……It was drizzling that morning.

I was heading to school with an umbrella, watching the rain pouring down.

It was 7:30 in the morning. When I passed through the main gate of the school, there was hardly anyone to be seen. No one comes to school at that hour.

Occasionally, I spot a teacher with vacant eyes who arrives early or an athletic team member who is annoyed at morning practice from a distance, but basically, the hallways and classrooms are quiet.

I liked going to and from school during those quiet times. I didn’t have to worry about anyone, and the quietness was comforting.

I changed out of my sneakers and into my jacket, and headed to class, letting the cool morning air hit me.

“Sensei, please tell me..♪ Is kindness a part of the test? ♪”

I sing merrily in my small voice.

“Sensei, please tell me, can love be graded?♪”

As I was humming the song in high spirits, I heard a strange voice in the …… hallway.

“……Ugh, ugh,……hiks,…….”

The sound was low, but it was clearly a sobbing voice.

From the high quality of the voice, one could guess that it was probably a woman.

“Ssun……sunsun, uu, ku……”

Her sobbing voice was so painful that it was painful to hear. I feel sorry for the fact that she was singing merrily just a moment ago.

(What’s wrong? Who in the world……?)

No way, a ghost ……? I had a hunch for a moment. The voice had such a muffled atmosphere.


I tried to find the owner of the voice while suppressing my heartbeat. I walked fearfully down the hallway, trying not to make a sound, my mouth agape to keep my breath shallow.


I found a female student sitting in a triangle, secretly crying, behind the stairs leading from the first to the second floor.

“Uuuu, ugh ……!”

Perhaps because I was so close, I could feel her sadness even more. Her shoulders were shaking and she was clutching her long orange twin-tails so tightly that if she …… did any more, they might fall out.

” ……………………”

I took a step forward and heard a footstep, unintentionally.

When she noticed this, she shook her shoulders and immediately looked back at me.

Her bright red eyes were brimming with tears.

The look on her face, with her teeth clenched and her eyebrows furrowed, gave the impression of intense sadness and hatred at the same time.


She was so …… beautiful, but I couldn’t help but notice that she was so beautiful.

She was beautiful, but she glared at me with strong, glaring eyes.

Her voice was trembling, hoarse, and low, so I couldn’t hear her a little.

“Eh? W-What did you say …………?”

“…… me”

“I-I’m sorry, what did you say?”

“I said, Don’t look at me! Don’t you understand Japanese?”

Her angry shouts echoed deep into the quiet hallway.


I couldn’t say anything, so I just stood there.

She gave a small click of her tongue, stood up quickly, and started to run up the stairs.

I quickly shouted, “Wait!” and told her back

“W-What’s going on? If I could help you……”

“Shut up! Go away, you hypocrite!”

But my words were drowned out by her curses.

She didn’t even turn her head, just ran up the stairs as fast as she could.

All I could do was stand there and watch her disappear, unable to do anything about it.


“…… By the time this letter falls into your hands, I will no longer be around.”

During Japanese class, a classmate got up from his seat and took the textbook to read aloud the novel being written.

“I wrote most of this long one while my wife was away. Sometimes when my wife came home, I hid it right away.”

That reading aloud changed the person at the turn of the sentence. It was Saito-kun who had read earlier, and now it was Watanabe-san.


I was on my cheekbones, listening to those classmates read aloud in a daze while …… my mind was thinking about something else.

[Shut up! Get away from me, you hypocrite!”

(……What is wrong with her?)

The face of the girl with red eyes that I had seen in the morning suddenly came to my mind.

(Is there such a thing as crying like that …… in the morning? Does that mean she was crying because she had a bad day before coming to school? Or that she had a bad night last night and was crying because she remembered …… it?)

I keep thinking of various ideas, but in the end they are nothing more than my imagination. Unless I ask her herself, I won’t know for sure.

(But I feel like she might not like it if I ask her. I should leave it alone. …… But it’s also …… to witness a scene like that and do nothing.)

“Haa…… I’m in trouble.”

“What’s troubling you? Nakahara-kun.”

Higashino-san, who was seated next to me, responded to my monologue.

“N…… no, it’s nothing.”

“Really? I’m sure it’s strange that you said you were in trouble and it’s nothing.”

“Muu……, yes, it is indeed strange.”

“Is something wrong?”

“……Yes, there is certainly one thing that bothers me. I’m not going to tell you right now because it’s a little sensitive.”

“I see, Nakahara kun, you are in the counseling department, aren’t you? I’m sure you’ve been consulted about all kinds of problems, and you must have a lot on your mind.”

“yeah, I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s okay. If there’s anything I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Thank you, Higashino-san.”

She smiled softly at me with a smile as bright as the sun.

“Well, it seems that Nakahara-kun’s counseling department is getting more and more positive feedback.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, I hear it’s getting a good reputation. They say you are happy to listen to any kind of problems seriously, my friend said so too.”

“I-I see. It’s a bit embarrassing, but I’m glad to hear it.”

“Fufufu, I wasn’t wrong after all, was I?”

Higashino-san chuckled, shrugged and smiled.

“Hey, you two”

At that moment, I received a warning from Busujima-sensei, the Japanese teacher. She turned her glazed eyes on us and said mean words.

“Is my class really that boring?”

…… excuse me, Busujima-sensei.”

