I’m Dating My Ex-Girlfriend’s Older Sister, and We Have a Great Chemistry So Everyday Life Was Fun

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After dating for half a year, my girlfriend suddenly broke up with me.

She said she was no longer sure if she liked me. She has stubborn determination and she didn’t even listen to me when I asked her to give me a chance.

In the midst of my heartbreak after breaking up with her, her sister or rather my ex-girlfriend’s sister, appeared.

When I told my ex-girlfriend’s sister what had happened, she made a proposal to me.

Would you like to go out with me this time?

I intended to make my ex-girlfriend jealous, but we ended up having so much fun together that it didn’t matter anymore……


author:  ヨルノソラ/朝陽千早 (yurunosora/asahi chihaya)

Chapter 1

Episode 1 – I Broke Up With My Girlfriend. Then I Met My Ex-Girlfriend’s Older Sister

Episode 2 – I’m Dating My Ex-Girlfriend’s Older Sister

Episode 3 – I’m Holding Hands With My Ex-Girlfriend’s Older Sister

Episode 4 – It Seems That My Ex-Girlfriend’s Older Sister Wants to Make My Heart Skip a Beat

Episode 5 – My Ex-Girlfriend And My Girlfriend (Ex-Girlfriend Older Sister) Showdown, a Little Disaster?

Episode 6 – I Have a Feelings That The Sisters Are on a Bad Terms

Episode 7 – Here, Ahhn

Episode 8 – My Ex-Girlfriend Seems To Be Wondering What I’m Up To

Episode 9 – I Enjoy Being With You

Episode 10 – Studying For Test

Episode 11 – I Want To Flirt With My Ex-Girlfriend Older Sister, So Please Don’t Disturb Me

Episode 12 – Hold Me Tight

Chapter 2

Episode 13 – Request From Ex=Girlfriend

Episode 14 – Sisters’ Quarrel

Episode 15 – Promise

Episode 16 – Flirting At a Family Restaurant

Episode 17 – I Can’t Go Back To My Ex-Girlfriend

Episode 18 – Tit For Tat

Episode 19 – I Kissed My Ex-Girlfriend’s Older Sister

Episode 20 – Past ~Zenpen~

Episode 21 – Past ~Kouhen~

Chapter 3

Episode 22 – OO’s Proposal

Episode 23 – Confession From Ex-Girlfriend ①

Episode 24 – Confession From Ex-Girlfriend ②

Episode 25 – Older Sister And Younger Sister

Episode 26 – Caught a Cold

Episode 27 – Hidden Feelings

Episode 28 – Anxiety And Complication

Episode 29 – I Like You