Even though it was just one song, I was exhausted to the point that I felt like I had completed one concert. It was obvious that this was the pressure from the world’s top professionals. Iori was exhausted, too, but the two of them looked as if nothing had happened.

“Naru kun…… you’re awesome ! I’m getting excited ! How about another session with C 2-5?”

The C 2-5 is a chord progression used in sessions. To put it simply, all you need to know is the do-re-mi-fa-so-la-si-do to take the lead.

But to do an impromptu performance with such a top professional…….

“Naru ! Do it ! I want to see it !”

I couldn’t refuse my girlfriend’s request.


“Okay, let’s go.” 

Gaku san’s musical accompaniment suddenly began. It was a very passionate phrase. I wondered if he wanted me to play along with this…..

With such a strong sound, any small techniques are meaningless. I’m sure Gaku san wants that too.

I played the phrases with my emotions. I put my soul into each note. With a strong sound that would not be drowned out by Gaku san’s piano.

In the next progression, Gaku san’s piano started to lift my guitar. This was probably a provocation from him to show me his technique.

 I responded with my basic technique and avoided flashy techniques that I had built up. Because flashy technique is too loud for the ear and to the eye, and it’s too risky to use it in this severe swinging rhythm.

It’s fun…the first time I had a session with Iori, I was quite shocked, but the session with Gaku san was also amazing.

After the 32nd bar ended, I took over as accompaniment.

It was a strange feeling. Gaku san’s lead was just like Iori’s song. I wondered if Gaku san was playing it that way. Leaving that aside, I supported Gaku san’s piano lead.

Gaku san loosened his hand before the climax hit. This must mean that Gaku san and Kaori san wanted me to pull  their lead just like they did to Iori.

I pulled on Gaku san’s lead. No, actually, it was Gaku san who gave me a ride. The session was only 64 bars, but it showed me the difference in dimension. Amazing…….I felt like I truly understood the joy of music.

“Hey, Naru kun?”


“When are you going to marry Iori?

[[Excuse me !]]

When the session was over, Gaku san dropped a bombshell comment.

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