“P-Part time!?”

I was surprised at the unexpected words.

“As Ryoma knows, Shizuku has been taking care of me until now. She cooked every meal for me and stayed with me.”

I have heard that story.

It is said that Arisa, who is catastrophic with housework, has hired Otsuki san, who lives next door, in the form of a housekeeper.

“She used to come over seven days a week, but …… she’s asked me to cut it in half because Hirasawa Reo just took her from me”

“Aah, on a day like today, she can’t come to Arisa’s house, can she?”

“I was NTR’d by that guy. I’m so frustrated.”

“You didn’t sleep with her in the first place.”

“I did. I’ve slept with her on the futon.”

That sleeping together is definitely not the same thing.

It probably means that she wants to spend time with Reo, so she’s going to work fewer part-time jobs.

But if the number of part-time jobs was reduced to zero, there would be no money coming in, so in a sense, it’s a work adjustment.

“If it’s okay with you, I was wondering if you could fill in for her. ……”

“But Arisa said she recently started cooking, and honestly,……, even rice is something she can handle.”

Arisa is starting to learn how to make bento lunches, and although it’s still not good enough, it will get better in time.

In this day and age, you can buy as much as you want at convenience stores, or you can just get delivery.

I know that Arisa’s family is wealthy. 

“I can eat dinner, but I’m …… lonely.”

“Ah …….”

I see. As I recall, Arisa lives almost entirely on her own.

her parents were overseas and her older brother also lived in a dormitory. If Otsuki san doesn’t come, she’ll be alone all night.

It’s totally different from me, who has Hiyori and my parents coming home even if it’s late. I shouldn’t think of it in the same way.

“You don’t seem very enthusiastic about it, do you?”

Arisa looked worried.

There is no doubt that I am not keen on the idea, but it’s not because I don’t like her or anything like that.

“going to …… a girl’s house, I’m a little shy.”

“What? You came in the rain right”

“I had no choice at that time ?!”

“…… Ryoma was so cool at that time.”

I still agonize sometimes when I think back to that time.

Rushing into a girl’s house all dressed up and lecturing her the next morning. I still regret what I did.

It ended up going in the right direction, so that’s good, but I definitely got a little too deep into it …….

Besides. I blush when I remember.

I went into Arisa’s room on a pitch black night and held her hand,…….

Arisa was not feeling well at the time, so her memory was a bit dubious, but I remember it perfectly.

Her hand was soft and Arisa was seriously cute when she was being spoiled that time.

I was going to lose my mind if I kept hanging out with Arisa.

Arisa tapped something on her phone and presented it to me.

“By the way, here’s the hourly rate.”

I glanced at the screen and couldn’t help but start at the amount.

“Ha? This amount is a lie, right?”

Arisa smiled and muttered again

“Ryoma, will you do my housework for me?”

“I’ll do it for you.”

Do you know? it’s all about the money.

The price was so unbelievable that I was astonished.

No wonder Otsuki-san won’t quit. …… If a high school student can get this much money, she’s too safe.


So my housekeeping job will start today.

Since Otsuki-san was not coming home, I had to cook dinner for Arisa today.

After leaving the cafe, we headed for Arisa’s house.

“I’m home~”

“S-sorry to bother you.”

After taking a bus, we arrived at Arisa’s house.

I’ve only been in there once before, but it’s really big.

This house must be more than …… billions. I don’t know.

“Here you go, Ryoma.”

“Is it a key card?”

“It’s our duplicate key. It’s Ryoma’s.”

“D-D-duplicate key!?”

“You need it because you’re working.”

“I wonder if it’s okay to use …….”

“Yes. Because Ryoma is my best friend. I only gave this to Shizuku and Ryoma, so please take good care of it.”

I never …… thought I would get a duplicate key to this huge mansion.

I didn’t expect her to give it to me so lightly. I’m glad to know that she trusts me.

“I’m going to go get changed.”

“Arisa, wait a minute.”

“What is it?”

Her platinum blonde hair swings softly, and the way she turns around and poses is just adorable.

It’s very effective because it appeals to me unconsciously.

Don’t blush, my face. Don’t blush.

“Can you just tell me where I’m not allowed to go? It’s such a big house, there are certain places.”

“The housekeeper goes in and out, so there is not. My parents said they keep all the valuables in a safe, and the really important stuff is kept somewhere else.”

“I see.”

“You can use the bathroom as usual. But if you come to my room or the washroom while I’m taking a …… bath, it might be a bit of a problem.”

“I won’t do that!”

Arisa looks a little embarrassed, and I get flustered.

Persons from outside the house like me and Otsuki san will come and go as housekeepers, so maybe security is intentionally lax.

However, she had told me before that she had a contract with a security company, so she must have a good security system in place.

“You can relax there.”

Arisa went upstairs to her room.

I sat down on the huge living room sofa.

It’s …… too big and uncomfortable. I feel that she is really a rich lady.

Is it okay to come to a girl’s house like that? Otsuki-san is her childhood friend, so it’s fine, but I’m ……

A notification arrives on my phone.

It’s Otsuki san. It seems to be a message.

[I heard from Arisa that you has accepted a part-time job as a housekeeper, so I’m sending a reminder.]

I appreciate this.

as expected

I quickly read the first sentence.

It probably must contain important information about housekeeping.

I decided to look at the phone carefully and read it in every corner.

The housekeeping tips.

—When Arisa becomes affectionate, hug her without saying anything and pat her head (← absolutely! But do not touch naughty in moderation)

“What is this?”

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Diana Kurosawa
Diana Kurosawa
7 months ago

Arisa is a child at heart with a body of a young supermodel~

7 months ago

This isn’t a housekeeper job anymore. It’s a caretaker job instead.