A High School Boy Who Has Lost Everything Due to a False Accusation is Saved by a Beautiful Childhood Friend〜his Innocent Crime Was Discovered, and His Classmates Turned a Blind Eye, but It’s Too Late Now〜

Source: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/16817330661640203483


Despite the fact that she invited him to have physical relations with her, Shinonome Tohru is betrayed and accused of rape.

No one believes him when he claims that it was not rape but consensual sexual intercourse.

His classmates and family treat him as a sex offender and repeatedly slander him.

The only one who believes Tohru is innocent is his childhood friend, Nanase Risa.

With Risa’s support, Tohru manages to avoid becoming a shut-in.

Then one day, Tohru’s innocence is confirmed.

Once it was revealed that Tohru was falsely accused of a crime, his classmates and family turned a blind eye.

However, Tohru no longer trusts them.

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