Volume 2 Episode 7 – The first day I spent with her, I spoke with her father



“So what are onii chan and Towa san going to do after this?”

Misuzu asked me as we finished breakfast and sipped barley tea.

“Last night, Towa san’s mother called me and I explained the situation to her, and she agreed to stay with us for the night. But her father doesn’t know about it yet. I’m planning to go to Towa san’s house at 12 o’clock today, just to show my face.”

I looked at my watch and saw that it was ten o’clock.

It would take about an hour to get to her house from here.

“Whenever her father has a drinking party, he comes home around this time. So, maybe it is time to go….”

As we were talking about this, her phone alerted to an incoming call.

“Ah, ……, it’s definitely my father”

Towa san then smiles bitterly.

I looked at the phone.



“I’ll put it on speaker and answer it.”

Me and Misuzu shook our heads at that.

Towa san picked up that phone.


I heard a gentle male voice.

“Yes, father. Good morning.”

As if it was nothing, Towa san began to talk.

“…… Haa. Your mother told me about you. You may look like a quiet person, but you’ve always been a straight shooter.”
“You’re already a high school student. Have a little more modesty. Do you understand?”
“Yes. I am sorry.”

He was very rational and gentle. He seemed like the ideal man for a father.

“Now, tell me the truth. Where are you now?”
“I’m at Sakurai Kirito-kun’s house. I just finished having breakfast.”

As she said this, a sigh could be heard coming from the phone.

“Your mother told me that Towa stayed at the home of a friend she made in high school, but I thought it might be possible. Haa. …… you’re a girl that age. I wish you’d think a little more about what you’re doing. I’ve heard a lot about Sakurai-kun from you, haven’t I? But, he’s a high school boy, too, so what if he makes a mistake?”

“As far as I’m concerned, I’d like to see a mistake happen?”


I blurted out.

“…… Towa? Could it be that Sakurai-kun is nearby?”
“Yes. By the way, I’m putting this conversation on speaker so he and his sister can hear it too.”

At her words, the father pondered for a moment, and then said

“Towa. Can you put Sakurai-kun on the phone for me?”

I knew it.

“Yes, that’s fine”

Towa-san said and handed me the phone.

I then greeted the phone.

“Greetings, my name is Sakurai Kirito. I am very sorry that my first greeting is like this.
“No, don’t worry about it. I have always wanted to talk to you at the earliest opportunity. My name is Yuhei. You can call me whatever you like.”
“Then, I would like to call you Yuhei san, please.”
“Then let me call you Kirito-kun, too.”

After we lightly introduced ourselves, we got down to business.

“Well, Kirito. I see that my daughter stayed at your house last night?”
“Yes. She did.”
“And there were no mistakes made?”

This is a question I expected to be asked for sure.
I reply with firm words.

“There was none. I didn’t sleep a wink, but I didn’t do anything to betray Towa san’s mother or Yuhei-san.”

At my words, Yuhei-san sighed.

“Well, …… no, I’m a man myself, so I understand, but my daughter grew up very well-behaved. She put up with a lot when she reached high school.”
“N-no,…… I’m not the kind of person who would lay a hand on someone I’m not even in a relationship with yet.”
“Not yet. That means you will have that kind of relationship eventually”
“Yes. I would like to marry Towa san and become a family eventually. So I don’t think I can act rashly.”

Well, I’ve only taken …… ‘indiscretion’ once, so I’m not very convincing, but I’ll be really careful in the future.

“I see. You seem like someone I can talk to a little bit. You can come over to my place later today and talk to me directly, right?”
“Yes. I’m planning to visit with Towa san around 12:00.”
“I understand. Then we can talk about the details then. I am relieved to see that you are a more solid boy than I expected.”
“I appreciate that.”

When I answered, Yuhei san said in a gentle voice

“Her mother….I think Yumi said it, but I and she are grateful to you. Even last night, had she heard that she went to another man’s house, I’m sure she would have called the police”

It sounded like she was really going to do it.

“But Yumi-san too thinks that she is in good hands. I guess she trusted you with Towa, believing that you would be able to help her. I’m glad you didn’t betray that trust.”
“……It was very, very hard.”

Yuhei san laughed at my words.

“Ahaha! I guess so. Well, I guess it’s time for me to hang up now. I’m looking forward to seeing you and Towa at my place.”
“Yes. I’ll see you later. Excuse me.”

I said and ended the call with Yuhei san

“Well, did I manage it?”
“Yes. Thank you for your hard work.”

Towa san smiled at me as I was released from my nervousness and smiled bitterly.

“I was surprised that my father would approve of you that much. As expected of Kirito-kun, isn’t it?”
“Haha …… is that so? But I think what’s important is what’s to come.”

I said that, and I stretched out my back.

“All right. Let’s put on some neat clothes and go say hello. Misuzu, what kind of clothes would is good?”
“Ehehe. Okay, I’ll prepare it for you responsibly!”
“Haha. Thank you, Misuzu.”

Misuzu said and went to the wardrobe where my clothes were kept.

“Is Misuzu san going to pick them out”
“Yes. Misuzu says, [onii chan doesn’t get to pick the clothes.]”

She buys them and makes me wear them.

“Well, I’m going to go and change my clothes too. May I use Kirito-kun’s room?”
“Yes. It’s fine. I can change my clothes anywhere.”

I sent her off after saying that.
Towa-san turned around after a short walk and said to me

“You can take a peek, you know?”
“I told you yesterday, no peeking in there, okay? !”
“Ahaha. Then I’ll get ready.”

Towa-san disappeared from the living room, laughing mischievously.

“Really …… Bad on heart …….”

I plopped down on the table and wondered if this is how she would play with me in the palm of her hand in the future.

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