Episode 11 – I Want To Flirt With My Ex-Girlfriend Older Sister, So Please Don’t Disturb Me



“May I come in?”

In front of a room with a “YUIKA” name plate attached to the door.

I knocked twice lightly.

After a few seconds of silence, a reply came from inside.


With that as a signal, I pulled the doorknob.

Yuika was sitting on the bed with a pillow in her arms.

I didn’t want to go roundabout.

So i just say it straight.

“I want you to stop doing what you just did earlier.”

Yuika’s eyes widened slightly, and there was  a sense of agitation flashed in her eyes.

“What do you mean, things like earlier?”

“You were eavesdropping at the door, weren’t you?”

If Rina san opened the door at the right time when she happened to pass by, it should have been her hand or shoulder that bumped into it.

However, Yuika was holding her forehead.

In short, implied that she had her face close to the door and her ears close to it.

“I didn’t…..”

‘You can play dumb all you want, but I’d appreciate it if you don’t do it in the future.”

It’s not like I was trying to confirm the fact.

If she doesn’t do the same thing in the near future, that’s enough for me.

“…..I-I don’t understand. Takuto, don’t you like me?”

Yuika hides her face with a pillow and only peeks with her eyes.

“I don’t know the purpose of that question.”

“It’s not about the purpose.”

“Even if I like Yuika, then what? I’ve already broken up with you.”

“… It’s okay to have a little bit of regret. You can’t just change so quickly.”

Yuika whispered while hugging her pillow tightly enough to make a dent in it. 

“You don’t make any sense.”


Yuika tightens her lips and puts more strength in her shoulders.

“I’m falling in love with Rina san at a pace that even surprises me.”

“…..What the hell is that?

“If possible, I would like to continue to take steps as lovers with Rina san.”


She’s looking down and is lost for words.

I told her mercilessly, as if to stab her. 

“So please I want you to leave us alone.”

Yuika’s shoulders go up and down.

She lost her focus and showed her agitation.

“It’s not fair, only Takuto……”


Yuika glared at me resentfully with tears in her eyes.

I can’t understand that line and my cheeks twist.

“Get out.”

“Eh? What.”

“Get out !”


Yuika threw a pillow at me.

The pillow hit me directly in the body with a thud.

I left the room as I was overwhelmed by her energy.

I’ve said what I wanted to say, but is that enough?

Nevertheless, it wouldn’t do me any good to provoke her any further. I knew that from my experience of dating Yuika.

I turned on my heel and went back to Rina san’s room.

When I returned to her room, Rina san was already sitting down.

There were two cups of tea on the table.

” I-I feel like Yuina was getting hit hard enough, do you think she’ll be okay?”

“I think she’s fine. I don’t think that she was injured in some way.”

“I hope so. I mean, what were you talking about?”

“I told her not to disturb me and Rina san”.


“Is that not okay?”

“N-no….I’m happy…..”

Rina san looked down and shyly let out what was inside her heart.

Her innocent  attitude was so cute that my cheeks gradually turned red.

After that, she helped me study until around 6:00 p.m., and then we’re done for the day.

I don’t know if my words had worked, but it didn’t seem that Yuika was eavesdropping.

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1 year ago

He fucking destroyed Yuika lmao
Absolutely savage

1 year ago
Reply to  Vivec

I mean, it feels increasingly like Yuika was trying to play some dumbass game that just blew the hell up in her face.

XD......is it?
XD......is it?
2 months ago

dude ur good u absolutely will avoid misunderstandings.