In the end, not a single student came to me after that to apologize.

There was an awkward atmosphere of hell in the classroom, both in class and during recess.

As my homeroom teacher had informed me in the morning, Kisaragi never came to school.

She is probably being detained by the police right now and being questioned about various things.

Now that everything has been exposed, if Kisaragi shows up at school again, she might be thrashed like I had been before.

There is a possibility that Kisaragi will be bullied instead of me.

She might not be able to come to school anymore because she is afraid of that.

But I don’t care about that.

What happens to Kisaragi from now on and how she is treated by the school and the world are none of my business.

I still don’t know her motives for setting me up.

But whatever the reason, I will never feel sorry for her.

She literally took everything from me and ruined my life.

= = = = = = = = = =

“Haa…I’m so tired…”

After school.

I let out a sigh as I walked alone to the club building.

After the hellishly awkward class time is over, after-school club activities are naturally waiting for me.

The club members must already know that I was innocent and that Kisaragi was lying.

In other words, I don’t have to worry about being the only one getting cut down in the game or being forced to clean up the mess.

I’d rather see how the people who wanted to beat me up and kick me out would look when they found out I was innocent.

“Well, I guess I’m not much different from the rest of them.”

I didn’t have any expectations for the members of the soccer team.

For the most part, their reaction to the revelation of the truth about the incident is likely to be the same as the other students.

They would not apologize, they would keep their mouths shut, and they would turn a blind eye to what was inconvenient.

I have learned enough from this incident to know that there are very few people who can apologize for themselves.

Well, I’m not going to forgive them even if they’re apologizing to me.

Especially during the game, what they did to me was close to violence in the name of soccer.

They slid from the soles of their feet to my body, not the ball, and knocked me down.

Then they kicked me repeatedly as I was falling.

The coach and manager turned a blind eye to that play, which would have resulted in a red card and expulsion from the game if it had been played in a real match.

My legs are covered with bruises everywhere I’ve participated in club activities since that incident.

Maybe I can sue the club members for violence.

Well, I have no intention of going that far.

If anything, I was more interested in not having anything to do with them anymore.





“Oh, shoot.”


I walked through the club building and arrived at the soccer club room, and as I entered, my eyes met those of several junior members of the club at once, and there was an awkward feeling in the air.

I saw that they were squatting in front of my locker, scrubbing graffiti off my locker with a sponge.

Rather than trying to clean up my locker by disclosing what they had done to me….it looked more like they were trying to erase the evidence of their own past foolishness.

As if to affirm this, no one tried to apologize to me.

Like my parents, sister, classmates, and other students throughout the school, I was lying face down and silent, exuding an attitude as if they wanted me to say something to them.


I walked silently to my locker.

The juniors hurriedly gave way.

“I’m going to use it, can you move out of the way?”


A junior who was holding a wet sponge in front of my locker moved as if in a panic and gave up his place to me.

I turned my back to them standing there silently and started to change.

I heard what sounded like a coughing sound behind me as if they wanted to say something, but I ignored it all.

In the end, they never said a word of apology.

It was no surprise to me, as I had not expected them to say anything.

I finished changing my clothes and left the clubroom by myself, with the juniors silently watching over me.

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6 months ago

Personally i would f ing sue them and the damn teachers and school and if i can’t get the results i wanted i’ll return the favor myself then turn indifferent to all these scum.
if it affects my graduation, i’ll write my revenge list and after graduating hehehe fun time(for me). I am a vengeful person, if you mess with me you’ll get what you f ing deserve

6 months ago

Just like the lousy, creepy, noisy, conniving, two-faced “Dogs and Cats” from Tohru’s “Animal Shelter” of a Classroom, The lousy Creeps from The Soccer Club displayed the same crappy awkward attitude. Tohru shouldn’t waste His time with this bunch of unapologetic, weak-willed, mindless drones and make that Training Day His last and leave without looking back.

6 months ago

Oh teacher appealing to emotion instead of doing their job. How not surprising at all. Man, what a sad life this guy have but atleast he knows the truth.