Yesterday, my agony calmed down when I kissed Iori, but today I am in agony for a different reason.

It’s because I remembered the kiss with Korori before I went to bed. I’ve been so excited that I haven’t been able to sleep all night.

Well, that’s not the only reason why I couldn’t sleep.

Saying things like [Bear with this for today,]. I feel like I’m going to explode just thinking about it.

Just talking to Iori makes me feel strangely nervous. I get excited. I wonder what a grown up man would do at times like this.

It’s not that I only saw Iori that way, but I kinda see her that way.

I wonder if this state is called emotionally unstable.

I want to stabilize quickly for Iori’s sake.

“Iori, can I come to your place today?”

“Sure, but …… all of a sudden?”


I told Iori that Aika was coming to my house. The first reason is that [I want to flirt with Iori.] but since it happened yesterday, I felt like I was getting ahead of myself, so I used Aika’s arrival as a pretext.

“Hey, Naru……if that’s the reason, wouldn’t it be better if you stay?”

A surprising answer came from Iori.

“I think Aika still likes Naru.”


Iori had said the same thing before.

But it was Aika who first broke up with me because she found another man she liked.

“Well, since she’s coming to visit Rin chan, I doubt that it’s going to be that kind of story…..but isn’t that why she didn’t tell you, Naru ,her ex-boyfriend that she was coming?”

It’s only applied to Rin…or so I thought, but she also had a different attitude towards me…maybe not.

“If Aika san wasn’t your childhood friend, if she wasn’t Rin chan’s best friend, I might have said no…..but it’s better to make it clear, Naru.”

There are certainly things that are bothering me.

When Iori first came to the classroom.

Her profound request.

The night after my date.

But I tried not to think much about Aika.

“Iori, about Aika, I’m no longer….”

“Of course, because you’re my boyfriend.”


“I believe you.”

I was so nervous. And then she continued to whisper in my ear.

“I want to continued it……so come home properly.”

I felt as if my mind was suddenly cleared.

The frustration I was feeling was gone.

Whether there is something going on or not, It’s certain that I felt uncomfortable.

I was also pushed by Iori.

Thank you, Iori.

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