Episode 21 – Do you guys like ponytails?



I was half forced by Yami-san to come from the university to the station, but …….

(Wouldn’t it bother Sakimiya-san to storm into her part-time job without saying anything? ……?)

I had the urge to see Sakimiya-san working earlier, but going to my friend’s place of work is still a bad idea, isn’t it?

“Hhmmmm  I’m looking forward to seeing Sakimiya-san’s work clothes.~”

It seems that Yami-san has an admiration for Sakimiya-san’s landmine fashion, and she seems to think of Sakimiya-san as her idol.

“Kazakiri-san, you are looking forward it right”

“…… haa.”

I sighed lightly as I looked at Yami-san, who seemed to be very excited.

“What’s with that sigh! Is that how much you love landmine fashion, Kazakiri-san?”

“It’s not like that.”


“I just wondered if it wouldn’t be like a cold shoulder when …… Sakimiya-san is working so hard to get the job done.”

“That’s …… well, you have a point.”

Yami san wrinkled her forehead in thought.

“But, as long as you go to the store as a customer, you’ll be fine! It’s inconvenient not to be able to go to the store if your friend has a part-time job.”

“I……I see.”

Yami san and I go to Sakimiya san’s Snow Tops as customers.

I said that to myself and got on the train with Yami san.


My part-time job is busy again today.

The first part of spring tends to bring new part-timers who have moved to Tokyo, and even though they are the same age as me, they are much less skilled than the kids who have been doing this since high school.

“S-Sakimiya-senpai, what should I do if I make a mistake?”

“Leave this to me. I’ll take care of the cashier for you.”


I was supporting a new part-time worker of the same age who was having trouble making Frappuccinos, and I was running the store.

As a part-time leader, I try to do my job smoothly, and at the same time, I pursue my own cuteness.

I wear my usual pink apron and my long pink hair in a ponytail.

I don’t really like ponytails, but I move around a lot at work and it’s easier this way. ……

“I’ve taken care of the Frappuccinos for you.”

“Thank you, Sakimiya-senpai!”

“Then, I’m going to go back to the cash register.”

But I think I look better with long hair myself, and I don’t want Kazakiri kun to see it… right?

“Sakimiya, san. Po, popo, ponytail.”

The one who was at the cash register was–Kazakiri-kun!

“Kya, Kazakir ……-kun!”

“—I’m here too”

The one who appeared out of the corner of my eye was a loli …… I’m sure Yami san, whom I met today.

(Ha ……? Why is this girl …… and my Kazakiri-kun ……!)

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