The time is late afternoon.

A tray of carbonara pasta and katsudon on a table by the window of the school cafeteria.

I was about to eat my lunch quickly and go back to my apartment, when a legal Lolita (?), Yami san, appeared in front of me.

That one word from Yami san…

“D-Do you like Sakimiya-san ……?!”


The question was so abrupt that I rolled my eyes.

Yami-san asked me with the steam from the katsudon in front of her face.

Do I like Sakimiya-san ……,?

“N-no, I mean… I don’t really like her, it’s more like ……”


“Well, an ordinary guy like me can’t match Sakimiya san, but I still have a kind of admiration for her, …… but Sakimiya san is cute, so maybe she has a boyfriend or something.”

“Um, what have you been saying all this time?”

“Eh, Yami san asked me if I liked Sakimiya-san, so I answered honestly though?”

“Ah, that’s not true! What I want to ask you is whether you like Sakimiya-san’s landmine fashion!”

(….L-landmine, fashion! ?!)

Yami-san seemed to be more attracted to fashion!

“S-So that way”

“Of course! From the first time I saw Sakimiya-san, I thought there was a girl with pink hair in a very cute pink Lolita outfit and beautiful red innerwear!”

Yami-san excitedly launches into a rapid-fire geek talk and looks me straight in the eye.

“You like them too, don’t you, Kazakiri-san? Mine type!”

T-that’s a lot of heat …….


Now that I’ve moved on from being an otaku, I realize that I used to be like this when I talked about my favorite anime.

But Yami-san …… is a straight shooter, isn’t she?

Just as Sakimiya is straightforward about what she likes, Yami san also seems to have her own likes.

“What do you think, Kazakiri-san!?”

“I-it’s not that I like the mine fashion, but I admire the cute Sakimiya-san who looks good with mine fashion and pink hair….is it weird?”

“It’s not weird! I also admire Sakimiya-san!”

Yami-san finally cracked open the disposable chopsticks, and then sat down to eat her pork cutlet bowl, her cheeks puffed out like a squirrel.

Yami san, you’re not only cute on the outside, you’re a little childish on the inside too.

“Ah yeah! After this, why don’t you come with me to Snow Tops, where Sakimiya-san works?”


“The store is in~, I think Shinjuku?”

“H-How do you know all that!”

Even I don’t know about the stores!

Yami san, are you really a …… stalker ……?

“What do you mean by that? …… I figured out that Sakimiya-san works at Snow Tops through TwiX, which she told about before the seminar, and Snow Tops is located just one station away from here in Shinjuku.”

She looks so naive, but she has great insight. ……

I-is she a detective, …….

“Anyway, after eating katsudon, let’s go to snow tops for dessert! I’ll buy you a Frappuccino!”

“Really!? Ah nono. I don’t want to get in her way.”

“You don’t get in her way! just going to watch .”

“I understand. But why do you want to go that far?”

“Don’t you want to see Sakimiya san’s work clothes?”

S-Sakimiya san’s …… work clothes …….

Sakimiya san in her Snow tops uniform huh……?

Sakimiya san wipes the sweat from her forehead as she brews a cup of hot coffee.

Sakimiya-san, wearing the white blouse of her uniform, unbuttoned the button on her chest and held out the coffee in front of me–

[Kazakiri-kun. Along with some piping hot coffee…how about me too? ]

“…..Yami-san, let’s go after all.”

“Yay! You’re in great spirits, Kazakiri-san!”

I’m not saying that I’m excited about Sakimiya-san sweating on …… the job, thoguh …… .

“I’d like to see Sakimiya-san in various forms.”

“Mogu mogu,……, what did you say?”


Thus, before I knew it, I was on my way to Sakimiya-san’s part-time job with Yami-san, who had finished eating her katsudon.

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5 months ago

Of course there would be a yuri bitch in this too. I’m out.

15 days ago
Reply to  ftsio

She said she just likes the fashion. Why are you so sensitive?