~Nanase Risa’s point of view~

Tohru raped Kisaragi san.

When I heard such a rumor, I thought it was absolutely impossible.

Tohru is not the kind of person who would do such a thing.

I could definitely say that he was definitely not a scumbag who would force himself on a girl to satisfy his own desires.

“Hey, did you hear that? Shinonome raped Kisaragi san…”

“Eh..are you serious…?”

“I heard he did it forcibly…Kisaragi san confided in her friend while crying…….”

“If it’s true, Shinonome is a scum…….

“No matter how much they’re together, forcing her to do something like that is a crime…”

“I thought it was strange that Shinonome and Kisaragi san were going out together,……, perhaps Shinonome has Kisaragi san’s weakness and she was being blackmailed by him…”

“I’m sure that’s a possibility…”

The rumor that Tohru raped Kisaragi quickly spread throughout the school.

The rumor was spread by boys who were jealous of Tohru, and they were spreading it as if they were trying to settle a grudge.

In just a few days, the fact that Tohru was the criminal who forced Kisaragi san to do it had spread almost as a fact throughout the entire school.

“Hey, wait, everyone…? How do you know Tohru did that? There is no proof, right…? Why should we believe only Kisaragi san’s words?”

“Eh, Nanase, you’re joking, aren’t you?”

“Are you taking the criminal’s side?

“Kisaragi chan was crying, right? How can you say that in front of her?”

I believed Tohru and argued against them, but no one believed me.

The girls, in particular, became emotional and criticized me in order to protect Kisaragi, who was adored by them.

Don’t take the criminal’s side.

Kisaragi san is crying.

If you are the same woman, you should be on Kisaragi san’s side.

Saying such things, my objectively plausible argument that I should listen to both Kisaragi san’s and Tohru’s opinions, since at least no one had seen the crime scene, was completely silenced.

And so Tohru became a criminal in our school.

Tohru was terribly depressed.

Tohru, who had been known as a good, serious guy who could study hard, was quickly shunned, disliked by everyone, and treated like a tumor.

Just walking down the hallway, he was verbally abused by students he passed, and if he entered a classroom, he would be told to [stop coming] or [I don’t want to take classes with criminals.]

I couldn’t bear to see someone I fell in love with going through that.

I just couldn’t believe that Tohru had forced himself on Kisaragi san.

Kisaragi san was showing off her crying face in class and in the presence of others, but I couldn’t help but feel that it was somewhat suspicious.

“Hey, don’t look at Kisaragi san !”

“Are you still going to do something to Kisaragi san?”

“If you do anything to Kisaragi san again, we won’t give you any mercy.”

The girls were cursing Tohru just for glancing at his ex-girlfriend Kisaragi san from his seat.

Tohru’s expression seemed to be filled with hatred toward Kisaragi and sadness that no one would believe his claim.

I couldn’t stand still, so I defended Tohru in front of everyone.

“Everyone is crazy ! How can you trust only Kisaragi san’s opinion !? You should listen to Tohru’s opinion too ! ! !”

No one would listen to me even if I defended Tohru emotionally.

So I urged everyone to listen to Tohru’s opinion as logically as possible.

But no one would listen to me.

They all thought that I was a childhood friend of Tohru’s and that I didn’t want to believe what he had done.

I was emotionally protecting him because I did not want to believe what he had done.

“What’s wrong with you, Nanase chan?”

“Don’t take the criminal’s side.

“Come to this side. I know you don’t want to believe it because you’ve known each other since childhood, but that man is a sex offender, okay?”

“No…Tohru would never do such a thing…why don’t you believe me…”

I cried, feeling helpless to do anything for Tohru.

“Thank you, Risa. I’m glad you covered for me and said what I wanted to say.”

Tohru should have been the one who was suffering the most, but he said those words to me as I cried.

After thanking me for protecting him, he left the classroom.

I’m sure he thought that if he and I stayed together any longer, I would be ignored and disliked by everyone.

But I didn’t care if that happened.

No one would believe me, everyone thinks Tohru is a sexual predator, but only I would believe in him no matter what.

I will stand by Tohru to the end.

I made such a resolution as I watched Tohru’s back as she left the classroom.

= = = = = = = = = = 

“Hey, Tohru. Do you want to have lunch with me?

[ [ [….!?] ] ]

As soon as it was lunch time, someone suddenly appeared in the classroom calling my name with an out-of-place bright voice.

It was my childhood friend from another class, Hibiya Hayato.

He probably knew everything about what had happened to me and how I was being treated in this class, but he called out to me as if nothing had happened.

