“You’re late ! Are you kidding me, keeping me waiting?”

The woman who I met in front of her house to get out of school together is angry.

I don’t like to be around people who are hysterical in the morning, but sadly, that person is my girlfriend, Sudo Maki herself.

Sure enough, she’s been cursing me all morning, and I sigh involuntarily.

I wonder why it is like this…….

Before we started dating, she was a beautiful, caring, and very kind girl. It wasn’t that she was a childhood friend of mine. There’s no doubt in my mind that she was kind.

……There’s no doubt about it, but the moment we started dating, she started abusing me for some reason.

I didn’t realize she had this side of her even though we’ve known each other since childhood, but this abuse is pretty harsh.

I asked her why she changed, but she wouldn’t tell me.

I pleaded with her to give me a break, but for some reason she looked at me with loving eyes and said, [I know, I know] and cursed me again.

I tried everything I could. But the abuse never ended.

“Yeah yeah, my bad.”

The abuse was so bad that I thought many times about breaking up with her, but no matter how much she cursed at me, she was my childhood friend whom I had loved for a long time. There was no way I could dislike her easily, so I continued dating her out of habit.

But, without a doubt, something was building up inside me.

“Why are you such a slow learner? genetics? Your sister seems to be slow, too.”

……I see, you’ve finally started insulting my family, too.


“What? Do you have a problem with me?”

“……We’re through, you and I.”

My pent up anger exploded.


“I don’t care if you insult me, but I won’t allow you to humiliate my family. Let’s break up now. Don’t ever talk to me again.”

I said everything I wanted to say as if I was trying to vent all my resentment, and I left Maki standing there stunned and returned home as quickly as I could.


“I’m home.”

“Welcome home, Onii chan.”

I opened the front door and was greeted by my loving sister as usual.

She was walking towards the front door, but she didn’t look like a first-year high school student. Her short stature must have played a part.

When we went to the living room together, Hikari started drinking her coffee black, as if she was at an age where she wanted to act like an adult. But she was still frowning, as if it wasn’t to her liking.

What a sweetheart.

“What’s wrong?”

Hikari asks suddenly.


“You looked kind of unhappy, you know?”

She’s a sharp girl. To be honest, what happened today was my problem, so I wasn’t sure whether to tell Hikari or not, but in the end I decided to talk about it. Maybe I wanted someone to listen to me.

“…….I broke up with my girlfriend.”

“….You finally broke up with Maki senpai. I was worried that she was abusing you too much.”

“……Ah. Maki insulted you today, and that’s when I got mad.”

“You’re lying……. I’m a little shocked. What did she say?”

“You’re slow.”

“That’s a milder insult than I thought it would be. But it’s true that people often say I’m slow.”

“It’s true that Hikari is calm, but I think that’s one of her beauties. It’s also tolerant. Even if it’s praised, there’s no reason for it to be criticized.”

“……What a siscon.”

Hikari’s face was turning red. I guess she’s embarrassed.

“…..Thank you. I’m glad you got angry for me. But it’s a little complicated that you broke up with her because of it.”

“There’s nothing to worry about, Hikari. Her behavior was always too much to take in.”

“……I see.”

After saying that, Hikari finished her coffee and went back to her room.

I’m a little depressed because I’ll be in the same class as her at school tomorrow.


I sighed and looked up to the ceiling.

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