“…… Sorry to keep you waiting, Saaya.”

“……You’re late, Futaba-kun.”

The man I had always wanted was standing there. He has a lot of blood on him, I’m sure he sent the guys in the shop to the police.

“Well, now, you’re accomplices too, aren’t you?”

“…. Who’s this? This kid, why is there so much blood on him?”

“Oh, it’s just blood. I’m sending all your mates to the police♪”

“……. Haa?”

He bent his mouth like a madman and told them such a cruel reality. I’m sure they can’t believe that such a five-year-old just bumped off all of them.

“Well, you’re all deadly sinners in my book now. You hurt my precious childhood friend, you made her cry, and for that alone you deserve to die.”

He glared at them with murderous eyes that he never showed me. And at that moment, he stepped forward and tried to stun them.

The difference in strength was obvious, and there was nothing they could do.

“Ah..! Gah ….! Stop, stop, stop!”

“You guys didn’t try to stop when Saaya was crying, did you? Then how could I stop?”

One-sidedly, violently and with overwhelming force

If Saaya didn’t have such a rope, she would probably be able to perform even better than that.

However, I couldn’t stop feeling excited because he was trying to save me from such a critical situation, and because he was so angry for me

(Oh … cool. …. Without a doubt, you’re my hero, Futaba-kun)

Saaya doesn’t care about the man whose blood is gushing out, all she can think about is Futaba, her eyes only see Futaba, her whole body wants Futaba, and little by little, little by little, she is unconsciously approaching the identity of the unknown

“Oh it’s you, the one who made Saaya cry by saying something creepy.”


“You don’t have to tell me lies all the time, I heard your conversation earlier.”

“What the hell do you think you’re doing to me…?”

“With that arm, you were trying to touch Saaya earlier, weren’t you ……? I think you don’t need that arm?”

The man must have instinctively sensed the danger, and the moment he heard those words, he tried to run away, but there was no way he could run away from him now, and he was caught immediately. And the next moment,



The man’s arm was twisted in an impossible direction and he screamed, wanting to get away from this despair as quickly as possible. But he couldn’t allow that to happen.

“Oops, sorry? I broke that arm because it was so dirty and looked so easy to break… but hey, I have one complaint…… Shut up, you piece of shit! You’re not the one should be screaming!

How’s that? How does it feel to be in heaven and now you’ve been thrown into hell?

Now you understand how Saaya feels a little, don’t you?”

“Help me. …”

“Hey, hey, don’t rely on others, Saaya couldn’t even ask for help from anyone, so just despair for a while.”

The next thing the man knew, he smelled yellow liquid and ammonia from the lower half of his body.

“….. That’s so lame, even though Saaya only had tears in her eyes. ….. It pisses me off from the bottom of my heart when I see it, just pass out there.”

He did so, then raised his arm and slammed it into his head as hard as he could, and the man passed out in a pathetic position.

“Well, let’s get on with it and take them all down.”

And so the guys who had kidnapped Saaya were beaten by overwhelming force and fainted one after another. The first thing to do, though, was to firmly kick them all in the groin.

And after knocking them all out, he ran to Saaya.

“Saaya!!! Are you safe?!!”

“….. ‘I’m sorry, Futaba-kun. I put you in danger.”

“That’s not important! I’m asking if Saaya is safe!”

“Ah, yes. I’m fine. It’s not something you should be worried about—“

Before Saaya could finish, Futaba hugged Saaya.


“I’m glad, really …… I can tell by looking at you that you’re safe, but I’m still glad that you, my precious and irreplaceable childhood friend, are safe, really …….”

“Futaba, kun ……”

(Ah, I see, I finally understand. This ‘unknown’ was a love for you, wasn’t it? …. Haha, I didn’t understand at all.)

And so she understood

(Oh, …… I can understand now. I want to be by your side all the time. Even more, I want to quickly leave this body and be with you in the true sense of the word, that’s what I think about. Because then I can always feel you, and I can have eternal happiness. ……. I’m aware that I’m thinking crazy things….. But I can say with full of myself that I am my true self now ……)

That man who tried to rape Saaya has broken the mask that Sasaya has been wearing until now.

And Futaba released all the love that was deep in Saaya’s heart, without knowing that it could be directed at him.

Yes, her love, which is more than the water in the endless ocean. ────

(… Haha♪ I won’t let you run away anywhere, and you can’t run away, okay? You have to be with me from now on ♡ because we are destined to be together)

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1 month ago

He’s five.

He took down a room full of adults, and a parlor filled with the same.
Using his bare hands.

Say it with me now… he took down at least a dozen or so adults with his bare hands….. AND HE IS FIVE!

your local gacha boy yt
your local gacha boy yt
1 month ago
Reply to  Seraf

As gigguk would say
Don’t worry about it

1 month ago

5 huh…sure this isn’t some isekai novel as well…

1 month ago

Does… does the author not understand what a 5 year old is?

I’m willing to put up with a lot but now we’re so far off the rails we may as well be in Narnia.

23 days ago

Yeah at this point let’s just think that he morphed into a 6’2 pure mass of adult

22 days ago

I’m pretty sure a 13 year old write this shit, because no way a fckg adult write this cringe story