A few days passed and I was now in Rina san’s room.

“If we’re going, then I’d say Atami.”

“…..Yes, I guess.”

“What’s wrong? Did you change your mind?”

“No, it’s nothing like that.”

“If you don’t want to go, you can just say no, you know?”

“That’s not it. But, it’s just…..that.”

I became quiet like a borrowed cat and muttered.

(TL/N: This phrase is used to refer to situations in which someone hides their true personality and acts all quiet when they are at an unfamiliar place.)

Did she guess what I’m trying to say?

Rina san smiled softly and approached my ear.

“I’m sure we’ll make lots of fun memories.”


A sweet voice that melts your brain.

I wonder if this person came to destroy my reason.

“But it’s the time of year, so most of the accommodations are already booked.”

“It’s summer vacation, you know. I thought many people would make reservations in advance.”

When Rina san looked at the Inn availability on the computer’s LCD, a bitter looked appeared on her face.

“I guess planning is important…..”

It’s not uncommon that people who act ahead of time make things work out.

Just like studying for tests, people who can make plans and take action are somehow much superior.

The same goes for “just think of it as a good day” mentality, which can sometimes prevent things from going smoothly.

Well, I don’t mind being swept away by Rina san’s ideas, and I think that’s what makes her so attractive.

“Oh, how about this place?”

“Hm, where?”

“It seems there was a sudden cancellation, so there is a room available. The reviews look good.”

“Yeah, that sounds good. Then let’s go there.”


When I showed her the website I found on my phone, Rina gave me a positive reaction.

Rina san operated the computer and moved to the reservation page.  I can’t pull back from this……

By the way….it is difficult for a minor to make a reservation at an inn alone.

However, Rina san asked her mother for her approval on this point and was allowed to use her credit card temporarily.

Although it was a rather dubious way of doing things, she was able to make a reservation at an inn. I will need to get a parental consent form later, but…..well, I’m sure I can manage.

“Okay, reservations were made. It’s the last day of summer vacation, is that okay?”

“I’m fine. I mean, what are you going to do after making an appointment?”

“Ahaha, that’s true. ……Oh,  be sure to finish your summer vacation homework, okay?”


I let out a voice like a frog being trampled.

I remembered something unpleasant.

I haven’t done anything yet…..

“You can’t go crying to me later.”

“Please do something about that, Rina san.”

“No can do. But, well….I’ll reward you if you finish it properly.”


I raised my tone of voice.

I think the “reward” sounds very sweet.

I naturally get excited.

“Yeah. But I won’t tell you what it is yet.”

“Then I’ll finish as soon as I can.”

“……,It would be a problem if you finish it soon.”


For the time being, I think I should proceed with my homework in moderation.

Rina san closed the distance between us and put her left hand on my right hand.

The sweet citrus aroma danced around in the air and stimulated my nostrils.

As I was getting nervous, Rina san glanced at me.

“Takuto kun, Yuika came to your house the other day, right?”

“Y…yeah. She did.”

Yuika came to my house, and I told Rina san what happened that day.

“Nothing happened, right?”

Her eyes were sorrowful and her voice was filled with anxiety.

I haven’t done anything particularly wrong, and of course, I had no intention of doing so.

Because I love Rina san.

I have no intention of getting involved with Yuika now.

But it’s just proof that my feelings aren’t  fully conveyed to Rina san.

I hold Rina san’s hand back tightly.

“The one I like is Rina san. I will never do anything to make you sad.”

“….Tsu. I-I see. I’m relieved to hear that….”

Rina san’s cheeks puffed and she put her head on my shoulder.

I’m about to reach out to stroke Rina san’s head.

-It was then.

“Onee chan….ah, Takuto is here.”

Suddenly, the room door opened.

It was Yuika who showed her face through the door.

She dressed casually because it was summer vacation, she hasn’t fixed her sleeping habit. 

“D-don’t enter without permission, Yuika.”

Rina’s red face turned even redder, and she opened her mouth like a goldfish.

“Hmm, well, perfect timing.”

“Are my voice hasn’t reached you yet ! Stop entering without permission !”

While Rina san eyes were teary, Yuika tried to be nonchalant.

“Oh yeah, I’m sorry.”

“Mmm… So, what do you want?”

With air inside her cheeks, Rina san’s face looked swollen.

Yuika took a moment to calm herself down, and then boldly declared.

“I’ve already decided to stop competing with Onee chan.”

Rina san’s blinked her eyes.

Yuika continued while Rina san sat dumbfounded.

“If I compare myself to a superhuman like you, Onee chan, there’s no end to it. I am me. So I don’t care about you anymore.”

“E-erm, since when did I become a superhuman……?”

“It’s your fault for not realizing it. Well, okay. Anyway, I came to say that.”

“Hm? Y-yeah…..?”

Rina san couldn’t quite digest Yuika’s statement.

Yuika loosened her mouth slightly and gave me a glance once.

As if telling herself that she has a firm determination.

“From tomorrow, I will try to love myself.”

“…..I see.”

I replied with a simple one word.

Yuika has always felt inferior toward her older sister and unable to affirm herself. She cares about her sister more than anyone else, but she cannot stand being compared to her sister, and she can’t help but wanting to be superior over her sister.

I wonder if she had a change of heart after telling me what she had been keeping bottled up in her heart for a long time. Regardless of the circumstances, I am glad that she was able to move forward.

There is little to be gained by comparing yourself with others.

I am what I am and others are what they are. Whether they are blood relatives or not, there is no end to the comparison.

“That’s all I want to say. Oh, that’s right. Don’t suddenly start making noise in this house.”

“M-making a-What the hell are you trying to say, Yuika !”

“Because Onee chan, you’re lecherous.”

“I pretend to not hear that !”

“Did you forget what you did to Takuto at the airport?”

“Ah, that was…..erm….”

She stole my lips without permission.

It’s true that she can be lewd sometimes.

Rina san immediately loss for words.

Yuika turned on her heel and didn’t look back at us.

“But it’s not like I’m giving up……just for now, I’m giving it to you.”

Yuika left the room, muttering in an inaudibly low voice.

Rina san is looking down with a bright red face.

Yuika’s obsession with Rina san disappeared, and it seemed that the sisters were going to be able to manage their relationship.

Looks like I didn’t have to worry about anything else.

Even so, what did Yuika say after she left……..

I scratched the side of my head while looking up at the ceiling.

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Lmao… bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh WTH

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She came and went like a hurricane, huh. No wonder Rina is bewildered, as she lacks context, not knowing what Yuika and the MC talked about earlier.