“Hey, come on, you guys. Are you serious? Don’t you have something to say to Tohru?”

While my classmates were keeping their mouths shut and refusing to talk, Hayato suddenly said something like that.


I called out his name, and Hayato stopped me with his hand.

He then looked around at the entire class and chastised them in a tone that was clearly irritated.

“You guys did a lot of terrible things to Tohru, didn’t you? You called him a criminal, you spoke out of turn, you talked behind his back as much as you wanted…..and you even wrote graffiti on his desk.


[ [ [….] ] ]

“As a result, Tohru was innocent. What you did to Tohru was a totally unfair and disgusting act. You treated Tohru, who was innocent, like a criminal and lynched him. How are you going to settle this?”

“Hayato…it’s okay. I don’t care….”

I tried to stop Hayato from speaking back to my classmates, probably speaking on my behalf.

I was happy to hear Hayato’s feelings.

In fact, what Hayato was saying was something I couldn’t say even if I wanted to, and I couldn’t help but think.

However, I couldn’t overlook the fact that Hayato was deliberately taking on the role of a hater for my sake.

There was no reason for Hayato to be hated by the students for my sake.

I was grateful that he and Risa believed in my claim as friends to the end, even though no one else did, and I didn’t think there was any need for Hayato to do anything more for me.

“Hayato…thank you….but I don’t need you to do that anymore…I feel better now…”

Of course I still harbored hatred toward my classmate.

But in order to stop Hayato, I said something like that.

“No…! ! Don’t stop me, Tohru ! ! You’re too kind ! ! !”


But the one who stopped me was not Hayato, but Risa.

Risa, side by side with Hayato, looked around the class as if following her, and accused them of what they did to me.

“You people were wrong ! ! ! Tohru was not a criminal… ! ! !”

[ [ [….] ] ]

“Tohru insisted on that all along, all by himself.

No matter what everyone said, he pleaded his innocence. But no one believed it. Even though there was no proof, everyone believed Kisaragi san’s words and looked down on Tohru.]

[ [ [….] ] ]

“You were wrong. Shouldn’t you apologize to Tohru for that first? Shouldn’t you apologize for blaming Tohru for your mistake and lynching him?”

[ [ [….] ] ]

Risa desperately appealed to my classmates.

She told my classmates exactly what I wanted to say but couldn’t.

Risa’s words had a weight to them that made them seem like nothing else.

She blames my classmates and tells them to apologize, as if the incident happened only to her.


My heart was burning.

Of course, I had no intention of forgiving my classmates even if they apologized.

But I knew I could trust Hayato and Risa no matter what.

I’m so glad that these two were my best friends, I thought from the bottom of my heart.

“Apologize ! ! ! Apologize to Tohru ! ! !”

Risa desperately urged my classmates to apologize.

But my classmates remained silent.

“What the hell is wrong with these people…”

“What is it with these people…?”

Both Hayato and Risa despair at the refusal of any of my classmates to say a word of apology.

The expressions on their faces and the way they look at each other become increasingly cold.

“Can’t you even right your own wrongs…?”

“Why don’t you even apologize…? After you did such a terrible thing to Tohru…”

“It’s okay, you two…thank you so much for your help. It’s almost time for homeroom so…..okay?”

I said as I stood up and put my hands on their shoulders.

They looked at their watches, hesitated for a moment, then nodded back at me.

“Good luck, Tohru…”

“Let us know if you need anything…”


“Anyway…..congratulations on your innocence.”

“I was really happy that word spread that Tohru was innocent.

“Yeah……I’m really glad you guys are my friends too. I appreciate it. So……you know?”



The two reluctantly left the classroom.

After Hayato and Risa left, the classroom returned to a hellish atmosphere.

My classmates were quiet, looking down as if they had been lectured by the teacher, and whispers of defeat could be heard coming from somewhere.

“What was that…are you trying to say it’s all our fault…?”

“We were only acting for Kisaragi san’s sake…”

“Rather, we are the victims who were deceived by Kisaragi san…”

“You should just forgive us….”

“You don’t have to say it like  that…”


Instead of apologizing to me, I hear whispers like it’s my fault for not forgiving my classmates.

It probably belonged to the girls who were protecting Kisaragi and actively hitting me.


I had originally decided that I would never forgive them, but this has only strengthened my resolve.

“G-good morning… everyone here…”

Soon it was time for homeroom, and the teacher awkwardly appeared in the classroom.

After coughing up a few words, the homeroom teacher, sensing the hellish atmosphere among the students, told them that Kisaragi had been involved in an incident and would not be able to come to school for a while.

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6 months ago

Thank You for the chapter. Yep. As I thought. Tohru’s “Classmates” turned out to be a bunch of DARVOs. Can’t wait for Tohru to give them one serious rough awakening talk so strong enough to either make Them collapse from Their chairs or fall on Their knees in dogeza out of shame and regret. Still, I like how His Homies Hayato and Risa looked out for Him and chewed down those backstabbing, two-faced, coniving “Classmates” And even when They were wrong, they tried to avoid all responsibility for their misdeeds, while playing victims and denying bulling Tohru. And on top of that, They demand Tohru to forgive Them? SHAMELESS MISCREANTS!!!! What does Everyone think of Those “Classmates” attitudes?

Julian Robert
Julian Robert
6 months ago

Another poor shit