“Eh? Saaya is not here…?”

I thought I had cooled off, got out of the bathroom quickly, and came back fairly quickly, but Saaya is not there.

I asked her on my phone if she was in the bathroom, but she didn’t respond.

That’s unnatural. …. Obviously, that girl who was in such a good mood earlier doesn’t seem like she would act in a way that would disrupt this date.

“Hm? Is this …….?”

The crepe had fallen, the parfait that we had been eating while having Aaahn with Saaya just a moment ago.

Kidnapping ……? But it should be impossible to do such a thing in broad daylight, much less in the presence of customers and staff.

(No, if my hypothesis is correct, how could that Saaya be caught so easily? As much as I hate that girls, she’s definitely stronger than me. …… Because if I showed her a few martial arts techniques, she would copy them all, and if anything, she would have evolved them into more advanced techniques!)

Hmmm~…. But there is a theory that the opponent is a very strong opponent…. I think it’s somehow different…~

…. Well, can’t help it

(He messed with my childhood friend. …. do you think you can easily get away with it?)

“Hey, the culprit is you guys, right?”

With that, I cracked my arms and while warming up, I released a murderous spirit and spoke to the culprits.


“Hnn….. this is…?”

From the looks of it, it seems to be a warehouse somewhere, although it is dimly lit and I can’t see very well.

This place doesn’t exist in the map of this city that I remember, and it looks like a place I’ve never been before.

“Ah, yeah~, I suddenly lost consciousness …… And then I found myself in this unknown place …. Ah, kidnapping, what a mess I’ve made.”

I really let my guard down at that time, no, I didn’t have time to think about such things at that time in the first place.

(Haaa, it’s Futaba-kun’s fault, huh? You’ve taken over my brain all on your own, and I completely lost track of all this stuff.)

But still, Saaya could not blame Futaba. It was simply her own fault for letting her guard down. …. It felt irrepressibly good to be occupied with Futaba.

(….. Well, it’s a classic, or what do you call it, the rope is tightly covered with many layers of rope…)

Saaya wonders how she can untie this rope, and Saaya makes up a logic to untie the rope at an abnormal speed of thought, but ……

“This rope for my hands and feet is …… I can remove it if I want to, but it will take some time ….. I wonder.”

The rope is covered with many layers of ropes, and although her brain knows how to solve it, her body is a five-year-old, and it is beyond her tolerance.

“Hnn~. But still, I thought it was strange to think that the culprits were the staff and customers of that parfait shop over there~, because the moment we came in, it was empty and the door was closed.”

Well, I got caught because I didn’t take any precautions. …. No, if I had been my usual self, I would have thought that much and screamed.

(Oh dear. …. I’m trying to figure out this unknown so that this won’t happen again, but I can’t figure it out… I’m sure I’ll figure it out as soon as there’s a trigger.)

Well, there’s no point in thinking about that now, is there …. Eh? Why was I kidnapped?

I guess they’re going to use my intelligence in all likelihood. …..

Huh? Who am I talking to now …..?

“I mean, why don’t you just show up quickly~ I’m bored as hell”

I’ve already thought about everything I can think of here, and after thinking about it, I’ve decided to just let myself go and get out when I can.

(No…you wouldn’t do that to a 5-year-old’s body, right?)

However, she is also a ‘girl’ before that, although she can think straight. Anxiety about what would be done to this defenseless state was commonplace.

“Ah, you’re awake, monster.”

Suddenly a group of men arrived. All of them were big-bodied and full of power.

Naturally, Saaya was terrified at the sight of them. But she said back to them with a poker face that gave them no clue.

“Yeah, you had too much free time on your hands.”

“Kuku, then you were able to get a grasp of this state?”

“Of course, the culprits are the people who were in the store at that time, and you guys are after my head, not ransom or anything like that. Surely that’s what that parfait shop was about?”

“Hahaha ….. Normally, in this situation, you would be too confused to think that far ahead.”

“I don’t want to be confused with normal, because I’m a monster, just like you say.”

“Kkuku, I’m sure you are.”

“So? How long am I going to have to do this?”

“I don’t know. I’m waiting for the call from the top.”

From the top …..? Then, I guess I was right about the hypothesis–However, she must be a smart girl after all, so what will happen next? She could tell by the looks of the men around her.

(Well, it doesn’t really matter. It’s just a body after all.

It’s not like there’s going to be any mental abnormality, let’s just say I’m being raped and wait for the scene to change.)

“Heey heyy Is it okay to violate this child?”

“…. Haa, do what you want.”


“You Lolicon.”

(Oh, I’m so intelligent after all, brilliantly proving that I was right in my prediction.)

I’m sure I’ll be raped….or, to be honest, something like this might happen.Once I realized that I was abnormal, I might end up like I am now, though the process would be different. I could have predicted that.

(That’s why… I was prepared just in case, so I’m fine …. I was supposed to be ….!)

I hated it, it was so incredible that even though I could fool my mind, I couldn’t fool my body, and I couldn’t even fool my heart anymore.

(I hate it. …. I will not have my body used by that piece of unintelligent garbage worm. That would be a tremendous humiliation… If I have to let someone use me, I prefer Futaba ….. Eh?)

Remembering Futaba, who had been unconsciously talking out of her head until now, she becomes even more honest with her true self.

(I don’t want to, I don’t want to, I don’t want to, I don’t want to, I don’t want to, my mind and body doesn’t belong to you! Everything exists for Futaba-kun!)

She never understood her feelings. She is merely following her instincts and simply screaming. But by following her instincts, she was trying to take off the mask she had put on her mind to escape the bitterness of being told she was a monster.

She did so because she instantly understood that doing so was the best way to know this unknown.

“Hey, hey, this kid suddenly burst into tears!”

“Let’s do her and make her teary face even more!”

Saying that, the men moved a little closer to Saaya.

She was about to die by tearing her tongue out as a last stand

Suddenly, the sound of a door being broken through was heard, and at the same time, a certain person appeared

“……. Thanks for waiting, Saaya.”

“…… You’re late, Futaba-kun.”

The only person to whom she was directing an unknown emotion was standing there.

(TL/N : As you noticed, sometimes the author does a first person POV and 3rd person POV, I’m just translating it as it is)

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1 month ago

I would like to remind everyone that both main characters are 5 years old. I bring this up because unless the Mc busted in with let’s say the police because that would make sense, he is not rescuing her. Ignoring all the people in the shop, the room has several buff men. He might be able to take one maybe two with surprise crotch shots but he will not be able to beat them all. I’m willing to give him the benefit of a dought with finding her because he is a reincarnated guy fine. I will accept that. But unless that boy brought other adults to this fight or a gun he is not rescuing her. And the reason for that argument is simple. It’s BECAUSE HE IS FIVE!!!

1 month ago

WTF, they are 5 right? Some wierd unknown organisation wants to kidnap this apparent genius 5 year old and sends a couple of rape happy lolicon, then her 5 year old reincarnated friend bursts in, like what, how did we get here?