Episode 15 



After threatening the club members with the presence of the police, I turned back to the club building to change clothes.

To tell you the truth, I was just bluffing when I said I would tell the police.

It was true that I had been slandered without any justification and that I was almost violently attacked during club activities, but it was a lie to say that I had proof.

Well, if I took a picture of the graffitied and broken locker from now on, that would be the proof, but I was not going to make this matter that important.

My real intention was to quit this club as soon as possible and cut all ties with those guys.

It was a bit of revenge that I finally said I might go to the police.

Now those guys would spend the rest of their lives scared that I might make an incident out of this and have their club activities suspended or not be able to continue.

Those who aggressively attacked me and broke my locker would be afraid of being expelled from the school, and those who overlooked it all, such as the coach, might be scared that he might be held responsible and have to leave the school.

But even if that happens, it is clearly all their own fault.

I think it’s a good thing that those who didn’t apologize and couldn’t admit their mistakes deserve to be punished as much as they were.

“Haa….I feel so much better now…”

I had been working hard in the club for a long time, and it felt good to be able to quit.

If the club members or Asakura, the manager, had sincerely apologized to me for this, it might have been a bad aftertaste.

I had already made up my mind to quit when I joined the club today, but if the club members, unlike my classmates and my family, had acknowledged their mistakes and sincerely asked for my forgiveness, it might have made it a little harder for me to quit.

But in a way, they did not fail me.

They thought they would be forgiven for what they had done to me without apology.

Asakura, the club manager, even took offense and said that I should apologize for making the atmosphere of the club worse.

She was a scum to the point of being disgusting.

There was no way I could continue club activities with such a person.

I wanted to thank her for convincing me that I had made the right choice in quitting.

“Hey, Tohru ! ! !”


While I was changing in the locker room by myself, Hayato came running over.

He grabbed me by the shoulders and tried desperately to persuade me.

“Don’t tell me you’re quitting ! ! Please ! ! We’ve been working so hard together for so long, right !?”


“I need you in this club ! ! I want to play soccer with you ! Please don’t quit ! ! !”

“No….I’m sorry. I can’t play soccer with them anymore…”

I said that and Hayato’s face turned sad.

“I see…”

“Yeah….I’m sorry. I’m rooting for you, Hayato.”

“…Are you sure? I’m going to beat all those guys up and make them get down on their knees in front of you, and I’m going to make sure the coach apologizes to you, too. If I threaten to quit, I’m sure the director will apologize to you. Is that still not good enough?”


I shook my head.

“I don’t trust those guys anymore. There’s no place for me in that club.”


“Don’t worry, Hayato. I lied about talking to the police. I just went there to get some revenge on those guys. As long as you’re here, I can’t do anything that would get the clun shut down.”

“Hey, wait a minute. Did you think I was so worried about that that I came here to talk you out of it?”

“Of course not. I know you’re acting out of concern for me.”

I patted Hayato on the shoulder.

“You and I will always be best friends. I’m grateful to you for believing in me when times were really tough. I appreciate it.”


Hayato scratched his head in embarrassment.

After changing, I grab my bag and leave the changing room.

“Good luck, Hayato. I’ll sneak out to cheer you on at tournaments and stuff.


I’ve been playing soccer since I was a freshman, and I’m quitting.

= = = = = = = = = = 

〜Asakura Aina’s point of view〜

I, Asakurta Aina, am the manager of the soccer club.

The reason I became manager was Hibiya Hayato, who is known as the prince of the grade.

I became a manager because I wanted to see him play up close.

Being a soccer club manager was very hard work.

I had to wake up early in the morning to make rice balls, prepare water, and sometimes wash my stinky, sweat-soaked club clothes.

Like me, the girls who had joined the club for Hayato quit one after another.

But I continued to be the manager of the soccer club.

The reason was because I fell in love with someone else.

His name was Shinonome Tohru.

He was a sophomore and an alternate member of the club who was not very good at soccer.

I joined the soccer club for Hayato, but I gradually became attracted to him.

Although he was not very good at soccer, Tohru took practice more seriously than anyone else.

He is always direct and always thinking about contributing to the team.

He is truly a behind-the-scenes player.

He even helped me, the manager, with some of my work so that I would have less of a burden.

His kindness gradually attracted me, and I found myself falling in love with him.

“Tohru, are you dating anyone?”

“No, I don’t. I don’t have anyone.”

“Why not? Is there someone you like?”

“No, I don’t. I’m too busy with my studies and club activities.”

“Hmm…I see…”

In between club activities, I asked Tohru questions like that.

I tried being a little suggestive, but the insensitive Tohru didn’t seem to notice my feelings.

“What should I do…I should confess my feelings to him…but if he rejects me…”

As I was wondering whether or not I should tell Tohru how I felt about him, he simply went out with Kisaragi Himehana one day.

“H-hey….Tohru…? Is it true that you’re dating Kisaragi san……?”

“Yeah…actually. Kisaragi-san confessed to me. It seems like a lie, right?”


It was my first heartbreak.

It seems that Tohru had never talked to Kisaragi san much before, but she confessed to him and they decided to start dating.

Of course, Kisaragi san is said to be the most beautiful girl in her class, but I was shocked that Tohru ended up dating Kisaragi san so easily.

“Why…you spent more time with me…”

I was frustrated with Tohru, who was confessed by a cute girl and started dating her so easily.

I was inwardly annoyed with Tohru, who seemed to enjoy spending time with Kisaragi every day, and even fell in love with her during club activities.

“Haa….I was stupid to fall in love with Tohru after all……I think I’ll chase after Hayato kun once more…”

Tohru will no longer be mine.

Tohru and Kisaragi san seemed to be doing well, and more than anything, Tohru admired Kisaragi san.

I was thinking that I should forget about Tohru and go after Hayato kun again.

Just then, an incident happened.

“Did you hear that? Shinonome kun raped Kisaragi san…”

“Eh…? Tohru did…?”

I heard an unbelievable rumor that Tohru had forcibly raped Kisaragi.

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