It seems that my dad is working on another matter and will not be able to come back here for the time being. My mom  is still the same as before,  and I will be living with Rin for a while.

Rin can’t do any housework at all. In other words, when Rin is around, my burden for housework is increased.

“Big bro, is the food ready yet?”

However, her demanding me is all she could do. Well, I guess my life will continue like this for a while.

–“Your cooking is as delicious as ever, big bro. But the appaereance is as bad as mom’s.”

It’s because I inherited my mom’s blood as well. By the way, unlike me, Rin’s table manners are very good and she doesn’t eat dirty.

“Hm? Big bro, you’ve gotten a little better at eating, haven’t you?”

I’ve become more aware of it since I started going out with Iori.

“I’m practicing a little.”

“Putting aside Aika, other people will be surprised ! Well, do your best.”

She cheered on me as if it was someone else’s problem.

-Rin said she would do the washing for me, so I’ll take a bath first.

I am so tired today.

Every day is fulfilling, but there are so many events that I have no time to relax.

Since I met Iori, my peaceful mind has been completely lost.

But it’s not bad.

If anything, I am happier than ever.

I fell asleep in the bathtub.

 –I woke up because of the sensation of hot water being poured on my face.

And there was Rin in front of me.

She was entering the bathtub with me inside.

“Hey…… Rin !? What are you doing?”

“I’m taking a bath, you know? More importantly, it’s dangerous if you sleep in the bathtub, you idiot brother.”

“Oh….sorry……wait, that’s not it ! Why are you taking a bath with me !”

“Because big bror hasn’t come out for ages, and when I came to check on you, you were sleeping.”

“That doesn’t mean you can come in with me !  I mean, we’re a… and a woman…aren’t you…ashamed?”

“Huh—-? What’s that? We’ve been taking baths together for years.”

I wonder what this girl is talking about.

“No, that was when we were kids…and now we’re in high school !”

“What, big bro… do you get excited when you saw Rin’s body?”

That’s……it’s easy to get excited when she’s grown up that much.

“Want to see it?”

Ugh……I want to….maybe I want to see it….but there’s no way I can say that….

“Idiot ! There’s no way !”

I jumped out of the bathroom.

My own sister… Moreover, my twin sister, if I lust after her, I can’t even look her in the eye.

I was going to rest my body in the bath, but I’m suddenly tired.

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1 year ago

Brother and sister bath time really didn’t need to be added to the story. Wtf is with Japanese authors.