“I-I’m sorry …… I didn’t mean it that way.”

“Then I’d appreciate it if you’d refrain from private conversation, right? Higashino-san?”

“Yes. ……”

“Then, read the next part, Nakahara-san. Read it.”


The teacher appointed me, and I took the textbook and read aloud.

“……Even after I die, as long as my wife is alive, please keep it all in your heart as my secret, confided only to you.”

“……Yeah, that’s a little disturbing.”

After school, in the counseling department room.

When I finished telling Nishida-san the whole story, she looked at me with sadness in her eyes and said

“I don’t know what the girl’s situation is like, but it’s certainly not a good situation.”

“Yes, I think so.”

I crossed my arms, sitting cross-legged.

The sound of rain falling outside can be heard inside the club.

“…If it was Nishida san.”


“If you have a problem, I’ll listen to it. Is it depressing to be told that?”

“……, well, it depends on the person. If it’s someone I don’t like, it’s depressing, but if it’s someone I like, I’m happy.”

“I see. Well, that’s true, isn’t it?”

“Why? Nakahara kun?”

“Well, I was thinking of going to that girl myself, but I’m not sure if I should.”


“It would be annoying if I meddle too much, but seeing her crying so much, I don’t feel comfortable ignoring her. ……”

“……, why don’t you just ignore her?”


Nishida san turned her gaze away from me and stared into space.

“I think anyone who dismisses Nakahara-kun as a hypocrite even though he went to the trouble of calling out to her is not good”


“do you have to go out of your way to help people who are mean to you?”

“…… Nishida-san.”


The sound of the rain became more and more intense as time passed.

I was somewhat taken in by Nishida-san’s unusual mood and couldn’t say anything more.


I looked at my phone and saw that it was already six o’clock in the evening. The sun had already set and it was already dark outside the window.

“Should we go home soon? Nishida-san.”


And so we sat up, packed our bags, and left the clubroom.

We walked side by side in silence, tiptoeing along the corridor. Then we moved from the hallway to the stairs and were on our way down to the first floor.

“Oh, shoot.”

I remembered that I had left some snacks on the table in the club room.

“What’s wrong? Nakahara-kun.”

“I’m sorry, I left some sweets in the clubroom.”


“Yes, I left some cookies or something. I think cookies are okay, but chocolate would melt, so I always bring them home.”

“Well, do you want me to go get them?”

“No, no, no, I’m sorry about that. This is my fault, I’ll go get them. Nishida, you can go home first!”

“No, I’ll wait for you.”

“R-really? Are you okay with the bus time?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“O-Okay! I’ll be right back!”


So I turned my back to Nishida san and went back up the stairs I had come down.

“It would be nice if we could put a refrigerator or something in the club room,……, but I guess that’s not possible. It’s not even recognized as a proper club activity, so if I apply for something like that, it’ll just be rejected.”

While muttering something like that, I trotted down the empty hallway until I came to a place where I could see the club room.


I looked up and saw the entrance to the clubroom.

I suddenly noticed that someone was standing in front of the entrance of the club room with her back…

It was a female student with long orange twin-tail hair.


I thought, “No way, maybe,” and I slowed down a little and approached her fearfully.


She didn’t move at all from in front of the entrance. She just stared at the sign posted at the entrance.

“Um, Excuse me.”


I called out to her from behind, and she immediately turned around.


When she saw my face, her eyes widened and her brow furrowed. She seemed to realize that I was the same person she had met that morning.

“Did you need something from that …… counseling department?”


“Actually, I was just about to call it a day, but if you need to talk now, just open the room ……

“You’re the counseling department?””

“Eh? W-well, ……”

“Okay, then. I’m out.”

With that, she turned away and was about to leave.

“Oh! H-hey!”

I grabbed her left arm with my right hand as quickly as I could to hold her back. At that moment, she was as angry as a prawn.

“Don’t touch me!”

Then, as if out of the blue, she bit my arm that was holding her with all her might.

“Ouchh!! Wai! Wait!!”

Her jagged teeth bit deeply into the flesh of my arm, and I felt a numbing pain in my head.

“S-seriously! Please don’t do this! Please!”

I couldn’t afford to lose my temper and begged her to leave me alone. Then she came to her senses and easily let go of my mouth.

“Ouchh ……”

Between the wrist and elbow of my right hand, a small but deep tooth mark had formed. A little blood was dripping from the hole in the sharpest canine tooth.

“…… Fuu …… Fuu…..”

She was sniffling and breathing on my shoulder, as if she was in a state of excitement. And her eyes were swimming as she looked at my face and at the scars on my arms.


But she just spun around and ran off with her back to me, without saying anything to me.

“Ah ……! Mou, What is this ……!”

I was angry at her for suddenly biting me, and at her for going away without saying anything. To be honest, I thought, “What the hell? you!” I wanted to scream at her.

……… However, considering the fact that she was standing in front of the counseling department, it was clear that she wanted to talk to someone about some problems she was having. If so,……, I thought I had no choice but to hold back and say a few words to her.

“Hey! If you don’t like me, it’s okay if you don’t like me! But! You want to talk to someone about something right?!”


“If it’s anyone! Even if it’s me, if you’d like to consult! If the time has come! Hey!”


She didn’t turn around at my words and just ran off to the other side of the hallway.

The rain that was pouring outside showed no sign of letting up.

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