“Rina san, when I found you when you were lost, it was our fateful meeting.”

“Yeah. …I didn’t like it that much when I remembered it.”

I told Rina san what I remembered.

There seemed to be no contradiction, and Rina san’s cheeks were blushing.

“And I, even though it was a long-awaited trip, I was swayed by Rina san.”

“Jee, why’d you say it like that?”

Rina san glared at me with a stern look.

I opened both of my hands and told her the way it is.


Of course, children can’t walk around the city alone freely.

So, my father and Rina san’ mother accompanied us.

We went to the zoo together as a family, and we had formed a strong bond even though we only met by chance.

But why don’t I remember that-

That was the last day of the trip.

As planned, it was just around the time to get on the plane and go back home.

“A-are you really going home?”

“Yeah. I can’t postpone it.”

I was on a summer vacation, but my mother and father had work to do.

I knew it was not a problem that could be solved by whining.

Well, I’ve become good friends with Rina san in the past week, so it’s a shame to say goodbye.

“Don’t go home…..”

“R-Rina san?”

Rina san hugged me.

Her bold move made my shoulder twitch in shock.


Mom, Dad, why are the two of you grinning at me…..!

“K-knock it off….”

“I’m planning to return to Japan in a few years.”



She looked at me with teary eyes.

On top of that, her eyes had the destructive power to knock down any man with a single blow.

“B-but, when I go back to Japan, I live in a different place.”

“No. Takuto kun’s residence and my residence in Japan are very close. I had my mother look it up.”

“I-I see……. that’s quite a coincidence.”


If that’s the case, we might see each other again.

When I thought about this, I felt like I could naturally accept this farewell.

To be honest, I was acting tough.

I really wanted to stay here longer, but I had given up because it was impossible.

But if I could see her again-that would make me very happy.

And my father, who had been watching me silently until now, raised his voice.

“Takuto. The plane is about to leave.”

“Ah, yeah. Okay.”

I grabbed Rina san’s shoulders and pulled her away from me, then I smiled softly

“Then, I’ll see you someday.”


Rina san had a long face.

When I was trying to figure out how to make her smile, she suddenly opened her mouth.

“Takuto kun.”


“Close your eyes.”

“Eh, L-like this?”

I did as I was told and closed my eyelids.

Then, the next moment-


An unknown shock ran through my entire body.

My father, mother, and Rina san’s mother all screamed in shocked.

Rina san put her hands around my neck and mercilessly took my lips with all her might.

I did as I was told, and by the time I came to understand the shock, a steam came out from my head.

“E-ehehe…… Then, see you Takuto ku-wait, Takuto kun !?”

I can hear Rina san’s panicked voice.

I rolled my eyes around and sat down on the spot.

My father tapped me on the cheek.

“O-oi, Takuto. ……no good, he’s blown away by the kiss……”

Rina san’s mother was upset.

“W-what are you doing, Rina ! You suddenly kissed Takuto kun !


When I heard Rina san’s childish voice, my consciousness was suddenly cut off.

“The impact of Rina san’s kiss seems to have blown my memory away.”

“… S-somehow, I felt sorry…. Looks like it was my fault that you don’t remember it, Takuto kun.”

Rina san made a bitter face and scratched her cheeks with her fingers.

If I’m not mistaken, after the trip, my father told me about Rina san’s story.

However, I only remembered the word ‘Rina’, and until now I had forgotten the events of my trip.

“No, well, I could remember it like this for the first time in years.”

Regardless of the circumstances, I was able to regain the memories I had forgotten.

I was Rina san’s first kiss partner, and my first kiss partner was also Rina san

In spite of myself, I was a selfish grade schooler……

“Rather, I think that was a suspension bridge effect. I just found Rina san who were lost. ……I kinda felt sorry about it.”

“No, that’s not true. Besides, I just wanted to be friends with you. But when we played together, we got along really well and it was fun, and before I knew it…”

She rubbed her hands together while looking a little embarrassed.

I couldn’t stand it any longer and hugged Rina san as hard as I could.

“Hyah !?”

“Jeez, I really like you, Rina san.

“…Tsu. I like you too, Takuto kun.”

“Sorry I didn’t realize it sooner.”


“From now on, let’s be together forever. I don’t want to be separated anymore.”

I was a child back then, and it was inevitable that we would be separated.

But now, it’s different.

Even though I am legally a child, I am mature enough to act on my own.

From now on, I could always be on Rina san’s side.

“….D-does that mean you’re thinking of getting married?”

“You don’t like it? I don’t want us to end up just as a couple.”

I couldn’t see Rina san’s face from this angle.

However, I could tell that her body temperature had risen sharply because I was in close contact with her.

“I want three children.”

You’re being too quick.”

Rina san smiled carefree, when  I gave her a tsukkomi.


I wish this kind of time would last forever….

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