Naturally, my classmates were surprised and stared at Hayato, dumbfounded.

“Hayato…? What are you talking about…”

“Hm? Do you have a prior engagement? Are you planning to eat with someone?”

“No…I don’t have any, but……”

“Well, that’s fine then. Let’s eat together. We’re best friends, right?”


Hayato had a refreshing smile on his face, and I nodded timidly and tried to follow him.

“Wait, Hayato kun !?”

“What are you saying !?”

As Hayato and I were about to leave the classroom together, the girls yelled accusations at us.

“Why are you eating with that guy?”

“You know what Shinonome did, right…? To Kisaragi san.”

“Hayato kun. If you stay with someone like that, it will only ruin your reputation, Hayato kun, you know?”

Hayato is in another class, but the girls naturally know Hayato’s name.

Hayato is the ace of the soccer team in his sophomore year and was a key player in leading the team to the national tournament.

In addition, he is handsome and tall.

He is very popular with the girls and is sometimes nicknamed [the prince.]

Because of this, the girls wanted to keep him on their side.

They appealed to Hayato that he should never have lunch with me.

“No, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet that Tohru is a criminal, has it?”

Hayato said matter-of-factly to the girls who were emotionally and verbally bad-mouthing me.

[ [ […..!?] ] ]

The girls’ mouths dropped open.

“If there is proper evidence and there are witnesses, then a crime can be committed, but if there is no evidence, then there is still a possibility that Tohru is innocent.

In that case, wouldn’t it be better to have a meal together?”


“K-Kisaragi is crying, you know…?

“Kisaragi chan would never lie…it’s definitely Shinonome who is lying…”

“I see. So you guys believe in Kisaragi chan? There’s no proof, it’s just emotional.”

[ [ [….!?] ] ]

“Then, you don’t mind if I support Tohru emotionally, do you?”

[ [ […] ] ]

The girls fall silent with expressions that say they’ve hit a sore spot.

Hayato, perhaps no longer interested, took his gaze away from the girls and went towards me.

“Come on, let’s go, Tohru. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? We’re having lunch together.”


Hayato said and started walking away.

I hurried to catch up with him as he kept moving forward with his light footsteps.

“Hey Hayato…is it okay to say something like that in front of everyone…?”

“Hm? What?”

Hayato started walking first and came to the roof of the school building.

I said this to Hayato, who was stretching as if he was being released from the oppressive atmosphere inside the school.

“If you’re covering me……they’ll think you’re a scumbag who sides with criminals, and they’ll treat you like a tumor, you know…?”

“Ah, that’s what you mean…”

Hayato looked like he didn’t understand anything and sighed.

“Hey, Tohru. First of all, let me tell you…”


“I don’t believe that you raped Kisaragi. That’s absolutely impossible. I’ve been watching Tohru next to me ever since I was little. Tohru isn’t the type of person who would do something like that. It’s a lie. Kisaragi is the one who is lying. I’m convinced of that.”


He looked serious and I couldn’t help but nod.

“I’m sorry. I wanted you to understand that much. I’m on Tohru’s side. Don’t worry about what people are saying.”



“Um…..Thanks for that, Hayato.”

“…! Yeah.”

Besides Risa, there was still one other person who believed in me.

That alone makes me feel like I’ve been saved.

I looked up and saw Hayato.

Hayato had the same friendly expression on his face that he had before the incident with his best friend.

“So what happened? Tell me everything. I may be able to help you.”

“Ah, I knew you were here ! ! !”

[ [….?] ]

Just as Hayato was about to say something, someone came to the rooftop.

It was Risa.

When she saw the two of us, she ran up to us.


“What are you doing here?”

“Geez ! It’s terrible of you to leave me alone ! We promised a long time ago that the three of us would always be together, no matter what !”

“When did we make that promise?”

“How long are you going to bring it up?”

We both shove Risa.

Risa laughed embarrassedly.

“So, what are you talking about?

“I was trying to find out what happened with Tohru.”

“With Tohru?”

“Yeah. I don’t believe that Tohru did what everyone is saying he did to Kisaragi. Kisaragi is the one who is lying. So I wanted to know the correct situation. I was just about to ask.”

“M-me too..! Tooru isn’t the type of person who would do something like that  ! Kisaragi san….I feel like she’s acting somehow…I believe Tohru too !”

The two of them look at me one after the other saying such things.

I looked at them alternately and then nodded.

“Thank you both for believing in me. I can confide in you both. I’ll tell you what happened that day……”

I then told them everything that had happened on the day Kisaragi had falsely accused me of the crime.

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