~Mother’s Perspective~.

Tohru chan raped his girlfriend.

When I heard such a rumor in the PTA, I really could not believe it.

Tohru chan was our treasure.

Even when he was little, he was a very good boy.

He listened to everything his parents told him to do and worked hard at his studies.

We spent a lot of money and gave him a lot of lessons to make his life wonderful.

Thanks to our efforts, Tohru grew up to be a very talented child.

In high school, he was always in the top 10 in regular tests while balancing club activities and studying.

His grades on the national mock examinations were also good, and he always received an “A” grade for the school of his choice.

If he continued on his path, Tohru chan would be admitted to a good university, get a job at a good company, and earn a good salary and social status.

We hoped for that, and Tohru chan did his best to achieve it.

One day, however, an incident occurred that greatly upset our family’s destiny.

Rumors spread that Tohru chan had raped his girlfriend, Kisaragi Himehana.

“Hey, did you hear…? Shinonome san’s kid…..”

“You’re kidding…? Shinonome san’s kid is very serious…”

“He must have been hiding his true nature…that’s terrible…he raped her…”

“Kisaragi chan is a very pretty girl, isn’t she?”

“He must have given in to his sexual desires…”

“I’d like to see the faces of his parents…..that’s why I came here today.”

“Sh….she can hear you…”

I first learned that Tohru chan had a serious incident at a PTA meeting I attended.

I had a vague idea that Tohru chan had a girlfriend, seeing how he had been coming home late after school recently and how Tohru chan seemed to be uncharacteristically happy.

I thought that since Tohru chan was also a boy, he could go out with a girl as long as it did not interfere with his studies or club activities.

However, I had never imagined that I would be with Kisaragi Himehana, who is famous even among parents for her cuteness, and that he would forcibly rape her.

I had not heard anything about it from Tohru chan, but when I attended the PTA meeting that day, many parents were watching me and whispering about me.

I asked one of the parents, with whom I am usually especially close, what the hell was going on.

She looked at me as if she were looking at a piece of dirt and said.

“You don’t know even if it’s about your son? Your son raped….Kisaragi Himehana chan…”

“Eh…you’re lying…?”

I really couldn’t believe it.

I never thought that Tohru chan would do such a thing.

Tohru chan was a good boy who had never rebelled against us even once.

He never rebelled, never disobeyed his parents, and never did anything violent to anyone.

It was inconceivable to me that our Tohru chan would have forced himself on a girl.

“Ah…could it be that day…”

I did not want to believe that Tohru chan had raped Kisaragi Himehana chan, but I did have an idea.

Recently, Tohru chan had come home with bruises all over his body.

He had never been in a fight before, but when he came home with scratches all over his body, I was worried and asked him what was wrong.

But Tohru chan was too upset to tell me the reason for the scars, and he stayed in his room for the rest of the day.

I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable with his behavior that day, but it made sense when I thought that he had dared to rape Kisaragi Himehana chan that day.

Perhaps the scars all over his body were caused by that.

He knew he had committed a terrible crime, so he stubbornly refused to tell us the cause of his injuries.

“I can’t believe it…how could he return my kindness with that……I want him to pay me back for all the money I’ve spent on his education…”

I was very saddened to learn that Tohru chan had done such a thing to a girl.

And the more I loved him, the more I really disliked Tohru chan.

All the time and money I had spent on Tohru chan was a waste

I could no longer see Tohru chan as my own son.

I felt disgusted even to live in the same house with Tohru chan, who had committed a crime.

“Tohru chan…why did you do such a terrible thing…? I am so shocked…”

“No, Mom…I didn’t do it…listen to me…Kisaragi set me up…this is a false accusation…”

“You’re still trying to talk your way out of it after all this time…..can you imagine what we’re going through at the parent-teachers’ meeting?”

“No…it’s not really my fault…”

“I don’t want to hear your excuses.”

I wanted him to at least apologize to me.

I wanted him to admit his guilt, sincerely apologize to Kisaragi chan, and also apologize to his family for the ongoing trouble he is causing.

But Tohru chan stubbornly refused to admit his guilt.

The PTA parents, teachers, and all the students at the school were convinced that he had raped her, so it was a certainty that he had committed a crime.

But even after all this time, I was really fed up with my son, who was still trying to get away with the crime by repeating unsightly excuses.

“Hey. You don’t have to cook for Tohru anymore.”


“Don’t bother to make food for a criminal. Shit…..he really did it….”

“I see…okay…”

At my husband’s direction, I stopped making Tohru chan’s food.

Then we both had a serious discussion about Tohru chan and decided to remove Toru’s family registration from this house after he graduated from high school.

