When I Changed Jobs, I Found a Company With 3 Sisters That I Used to Help, All of Whom Are Yanderes

Source : https://kakuyomu.jp/works/16816927862655726137


Takahashi Yuma, 24, is tired of the relationships in his company and decides to change jobs.

When he gets off at a station a short distance from home to take a detour after a long time, he finds three beautiful women being entangled with three dorky guys.

He helps them out as a conditioned reflex.

He realizes that he (Takahashi Yuma) and the girls (the three Kirie sisters) used to live next door to each other. He also learns that he once saved them from a terrible fate.

The three Kirie sisters’ dark and heavy love begins to move.

Episode 1 – Reunion with the 3 Kirie sisters

Episode 2 – The hunter who has found prey

Episode 3 – The three Kirie sisters, burdened with a wounded past, are invincible

Episode 4 – Gently crushed onigiri

Episode 5 – The hunter gets impatient

Episode 6 – Ai wants to whisper love

Episode 7 – Two sisters catch their prey

Episode 8 – Two people approaching

Episode 9 – Yuma’s Decision

Episode 10 – Job change, handover process and supervisors

Episode 11 – A hunter who is a little devil at her own pace

Episode 12 – Hunter who are photographed, prey who see

Episode 13 – Reacting prey

Episode 14 – A happy maid

Episode 15 – A visit from the maid

Episode 16 – Prey can be deceived

Episode 17 – The maid wraps it up

Episode 18 – Ai needs her prey

Episode 19 – Angry prey

Episode 20 – Prey to be swallowed

Episode 21 – prey’s determination

Episode 22 – Prey that tests

Episode 23 – major cleanup

Episode 24 – Dead-eyed prey

Episode 25 – New Goals

Episode 26 – The prey is aware

Episode 27 – immoral thing

Episode 28 – the prey is hunted

Episode 29 – Epilogue