Episode 51 – Family Musical



Soon after, Iori came to pick me up. First, she took me to the living room where her parents were waiting for me.

“Hi, Naru kun, I’m Iori’s father. Nice to meet you.”

“Oh, you are as cute as the rumor says. I am her mother. Nice to meet you.”

They were very frank. I was so nervous and lost.

Iori papa was a handsome looking guy with blonde hair, just like a real charmer. Her Mom is no less, she’s a cute girl with long brown hair and loose-fitting hair. She was dressed in a mature spring outfit.

Hm?……No, no, no……these two are.

“Kubota Gaku san and Kubota Kaori san….”

“Oh, you know me very well, I’m not a major player.”

No no no no, far from being a major player, Gaku san is one of the best jazz pianists and jazz singers in the world.  Besides, Gaku san has written songs for many artists. I think there is no one in our generation who doesn’t know his music.

“That’s a very humble thing to say. It is an honor to meet you !”

“Iori, He’s a good boy, Mama likes him.”

“Papa likes him too.”


Iori looked a little troubled. The two of them are the only ones who can make Iori who’s always flashy at school, look a bit plain.

“Naru kun, I heard you’re a great guitar player.”

“No, no, I’m nothing compared to the two of you.”

“Iori said that you’re better than papa.”

“Eh…..how disrespectful !?”

“I may have said too much, but Naru’s guitar playing is amazing.”

“If it’s that great, I’d like to have a session with you once.”

My body trembled……to think that I could have a session with the world’s top players.

‘Are you serious !?”

“I’m serious, why don’t we try it now?”

It’s an unexpected offer… but…

Earlier, I just said I’m going to put Iori first from now on…….

“Let’s do it Papa. It would be nice to know how amazing Naru is.”

Iori suddenly gets motivated.

“Ah, but the guitar.”

I left the guitar in the clubroom to chase after Iori.

“You could use the one in the studio.”

You have a home studio……as expected, at this level, you could have it.

By chance, I got to have a session with the world’s top players.

My heart is racing.

My heart is so excited and nervous that I feel like it’s going to burst.

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