Kirie 3 Sisters’ House
Shower room

Sera thinks back to yesterday’s events.

The man of her dreams, whom she had always wanted to meet, saw her shine.

Takahashi Yuma.

The man who used to be with her all the time, the man who saved her life, who always accepted her yankee self without being disgusted.

When he saved themselves from getting tangled up with a flirtatious pick-up guy, everyone was thrilled, thinking that this was fate. And as time passed, this admiration turned to electricity, and she continued to relentlessly attack her own flabby, white marshmallow and belly.

Once he’s used up all his paid vacation time, Yu nichan will be looking after the system at our company. We can be together all the time again, just like the old days. If I could, I would like to be with him all the time outside of work.

Since that abominable incident, Sera has always depended on her two older sisters. If one of them were to be missing, her ego would collapse. However, she has managed to hide her true feelings and has always acted as a superficial person in front of people other than her family.

If she didn’t do this, she would be taken advantage of by creepy men who would try to take advantage of her body.

Countless men were jealous of Sera, who was always so imposing. But deep down in her my-paced mind, anxiety and fear always followed her.

But when she was with him, those negative thoughts would disappear without a trace. But when she is in this house, those fears start to grow again.

He is a man capable of satisfying his own heart, capable of bearing a child. So no matter how selfish She is, she can’t win him. He envelops her devilish self with his great gentleness. Yesterday’s exchange made her realize this.

“I’ve never forgotten the three of you, not even for a day.”

Every time she recalls these words, she is bewildered at how hot her body becomes.

The emerald eyes of the short blonde girl enjoying her morning shower have long since faded, and her entire body is slightly red.

Sera gently places her hand on her large marshmallow as she looks through the mirror at her own lewd appearance, which she has never seen before.

“How could you say those words with such a blank stare? ……’

She is the signature model for the popular apparel brand “Reganda”. So she always takes good care of her body, and her figure without a stitch of clothing is like a work of art created by a sculptor.

The girl with a beautiful figure that arouses a man’s instincts had her head full of thoughts about Yuma. There was no room for anyone but the sisters to enter there.

“I want to know more about Yu niichan…… child ……I want to give birth ……”

Sera’s lips were stringy as she said this.


Sera, refreshed after a shower, comes to the living room. There, she sees her own sister in a maid’s outfit. She has soft flaxen hair and red eyes. And a well-developed face and a well-endowed body. From a distance, she looked like a maid in a novel or an anime.

“Arisa nee, are you wearing a maid’s uniform again?”

Sera was slightly taken back when she saw her own sister dressed as a maid. However, there was kindness in her expression.

“Since you met Yuu niichan, have you started wearing maid outfits more often?”
“I-I guess so. ……”
“Yesterday, when I was talking with Yuu niichan about what happened, suddenly you wore a maid’s uniform in the room, and you were acting weird …….”
“Sera, don’t say any more.”
“I’m sorry onee chan……”

Arisaki’s eyes gleamed as she interrupted Sera.

“Let’s eat breakfast. Right now it’s halami salad.”
“Oh, my favorite, the halami salad! Where’s Ai nee?”
“Playing golf today with that lawyer.”
“Oh, that tough-looking old lady lawyer?”

Sera nodded her head and snacked on the harami salad.

Seeing such a cute little sister of hers, Arisa opened her heavy mouth with a fidgety smile.

“I wonder what Yuu would think if he saw me like this….”
“I think he’ll be very shy because Yuu nii chan is so kind.”
“I-Is that so?”
“But Arisa nee is so beautiful, doesn’t that make men’s hearts flare up?”
“…… Yuu being nice to me in a maid outfit. ……”

Arisa muttered and covered people’s faces with her hands.

Kind Yuu.

Yuu who saved me.

But another desire also grows.

With that tender love, I, the maid.

Yuu who messes up me

Every time she imagined herself like that, she also felt an electric shock in her stomach.

As it was, Arisa gently pricked the Halami salad with a fork and put it in her mouth.

Her face looks happy.

Yuu master ……

One maid who eats with murmuring so in her mind.

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