Elesia Elemirea.

She is a rare child prodigy in the history of her magical family. Her total amount of magical power, sense of operation, and memory are outstanding, and her latent ability surpasses even that of her father, the current head of the Royal Order of Mages.

Her talent has been demonstrated since she was a child, and those around her have come to call her “the prodigy of the Countess Elemirea family.”

Thanks to this, the Countess Elemirea, who comes from a magical family, became famous in social circles for a time.

Unlike the Marquise of Astia, who is in a sense the opposite, they have not made any achievements over the years and have always been buried in the public’s reputation when compared to the Marquise of Astia. In terms of qualities alone, she is without a doubt the best in the kingdom. There is no reason why she should not be a topic of conversation.

Perhaps because of this, Elesia received many offers of marriage.

The son of a merchant chairman, the heir apparent of a noble family, and at one point, she even received an offer from a royal family member.

However, her overwhelming talent had its downside. Elesia did not pay much attention to others.

Her only friend was her childhood friend Shana, and even among her numerous family members, she only allowed her mother to be close to her.

One day, her mother said to her:

[One day, you will meet a wonderful boy …… whom you will want to spend the rest of your life with. You’ll be happy with everything you see, won’t you?]

She didn’t understand what she meant.

As a nobleman, one must have a political marriage at some point, she know.

But the kind of partner she would want for herself? When everyone is equally the same as a leaf in the bushes? Elesia had thought so after hearing her mother’s words.

This did not change until she reached the age of 12, and her indifferent personality eventually grew along with her body.

However, from the perspective of her father, the current head of the family, this is a trivial matter.

Elesia will surpass the Marquise of Astia, a noble family of knights, in the future…

“Ha,……father will also force me to do troublesome things.”

One day when she was twelve years old.

Elesia was walking alone in the forest away from the count’s territory by herself.

If you want to reach the top as a magician, you should get used to fighting from an early age—that’s what was taught, so he sent one child into the forest so that she could eventually complete the mission on her own.

“Suppression of magical beasts. Even though only relatively weak magical beasts live there, I don’t think it’s a place where a lady dancing under a chandelier would be allowed to walk.”

As she complained, a wolf-like demonic beast suddenly appeared from the bushes ahead.

It was still unaware of Elesia’s presence, or perhaps it was just looking around in a furtive manner.

Elesia points a finger at it and quickly decides to take it down.

“The rays of the sun that descend and converge on the world are my embers.”

The magic that the prodigy handles is a very common light in nature.

Although sometimes it produces light, basically it simply collects light scattered around it, gathers it at hand, and releases it.

Therefore, it is the fastest in terms of speed of emission. Once the chanting is over, all that is left is to push it out, and it will literally pierce the enemy at the speed of light, gouging out the surrounding area under the nature of light.

As long as she doesn’t create one from scratch, Elesia rarely runs out of magic power, thanks in part to her great amount of original magic power.

“Completed, Arrow of Light.”

That is why Elesia was honestly not afraid of being thrown into the forest alone.

She had no enemies on the way. If she really fights, she can compete with her father and overwhelm her siblings and people her own age.

“Now, how many more of them do I have to kill before I can go home?”

Seeing the monster’s head completely blown off, Elesia starts to walk away in a lighthearted manner.

Let’s just get it over with and get back home—surely it was obvious that she had let her guard down when she thought that.


then, she finally noticed its presence by that yell that appeared from behind her.


Elesia turned around as quickly as she could.

When? A huge bear-like body that makes she thinks so. She missed it because she was so small…and it’s a gigantic body. It is well over twice her size and gives off an overwhelming sense of intimidation.

It probably muffled its footsteps until it came near its prey.

Elesia, however, panicked and could not guess the answer to “Why?”

Instead, she pointed her finger at the giant beast with a speed that could be described as reflexive.

“The sun’s converging rays descending upon the wor–“

Elesia is still very young.

She has little combat experience and does not know what position the mages of the world are fighting in.

As a result, Elesia makes a fatal mistake in an important situation.



The huge arm of the demonic beast hit Elesia’s small torso sideways with all its might.


The chanting of magic is a big gap.

Once brought into close combat, the mage should have made the choice to flee.

However, the young girl does not know this yet.

This is the difference in experience — Elesia’s body reaves the forest vegetation and rolls like a ping pong ball over and over again on the ground.


