“Tohru did that to Kisaragi san…? Eh, is that possible…?”

When I heard the rumor that Tohru raped Kisaragi san, I could not believe it at first.

I know the gentle nature of Tohru better than anyone else.

Tohru was concerned about my burden as a manager and helped me with various things.

If a member of the club was depressed because of a poor performance, he would support them.

There was no way Tohru would have forced himself on a girl.

There must be some mistake, I thought.

However, judging from the situation with Kisaragi san and the others, it seemed that Tohru had committed a sexual crime.

I was curious and visited Torhu’s class several times after the rumor spread.

There, the girls surrounded the crying Kisaragi san and protected her, while Tohru was being abused and berated by everyone.

Kisaragi san’s crying face didn’t look very much like an act, and I was convinced that Tohru had really committed a crime.

“I can’t believe someone as mature as Shinonome would do such a thing…”

“Forcing her to do it just because she’s his girlfriend, that’s just disgusting…”

“I’m sure Kisaragi san is cute and he wanted to make her his as soon as possible…”

“I can’t believe it…I hope the police catch him as soon as possible…”

“Kisaragi san said she didn’t file a damage report even though it was hard for her this time… she’s really kind…if it were me, I wouldn’t forgive him at all.”

“Kisaragi san is too kind.”

The girls around me had rumored that Tohru had raped Kisaragi because he wanted to get his hands on her as soon as possible.

I somehow had that feeling too.

To be honest, Tohru and Kisaragi are not well matched.

If there was a man who could match Kisaragi san, it would be Hibiya Hayato, nicknamed the prince.

Tohru must have thought he had a chance.

Even if it was just a passing fancy, Kisaragi san confessed her feelings to him and they decided to go out.

I thought that he wanted to take advantage of this relationship to quickly make an existing relationship with Kisaragi san and make her completely his own.

“Tohru….I thought he was a kind person…but his true nature was just a scumbag…”

It’s what a lousy man would do to a girl with weak strength, forcing her to have sex with him and try to make her his own.

I regretted to death my past self for having fallen in love with such a man, even for a moment.

And as a reaction to liking him until now, I hated Tohru to the point of vomiting.

So…..I decided to kick him out of club activities.

“Hey…you guys, I need to talk to you about something.”

“What is it? Asakura senpai.”


“What is it, Senpai?”

I gathered the junior members of the club and had them work to get Tohru kicked out of the club.

Torhu was already being treated like a tumor in the club, and when it came to games, he was being shaved down so much by the older members that it was almost like a lynching, but for some reason Tohru still seemed to have no intention of quitting the club.

I did not want to see Tohru’s face any more in the club activities, and I thought that if Tohru, a criminal, continued to stay in the soccer club, the soccer club itself might be viewed with a tinted eye.

So I decided to use the obedient junior members of the club to drive Tohru out of the club.

“We don’t want people to think that we are one of the criminals, do we?”


“That’s right.”

“I really dislike Tohru senpai.”

“I can’t even respect him as a senior anymore. Criminal.”

“Right? That’s why…..”

I decided to have the junior members of the club break Tohru’s locker and write graffiti on it.

The reason for this was to let them know that Tohru’s place was no longer in the soccer club.

The junior members followed my instructions.

The next day, Tohru’s locker was broken and spray-painted with graffiti.

Die, go away, criminal, leave the club.

The junior members of the club wrote many graffiti like that to hunt Tohru down.

I was satisfied with what I saw.

It was very painful to see Tohru, who had been thinking about me for a long time and was easily dominated by Kisaragi san without even realizing my feelings for him, being hurt.

Now Tohru is hurt and trapped and will eventually quit the soccer club.

After Tohru quits, I can go after Hayato kun, who originally started out as the soccer club manager for a purpose.

I could forget about my black history of falling for a criminal like Tohru and move on to a new love.

That’s what I thought.

But…..itself took a sudden turn and completely reversed itself.

“No way…?”

On the morning news, I learned that Kisaragi san was involved in an incident.