“I heard that sex offenders have a very high recidivism rate…..this time, the other kid was warm-hearted and didn’t report the crime, so it didn’t become a police matter…….Tohru will surely commit the crime again. If he does so, our family will be blamed and this time we will be ruined…I might even lose my job…….the rumor has already spread in the neighborhood and we are in a needle in a haystack. And if it gets any worse, we’ll even have to move out……we have to take steps before that happens. We need to remove Tohru from the family registry,……and cut ties with him completely.”

“I see…that’s the only way…”

It was a decision that I could not help but feel a sense of bitterness at the thought of cutting myself off from my son who had come out of my belly, but my husband had a point.

I had never had Tohru chan in the first place.

I decided to think about it.

If I took care of him until he graduated from high school, I had fulfilled my parental duty, and I didn’t care what happened to him after he became a criminal.

“Haa….I hope the day of his graduation comes soon…”

After discussing the matter with my husband, I decided to kick Tohru chan out of the house, and all I could do was hope that the day of his graduation would come as soon as possible,…..and that the days of living under the same roof with a criminal would soon be over.

……But then things took a sudden turn.

One morning on the news, Tohru chan was found to be innocent.

“Dear…this news…”

“No way…….are you saying Tohru was innocent?”

The news reported that Kisaragi Himehana chan’s father, Takuma, had been caught red-handed sexually assaulting Himehana chan at their house the other day.

According to the news, Himehana chan has been sexually assaulted and abused by her father on a regular basis, and in order to relieve his frustration, she allegedly conspired with him to falsely accuse Tohru chan of rape and assault her.

“T-that’s……so that’s how he got hurt that day…”

It was there that I realized for the first time that we had been seriously mistaken.

Tohru chan had not committed a crime after all.

The wounds he received that day were not from Himehana, who he tried to rape, but from her father, who conspired with her to bring him down.

“Thank God…….”

I patted my chest in relief.

Our Tohru chan was innocent after all.

It was now public knowledge that Tohru chan had not raped Himehana chan.

Now I no longer had to worry about the neighbors giving me the white eye or the parents snubbing me in the PTA.

My husband would no longer have to worry about losing his job, and our family would no longer be in danger of ruin.

As I was relieved that all was settled, Tohru chan stepped in front of us with a look of surprise on his face and stared at the news as if he were devouring it.

Then he let out a long sigh, perhaps relieved that his innocence had been made known to the world.


I instantly felt awkward.

What had I done to Tohru chan?

I thought my own son, who had committed no crime, was a sex offender, and I didn’t even serve him a meal.

Even though I was his mother, I could not listen to what Tohru chan had to say.

I regretted my past actions and felt guilty.

But I was sure that Tohru chan would forgive me for that.

Tohru chan is a very kind boy.

I’m sure she will forgive us, considering the time and resources we have devoted to him.

Now that the news has spread his innocence and he no longer has any worries, I’m sure that he will let bygones be bygone.

I believed him and waited for that moment.

But he didn’t say anything.

On the contrary, he silently looked at us very coldly.

I was shocked.

I had never seen Tohru chan look at us that way before.

I looked at my husband for help.

My husband also seemed surprised by Tohru chan’s attitude.

“Onii chan…”

“Don’t touch me !”

In the end, Tohru chan said nothing to us, brushed off his sister’s hand, and left the house for school alone.

“What should we do, dear…?”

I was worried about Tohru chan’s attitude, so I said to my husband, but he said that once he cooled down, he would forgive us.

I believed my husband’s words and hoped that Tohru chan would let bygones be bygones and repair the relationship.

I was sure that the kind Tohru chan would forgive us for our one mistake.

Tohru chan probably didn’t know that we were trying to remove him from our family register, and I thought that we would definitely be able to get back to our original relationship.

But…it didn’t work out that way.

Tohru chan seemed to be more angry with us than we expected.

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Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake
6 months ago

You shocked about how your son treat you people after what he got?
Oh wow color me surprised

Yeah these people really underestimated other people’s heart and emotion.

6 months ago

The good obedient boy is dead, he won’t trust you scum ever again.
I really hope he learns about their plans to kick him out and cut ties with them even if he didn’t know, it’s better to cut off any relation with this toxic family
comment image

6 months ago
Reply to  KraVenOff

I hope so too. If Tohru was to find out than His Parents were to scratch Him out from the Family Registration, He wouldn’t hesitate to leave the house without second thoughts. Imagine He telling Them one last time: “We’re not a Family anymore. It’s not so nice knowing You. Goodbye.”

6 months ago

If there’s something to tell This Family, The PTA, The Neighbors, The whole City, School, Those “Dogs and Cats” Classmates from The Animal Shelter of a Classroom, and The Soccer Club, it would be this words: “Reap what You sow, You bunch of freakin’ douchebags, and GFY.”