Kubota Gaku is a genius jazz pianist.

Kubota Kaori is a phenomenal jazz singer.

I had no idea that Iori’s parents were such top players. Iori’s singing ability and taste are also outstanding for her age. They’re truly a family loved by music.

“Naru kun, are you okay with this guitar?”

It was a famous hollow body guitar made by the G company. Such an expensive guitar……

“Such an expensive guitar !? I’m afraid I’m not qualified for it.”

“Don’t worry about it, it’s for my practice only and I want it to match with a good sound.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Um, what would you like to match? If it’s one of the Black book’s songs, it’s a general list.”

Black book is a bible for jazz players that contains over 200 standard classic jazz chord progression..

“Oh amazing, you’ve memorized the black book at your age.”

“It’s only a progression……”

“That’s still amazing. But Iori can’t join us, so we’ll just use yours and Iori’s  songs.”


Iori nodded as well.

“I understand, then please.”

I don’t know if it’s because Iori is a family member, but this is my chance. It’s not every day I get a chance to showcase my original work in front of top professionals.

After each of us had finished setting up, we began to play. Gaku san started jamming from the end of the fourth bar, even though he had never played this phrase before.

What is this feeling……it feels like my guitar is being lifted from its base. In a few more bars, Iori’s song will start. It’s way too thick at this point. It would get in the way of the song. But that was a needless fear.

From the moment the song started, Gaku san’s piano settled down and went on to support the song beautifully. If I worried about Gaku san, I might have interfered with Iori’s song. I concentrated more on her songthan on Gaku san piano.

Then Kaori san joined in the chorus from the ninth bar of the song. Perhaps it was because their voices were similar. It was as if I had been lured into a new realm with her fantastical harmony.

Then the highlight of the song came. The chorus part was like a battle of sounds. I could only lift up Iori’s song and make it stand out, but Gaku san did the opposite, pulling Iori’s song along with a storm of sound.

Kaori san chorus was also merciless. She pulled Iori’s song  along with her.

……That’s why I was committed to boost Iori’s singing. If it was just one of us, we might have been defeated by this storm of sound……but if it’s the two of us.

Our performance created a sense of unity  that never existed before.

It was like a dream that I could perform like this at my current level.

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