I learned that Kisaragi san had been sexually abused by her father on a daily basis.

I learned that Kisaragi san had conspired with her father to falsely accuse Toru of rape and assault him.

News revealed to the public that Kisaragi san was a liar and that Tohru’s allegations were the correct ones.

“I see…….Tohru was innocent…”

I felt a little guilty when I learned the truth.

Everything I had done to get rid of Tohru was an unjust act based on a misunderstanding.

“What should I do…I did something terrible to Tohru…I have to apologize…”

I felt I had to apologize to Tohru for what I had done, but I knew that Tohru would hate me if he knew that I had instructed a junior club member to break Toru’s locker and make him write graffiti on it.

The moment I found out that Tohru was innocent, I had fallen in love with him again.

“T-this was inevitable…….because everyone said Tohru was a criminal…the bad guy is Kisaragi san. I am the victim. I’m sure Tohru will understand.”

Tohru is a kind person, so I’m sure he’ll let bygones be bygones.

I thought so and joined the club activities on the day the news about Kisaragi san broke.

But for some reason, Tohru seemed to be very angry.

The seniors and juniors were trying to be considerate and talk to him, but he was sulking and ignored them all.

Since it was already established that Tohru was innocent, no one tried to give him a sliding tackle during practice.

Tohru was also completely accepted as one of the club members as before.

Yet, for some reason, Tohru seemed to be sulking and angry all by himself.

His attitude toward the seniors and the coach was so bad that it was unimaginable from the Tohru of the past.

He didn’t even try to hide the fact that he was angry.

I couldn’t stand it any longer, so I began to badger him at the end of practice during clean-up time.

I asked him why he was angry after everything was over, and tried to convince him that it was inevitable that we believed Kisaragi san’s lies.

All of this was to help Tohru adjust to club activities again.

If Tohru could say that he was wrong for making the practice atmosphere bad today and that he would let bygones be bygones, everything would be settled and Tohru would be accepted into the soccer club as a member of the club.

I thought so and arranged for him to be accepted into the soccer club, but Tohru showed a mysterious stubbornness and made my kindness count against him.

Then he announced to the coach that he was quitting and left on his own accord.

“What’s with that guy !? I went to the trouble of giving him a chance to apologize…”

I could not believe Tohru’s attitude toward the club members and me.

For a brief moment, I was taken aback by Tohru’s narrow-mindedness in being angry at a member of the club who had shared so many joys and sorrows with him after being hit so hard by a misunderstanding.

“Haa…I guess I can’t help it…..I have no choice but to take off my clothes here…”

But I don’t dislike Tohru just because of this.

He was saying that he might temporarily get mad and tell the police about us, but there was no way Tohru would do such a thing.

I would be the one to mediate between Tohru and the club members.

I would make a place for him in the soccer club again.

Then Tohru would be grateful to me and we would get to know each other better.

Now that Kisaragi san is out of the way, Tohru will be mine this time.

“Fufufu…a perfect plan…”

I couldn’t help but let out a smile at my flawless strategy.

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6 months ago

That Girl still doesn’t get it, does She? Does She needs a huge slap in her face to realize than Tohru doesn’t want anything to do with The Soccer Club and Herself? This Chick is an annoying hypocrite.

6 months ago

Damn. She is almost as bad as his family. They are only worse because they are family though.

6 months ago
Reply to  Alucard

I hope Tohru cut all ties with each and every single one of Them: His disfuntional Family, The noisy “Dogs and Cats” from “The Animal Shelter” of a Classroom, Those stubborn, useless People from The Soccer Club, The whole School.

Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake
6 months ago

B*tch belongs to street

6 months ago

FOR REAL!! That B*tch’s a complete lost cause. She’s incredibly dumber and stubborn as a brick. Doesn’t realize Tohru quit completely to The Soccer Club and doesn’t want to ever see Her even in a painted portrait. She’s a total DARVO like the rest of The Club and The Stray “Dogs and Cats” from “The Animal Shelter” of a Classroom and the entire School.

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