I thought my heart would stop. This is a scene often seen in romantic comedies. She took a grain of rice on my cheek and put it in her mouth. The destructive power of this was amazing. Even though we had just left the restaurant, I still couldn’t stop my heart from pounding.

The gods of romantic comedies are so good at coming up with heart-throbbing events.

If I had a chronic heart disease, today must have been the day when I died. Iori has been making me nervous since this morning.

Our afternoon date was also centered on shopping.

We went to a general store and bought matching accessory cases that could be used as pick cases.  I chose the accessories to wear during the live performance, and had a good time, although it was a little bit music-oriented.

By the evening, my legs turned into sticks. Iori still seemed to be in good health.

When I was dating Aika, I wondered why girls have so much stamina when it comes to shopping. It’s too much of a mystery.

“You’re tired already, Naru?”

“No, I can still do it !”

Of course, I can’t do it.

“No need to push yourself. Let’s take a break in the park.”


Of course, the park in question was the park where I had confessed my feelings. We slowly made our way to the park.

“It was fun. It was the most fulfilling day I’ve had in a long time.”

“Me too.”

It really was. It had been a long time since I’d had such a long-awaited weekend.

“We’re doing club activities tomorrow too.”


“Naru, are you alone at home?”

“That’s right…..”

“Do you want to come over to… house? My parents are there though.”

I want to go ! I want to go so bad ! But…..

This week, I spent a lot of time researching the dates that I hardly worked on my assignment.

“Thank you for the invitation. But I haven’t done my assignment yet……”

“I…is that so.”

I’m sorry ! I’ll come next time !”

“No, no it’s fine, let’s just go home.”

What a pity, but it can’t be helped. 


At that moment, I felt a soft sensation on my cheek…

“It’s a reward for working hard today.”

A kiss on the cheek…. Thank you !

It’s the most exciting feeling of the day.

“T-thank you.”

“What do you mean thank you …… don’t you have something more thoughtful to say?”

“Oh……My head is empty…..I’m so happy.”

I don’t remember much about what happened after this, but Iori and I had a very memorable first date.

I am happy now.

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