Three girls are cooking for me, who is sick.

Normally this would be a dreamlike situation.

…… but this is different.

Two of the three girls are my girlfriend and ex-girlfriend.

The cushions in the living room, which were supposed to be soft, felt like a bed of needles.

“Hey hey, each one of us should make a dish and see who can cook the best, okay?”

Yui san suddenly made a devilish suggestion.

I wonder who’s going to make that judgment……

“Okay” ‘I’m fine with it too.”

“What a good positivity ! Then you can be the judge, Naru.”


“Don’t [Eh] me. You should read the room properly, Naru.”

I’ve read more than enough. That’s why I don’t like it.

“The winner will get to hear Naru’s singing as a gift !”



Aika cut in. She must be very confident. Well, it’s true that Aika’s cooking is delicious.

“O……okay !”

That reaction……perhaps Iori is not good at cooking……

“Well then, I’ll be participating too, so please judge me fairly !”

I mean, there were so many ingredients…..I thought, but everyone had prepared their own. I knew it, it was Rin’s doing.

But everyone is forgetting one thing.

I’m not feeling well. 

I don’t have that much of an appetite.

–In the meantime, everyone’s dishes seemed to be finished.

At the same time, Rin also returned.

“Please enjoy your meal.”

The first dish is from Aika, meat and potatoes stew. This is a classic dish that is sure to catch men’s stomachs. Moreover, the ingredients were cut smaller than usual. I wonder if it was a consideration for me who wasn’t feeling well.

“Thank you for the food.”

After taking a bite, I noticed. Aika’s skills are getting better. The flavor was lighter than when she made it for me before, but it was just right for me, as I thought it would be hard to eat something heavy.

As expected of my ex-girlfriend and childhood friend……who knows me well.

“Come on, eat up !”

The second dish is from Yui san, a cabbage roll. The most unique aspect of the dish was its size. It was a bite size, definitely smaller than a regular cabbage roll.

“Thank you for the food.”

It tasted amazing. The vegetables were cut into small pieces and the juicy, fluffy meat created an amazing harmony inside my mouth. The texture, taste, appearance, and  ease of eating were all excellent. It was, by far, the best dish I have ever had.

And last but not least, Iori’s dish.

“H….here you go.”

She was clearly not confident. What she made for me was “Ojiya” (rice gruel).

“Thank you for the food.”

Iori’s Ojiya is…..salty.

But this saltiness……was made because she cared for my condition. Normally I would think it was a little too salty, but after sleeping all day and sweating a lot, it was just the right amount of salt for me.

I feel sorry for Aika and Yui san for this one, but …….

Iori wins.

“It’s yummy ! Yui san’s cabbage rolls ! Yui san already wins this one !”

With Rin’s insensitive comment, the cooking showdown was unanimously won by  Yui san.

I, who was supposed to be the judge, was the only one whose opinion was ignored.

But I was relieved that there was no controversy at the end.

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