Summer vacation.

This year, my father planned an overseas trip, and in a blink of an eye, we were on a plane, flying far in the sky.

The destination is New York.

Hawaii seems to be the most popular destination, but my father decided to go to New York because he had never been there. Since it was the first time for me to go abroad, I didn’t raise any objections, and the destination was decided.

And now, I am on the beach.

The sky is clear and the sea is blue.

Above all, there are a large number of people with slender figures and assertive breasts covered only by a lousy cloth.

Even as a child, I thought this was a feast for the eyes-ahem.

I thought it was poison for the eyes.

“Takuto, should we join your mother and the other soon?”


After playing in the ocean for a while and enjoying the spectacular view that this beach has to offer.

I nodded my head without complaining.

My mother and sister were separated from me because they didn’t want to get sunburned.

My father and I were about to leave the beach.


While walking around along the beach, I spotted a girl who looked like she was about to start crying.

The reason I intuitively sensed she was Japanese was probably because of her skin  tone.

She was white enough, but compared to a Caucasian, there was a difference.

I slipped out of my father’s hands and headed straight for her.



She looked back at me while her eyes were red.

“You lost?”


As I had guessed, she was lost.

My father arrived a little later.

“Hey, Takuto. You can’t just-“

“Dad, this girl, she’s lost.”

My father shifts his focus from me to the girl.

He looked upset for a moment, but soon regained his composure.

When he put his knees on the beach and looked at her, he spoke to her in a soft tone.

“Do you know where your mom and dad were?”

“I don’t know…..”

She answered weakly while sobbing.

My father, with a confused look on his face, muttered [Is there a lost child center here?].

I went next to the girl.


When I held her hand, she jumped up and down like a cat whose tail was stepped on.

“W-hy are you holding my hand……?

“If I do this, you won’t get separated again, right?”

“T-that’s right, but…..what grade are you in?”

“Fourth grade.”

“Y-you’re younger than me…..!? I’m going to be a middle school student next year…even though I’m the older one here…”

“Hm, what’s wrong?”

“I-I’m not crying alright . I’m the older sister here !”

The corner of her eyes sharpened, and she declared powerfully. 

I didn’t understand what she was saying because she seemed angry for some reason.

I was stunned, but then my father started speaking.

“May I ask your name?”


“Rina chan, have you been here all this time? Or did you get lost somewhere else?”

“F-from there…….”

The girl pointed in the direction of the stall.

“For now, let’s go over there. Takuto, don’t let go of Rina chan’s hand.”


When my father told me, I nodded.

Originally, I didn’t want to let go, but it seems I don’t need to worry about that. I mean, she’s holding my hand back as strongly as she can.

I’m sure she was scared to death of being alone, but she was strong enough to break my bones.

“Takuto, right?”

“That’s right. You’re Rina, right?”

“You’re calling me by name….”

“Was that bad?”

“It’s not that it was bad. I mean, I’m older than you.”

“Then, Rina san?”

“Yeah. That’s fine, Takuto kun.”

She’s kinda arrogant …..

Anyway, I’m walking while holding hands with Rina san.

A lot of people come and go.

My father was asking people around him each time he passed.

My father can speak English at least for daily conversation.

“Takuto kun, your father can speak english?”




“Do you speak English too, Takuto kun?”

“Eh, well, my father taught me….so  I can.”

I want to look cool and say things that I can’t do.

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, that’s easy.”

“T-that’s amazing… I still can’t, even though I’ve been here for four months already.”

“Four months? Isn’t that a long summer vacation?”

“I live here. Because of my pa….father’s work.”

“Hee, I see….I’m just traveling.”

“I see… Traveling…huh.”

I definitely thought she was on a trip like me.

As I somehow met a resident of another world while letting out a sigh, a high-pitched voice attacking my ears.

“Rina !”

A woman in her late twenties suddenly appeared and hugged Rina san.

Rina san didn’t know what had happened and her eyes were wide open.

“Eh….. M-Mama?”

“Jeez ! Where have you been ! I told you not to wander around without permission.”

“I-I’m sorry. I found a beautiful seashell.”

“Sigh, I’m really glad….”

She let out a sigh of relief.

Apparently, Rina san’s mother has been found.

My father gently patted his chest in relief.

“Seriously, how can I thank you…”

“No, I’m glad you were able to meet up safely.

Her voice was touched as she expressed her gratitude.

As I listened to the adult’s conversation, I felt a piercing gaze.

A girl with a face similar to Rina san’s, although her atmosphere is different. Her younger sister, perhaps.

When our eyes met, she averted her gaze.

I wonder if I do something to offend her……

As I was making an awkward smile, Rina san suddenly pulled my hand.

“Ah, eh, um, thank you. Takuto kun.”

“Eh? It’s my father who found your mother, Rina san, I didn’t do anything.”

“No, that’s not true. You were….dependable. A little bit, okay.”

“Oh, yeah? I’m glad to hear that. Don’t get lost again. If you hold hands like this, you’ll be fine.”

I smiled gently and gave her a lecture on how not to get lost.

Rina san’s cheeks were slightly tinted with the color of cherry blossoms.

“Rina. We’re going home.”

“Ah, yeah.”

Rina san let go of my hand.

My father came to me.

“You did a good job, Takuto.”

“A good job?”

“Yeah, Takuto, you found Rina chan, so they were able to meet up safely.”

“I see, hehe.”

Then maybe I should be a little proud.

As I was feeling good about my father’s praise, I suddenly felt a quick tug on my clothes from behind.

The center of gravity is shifting.

“T-Takuto kun….!”


When I turned around, I saw Rina san, whom I had just parted with a moment ago.

I thought she was lost again, but I saw Rina san’s mother and sister nearby.

“H-how long you’re going to stay here?”

“A week, I think.”

I glanced at my father.

[Yeah.] He nodded.

“T-then……tomorrow, let’s go out together ! W-well, rather than as a thank you for today, I know this area better than you, Takuto kun……moreover, I can show you around……”

My eyes were wide open.

I made eye contact with my father.

“Dad, can I play with Rina san tomorrow?”

“Yeah, if that’s what you want to do, Takuto.”

My father gave his permission.

I turned to Rina and said.

“Then, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Without hesitation, I agreed.

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You know, rather than using “zenpen”, “kouhen”, it’s better to use “part 1”, “part 2” etc. in English.