~Younger sister’s point of view~

Shinonome Tohru is the older brother that I, Shinonome Mio, am proud of.

Or, I should say, I was.

When I was little, Tohru onii chan was a very kind and ideal older brother, and he was my role model.

Although we were three years apart in age, I always followed my brother’s footsteps when I was little.

Toru would play with me when I was very young, catch bugs for me, and read books for me.

Even as I grew older, my brother and I remained close.

I often hear stories about siblings who grow apart as they get older, but for me, it was unthinkable.

Tohru onii chan will always be my proud older brother.

I am sure that I will continue to adore him as my younger sister even after I grow up.

That is what I thought.

But one day, I heard an unbelievable story from my mother.

“Ugh…why…where did it go wrong…? Was it the way I raised him……”

One day, when I came home from school, my mother was crying at home.

When I asked her why, she gave me an unbelievable answer.

Tohru onii chan raped a girl in his class.

The whole school found out and spread the news, and my brother is now in a needle-in-a-haystack situation.

My mother found out about it at a PTA meeting.

“Tohru onii chan did that…? Is that a joke…?”

The kind older brother.

I had always thought so, and I couldn’t believe that my Tohru onii chan had forced himself on a girl.

However, it is true that my brother has been acting a little strange lately.

I feel like he’s somehow excited, or rather restless.

He comes home late, and Hayato onii chan and Risa onee chan, who used to come over frequently, don’t come over to our house anymore.

Moreover, my brother would come home with scars all over his body.

“Are you okay, Onii chan? Is it a fight?”

“No, no……Mio doesn’t need to know.”

“…Eh, ah..yeah.”

I got worried and asked him that question, but when he answered that he didn’t need to know, I felt like he was behaving suspiciously.

“That was probably a wound caused by the girl he raped fighting back…”

“I knew it…that’s why he didn’t tell me the cause of his injury…”


One day I overheard such a conversation between my parents.

Apparently, the injury that day was caused by a counterattack from a girl classmate who he had forced.

“You’re the worst, Onii chan…..forcing yourself on a girl…..”

I was completely scared of my brother.

He’s always been kind to me, he’s never been mean to me, he’s always been serious and hardworking in his studies and sports.

However, his true nature was that he was the worst kind of person, who would forcefully sexually assault a girl, and then saying he hadn’t done it.

“I’m scared……I can’t trust Onii chan anymore…”

I have come to hate my brother to the point of nausea as a reaction to how much I have always adored him.

He was always kind to those around him, but in essence he was no different from the worst sex offenders on the news.

I no longer even wanted to call him Onii chan.

I began to call him [criminal.]

My parents, fearing that he would re-offend, were going to kick him out of the house as soon as he graduated from high school.

I thought it would be better for me to do the same.

I didn’t want to live in a house with my brother…, a criminal, any longer, so I even wanted the criminal to be removed from this house as soon as possible.

“Ugh…it’s terrible to run into a criminal in the morning…”

I once opened the door in the morning and ran into a criminal.

I had my eyes on the criminal, and I was so terrified and disgusted that I unintentionally let it out.


The criminal looked as if he was hurt by my words, but I guess this is also a good omen.

I can’t be fooled.

Criminals, no matter how they appear on the surface, have no idea what is going on in their hearts.

There is even a possibility that he will choose me or my mother as his next target.

“If you do anything to me, I’ll tell Mom and Dad right away… don’t ever come near me.”

I spat out and closed the door to my room.

I heard a sigh behind the door and then the sound of someone going down the stairs, and I patted my chest in relief.

I wanted the criminal out of this house as soon as possible.

I couldn’t bear to see our family suffer any more misery because of the criminal.

“We have no food for criminal.”

“Because of you, even our family members are being told things by our neighbors.”

My parents had stopped making breakfast and dinner for the criminal as punishment for his crimes.

I agreed with their policy.

They said that the offender would not go to jail this time because the other girl wasn’t going to report the damage.

I also thought that if the laws of the country did not punish the criminal, our family should punish him instead.

“Mio, you haven’t been talking about your brother lately…”

“What’s wrong?”


Whenever my friends said that to me at school, I regretted the fact that I usually talked proudly about Onii chan….criminal.

I want the criminal to disappear as soon as possible.

I want him to disappear from my sight.

I want my father, mother, and I to restart a happy family life together.

Just as I was thinking that, something happened that turned everything upside down.

“Eh…no way……Onii chan was innocent…?”

A shocking incident was reported on the morning news.

The Kisaragi family……that is to say, there was an incident at the home of the girl whom Onii chan raped.

The suspect is the father of Kisaragi Himehana, whom thought Onii chan raped.

The suspect, Kisaragi Takuma, Himehana’s father, was apparently caught red-handed by police officers sexually assaulting his daughter.

The police investigation apparently revealed that the suspect, Kisaragi Takuma, may have been sexually assaulting and abusing Kisaragi Himehana on a daily basis.

Furthermore, when they investigated a neighbor’s report a few days earlier that triggered the current incident, they found that the victim, Kisaragi Himenana testified that she and the alleged assailant, Takuma, had framed a male student in her class for the rape charge.

The police are investigating the matter as a possible suspect against Himehana as well.

“Eh, what…? What do you mean…?”

I could not catch up with the various information that came in at once, and for a while I could not understand.

However, as I began to understand the situation, I realized that I had done something terrible.

In other words, it was this.

Onii chan…..Shinonome Tohru’s assertion was correct.

Onii chan had not raped Kisaragi Himehana san.

The one who lied was Kisaragi Himehana san, and Onii chan was the victim of a false accusation.

“There’s no doubt…’s Kisaragi’s house…”

The next thing I knew, Onii chan was there.

He was glued to the TV, listening intently to the announcer’s report of the incident.


Eventually, Onii chan let out a long sigh.

I wonder if he is relieved that the truth of the case has been revealed and his innocence has been proven.

I suddenly felt ashamed of myself.

At the same time, I regretted the terrible words and attitude I had used against my brother in the past, not believing in him.

“Onii chan…”

I should apologize.

I should apologize to him and ask for his forgiveness.

That’s how I reached out to him, but he brushed my hand away.

“Don’t touch me.”


I felt a pain in my chest.

I was facing a look of anger that I had never seen before from Tohru onii chan.

I had never seen such a terrifying look from my brother before, and I stood there stunned, unable to continue with any further words.

Onii chan left the house silently.

My parents looked at each other awkwardly.

I stared blankly at the front door after Onii chan left.

I……may have done something that I can’t take back.

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6 months ago

You Guys accused Tohru being a rapist without having any evidence and refused to listen to His side of the facts; and when the truth came out, Ya expect Him to forgive Ya? NOT GONNA HAPPEN!! NOT NOW, NOT EVER!! Hope Tohru cut ties for good with such People.

6 months ago

Please author don’t make him forgive them, just cut ties with them and move out, they can be happy on their own and you be happy away from this scum family