“Sakimiya ……san”

She is wearing an apron over a white blouse and black skirt in a formal fashion, but while the others are wearing black or green aprons, Sakimiya-san is the only one with a conspicuous pink apron.

And above all, she has a ponytail tied into one with a …… pink hairband!

This is what Sakimiya-san looks like …… when she’s working.

But still, this pink …… is very typical of Sakimiya.

“Welcome …….”

It seemed to me that Sakimiya san would serve customers with a smile without changing her expression even when acquaintances came over… but after a while, her face became a little twitchy.

Is this angry or troubled ……?

Either way, the way she’s looking at me, I think she’s embarrassed.

“Is your order ready?”

Sakimiya-san is acting like a stranger.

“Umm, What would you like to order, Kazakiri-kun?”

The short Yami-san’s eyes swim as she looks up at the horizontal sign above the cash register.

Bad …… I’ve never been to this kind of restaurant before, so I don’t know what I should order.

“For a limited time only, they have melon and peach Frappuccinos, so why don’t we order one of each? Kazakiri-san gets the melon and I get the peach!”

“I don’t mind.”

“Yay! Can I have some of your melon too?”


When I answered so, Sakimiya-san reflexively said, “Ha?”


“Is that all you have to order?”

“Y-Yes, …….”

Huh, the customer service was so natural that it was as if nothing had happened.

I guess I misheard the earlier “Ha?”

“How would you like to pay?”

“Ah, I’d like to pay by bar code on my phone, please—“

When I took out my phone and tried to pay by bar code, the bar code reader that Sakimiya-san was holding flashed across the screen of my phone with the speed of a competitive karuta player.

With a straight face, she was making the barcode payment on my phone, but she was staring at Yami san without blinking.

I don’t know why, buts he is looking at Yami-san so much.

Maybe she knows that Yami san initiated me to come here ……?

I think she’s mad at Yami san because of that.

“…If you’d like to eat inside, we’ll bring it to your table later.”

Sakimiya-san said and put a number tag in my hand.

After we finished ordering and left the line, Yami san and I both headed for a table in the restaurant.

“Sakimiya-san’s ponytail is really cute, isn’t it?”

Despite the fact that Sakimiya-san was so angry, Yami-san seemed happy, as if she didn’t notice anything.

Certainly, that ponytail that shows the nape of her neck looks different and more active than usual.

The usual long hair is good, but Sakimiya-san with a clean haircut is also …… good.

“I also like that pink apron. I wish I could wear my favorite color and coordinate with as much confidence as Sakimiya-san does.”

“Why don’t you try it too, Yami san?”

“Hee! S-So, does that mean …… I should wear mine too?”

Yami san asked me while fingertip-pinching her own clothes.

“I’m sure you admire Sakimiya-san’s fashion, right, Yami san?”

“That’s …… true, but…”

Yami-san’s eyes swim again as she tweezes her fingers and toes.

“If I wear a mine type, will you …… not laugh at me?”

“Laugh? Why?”

“Because I’m short. If I wear Lolita, I’ll just be a Loli.”

“I think you’re rather suited for it.”


Yami san leaned forward on the table and brought her face close to mine.

Yami san’s round, loli-like face was …… right in front of me.

“Hey, Yami san, get away from me”

“Sorry to keep you waiting—”

As soon as Sakimiya-san came to the table, she put the two Frappuccinos on the tray on the table,

“Here you go, too.”

Sakimiya-san also put about 10 brand-new paper straws on the table with the Frappuccino.

“Sakimiya-san?! W-Why do you have so many extra straws?”

“I hope you can use this to drink with each other. Please don’t drink with the same straw even if you make a mistake.”

Sakimiya-san said smiling and turned on her heel, saying, “Please take your time.”

“Thank you for the straw. Shall we drink then?”

“I guess so.”

I wondered if Sakimiya-san was aware of my reluctance to pass the drink around, so she showed me this kind of consideration ……, a sign of hospitality!

I was truly impressed by Sakimiya-san’s work ethic.

(TL/N : This guy….)

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