It hurts It hurts It hurts It hurts It hurts It hurts It hurts It hurts It hurts!!!???

Why?! Why?! Such heartbreaking questions fill her head.

However, it was not a magical beast that would wait.

After all, there was a hunk of fine meat in front of it. With the food in front of it, the demonic beast moves closer to prey.

(M-my body…..)

Even though she wanted to run away, She couldn’t move because of the pain where she was hit and where she was struck.

The fear…..hits Elesia.


Did it does this to me? I’m strong …… but I’m dying? That’s why I didn’t want to do it. Why did you leave me here alone in the first place? I didn’t hear about it, I didn’t know there was such a thing as a beast. But… I don’t want to die—

“I don’t want to die…..!”

she said that, but she couldn’t move her body as much as she wanted to.

Even if she prayed for help, the monster wouldn’t stop.

Tears that she had never shed for as long as she could remember began to fall from Elesia’s eyes.

At that time—

“Hey, hey, if you’re going to play tag, join me, you mongrel.”

— abruptly, the bear’s arm was blown off.


An ear-piercing cry of a demonic beast echoes through the trees.

At that moment, as if to effect the spray of blood, a blonde-haired boy fell from the sky.

“Shut up, ……, I am in the middle of a search for interesting plants. At least give a little welcome to those who join us”

He was probably about the same age? He looks young, no different than any other kid around.

The only difference is that he is holding something like a black-tinted sword in his hand.

And Elesia, who is a genius in magic, instantly understood when she saw the sword.

(… S-sword made of magic?)

Without resolving the question, the boy swings the sword sideways.

However, the magical beast avoided by leaping and slammed its remaining arm with a single thought.

But instead of crushing its small body, the boy laughs ferociously as he catches it with his sword.

“Weak, you damn beast! Come back with more weight!”

The boy’s kick pierces into the belly of the hexenbiest.

Despite the difference in size, the beast’s body bounced and rolled on the ground.

Then, for some reason, the boy started swinging his sword sideways once more.

There should have been a distance between them. The reach of the sword should not have been enough to reach it.

“King of the Forest”

But Elesia was the only one who thought so.

The sword’s blade somehow began to extend as soon as he swung the sidecreave, and he accurately chopped off the head of the rolling magical beast.


Stunned. Nothing came out of Elesia’s mouth.

She had been soaked in fear until this boy appeared, and then everything changed.

He is about the same age as her, but he has the muscle power to overpower that huge body. He has the sense to handle magic without the need for chanting, which is a weakness of mages. In addition, he has the fighting skills to mix and match.

It is out of the ordinary. ……

This makes her feel stupid for being called a child prodigy…

“Are you okay?”

As she was stunned, the boy slowly approached her.

The boy was called the disgrace of the Marquise of Astia, whom she had seen several times at social gatherings.

Why? Shouldn’t he be called incompetent? Such a question came to mind, but before that…


The emotions that had been blocked by Elesia’s fear overflowed.


For the first time in her life, she was on the verge of death, for the first time in her life, she was afraid.

These caused Elesia to cry out loudly for the first time in her life.

Suddenly crying, the boy began to feel flustered and perplexed,…… and after much hesitation, he vigorously hugged Elesia’s body.

“C-calm down,……? It’s okay, I defeated it! Because the demon beast is no longer there! ”


“Ah, Moouu! If it appears in your dreams, just call me, and if it seems like it will appear in real life, just call me without worrying about it being a nuisance! ”


“I’ll definitely defeat him! So please stop crying! I don’t like to see anyone cry!”

Elesia met her hero on this day.

For the first time in her life. The first rewarding moment in her life.

The girl who was called a prodigy had a while to stop crying.

(Aaah …… What’s this feeling?)

At that time, there was a boy who hugged her strongly to reassure her all the time.

She feels safe, comfortable, her heart is beating loudly in her chest, and she can’t get his back out of her eyes.

If she could only wish, she would want to do this all the time.

She has never felt this way before.

(I see. …… I understand.)

Elesia had the boy take her home, and she finally realized the change in herself.

She then turned to her mother and said…

“Mother,…… I have found him. I found someone I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

The child prodigy of the magical family, the Countess Elemirea.

On this day, she left home, overcoming all opposition.

It was both her first romance and love at first sight, all in order to be by the side of the hero who would later become known as the “Black Knight” —.

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