It is the three years when the gap between the small and the big widens. It’s a gap.”
“No, that’s a lie!
You don’t mean to tell me that the gap between me and Kitajima
Towa is going to get any wider?
I can’t accept that!

“I got a gap!”
“That’s dangerous!”

I control the ball to avoid the hands of Fujisaki Akari, who comes in for a steal.

“Chii, that was close.”
“No room for error, no room for error. ……”

Dan! Dan! Dan !!!!

and I once again backed away from Fujisaki Akari to work out a tactic.

And then my lucid mind played out another tactic.

This one’s a go!

“Hey, Fujisaki Akari”.
“Call me your senpai!”

I continued to the woman who said so.

“Your boyfriend… it’s like he’s two-timing you. Do you think you can forgive him as a girlfriend?”

At those words, Fujisaki Akari smirked.
…..What’s with that generous smile?

“You know a lot, don’t you? Who told you that story?”
“I-it’s your boyfriend’s sister!”
“Ah, Shizuku-chan. I remember you were classmates, right, Minamino-san?”

When I said that, Fujisaki Shuri laughed and said

“Yeah. I’m sure you’ve noticed that Yuto has been hitting on girls, and the girls he’s inadvertently made fall in love with him have been stellar, and he’s the worst two-timing bastard who’s been hanging out with Shiori while I’ve been so cute and single-minded!”
“W-why don’t you still break up with him ……?”

I’m not sure I understand what Fujisaki Akari is saying to me.

“But you know, Yuto is not ‘cheating’ on me. His number one is always me. So I forgive him.”
“I-I don’t understand, …….”

I don’t understand what Akari Fujisaki said to me, and it shocked me more than the fact that she didn’t do any more damage than the topic of her breasts.

“Isn’t Minamino-san in worse trouble than I am?”

I couldn’t hide my upset, and then Fujisaki Akari said to me

“What about you, I wonder if that tall childhood friend of yours is making out with a cute girl with big breasts in the student council room.”
“I-I’m not his childhood friend! He’s family to me ……”

[You’re not family, you’re a stranger.]

“There’s a gap!”

I was caught in a moment of weakness, and I lost the ball to Fujisaki Akari. ……


At that moment. The game was over.

The score was a 0-0 draw.

But I feel like I lost by 100 points. ……

“Hey, Minamino-san.”
“Fujisaki Akari….”

I was out of breath when the woman spoke to me.
What, are you trying to show me that you can afford to be a winner?

“Put on the ‘Senpai’. And, What was that last thing?
The word “childhood friend” made you move a lot slower, didn’t it?”


I twisted my face at that word.

I can’t get the words that Misuzu said to me in the morning out of my head.

[We are not family, we are strangers.]
[We are just someone who played together since we were little, we’re strangers.]
[Strangers.] [Strangers.] [Strangers.]

“Haaa …… Minamino-san. When you’re done getting dressed, wait in the locker room for a bit until everyone else has left.”

I’m going to take a bite out of women. She’s going to show mercy to the losers!
But it seems that wasn’t the case.

“It’s my job as a senpai to discipline the younger ones who are being cocky. But you know what?
“It’s also a senpai’s job to counsel troubled juniors. Right?”

That’s what she said.

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