It was Sunday.

I was at an event hall in Tokyo.


“Erm, it’s here, huh.”

Standing in front of me is a rather large cylindrical building.

To be honest, it’s bigger than I imagined……

What will take place here today is a talk event for the anime “Animal Friends”.

From now on, I’m going to be talking with Hinemiya san in front of several hundred fans here.


I took a deep breath and straightened my back.

Okay, let’s go—


Just as I’m about to start walking, something covers my vision and it goes completely dark.

W-what is it?

“Fufu, guess who is it?”

An angelic voice coming from behind me.

This feeling is definitely……

“……What are you doing? Shiori.”

“Fufu, I’ve been found out♪”

When I turned around, there was Himemiya san looking at me with a mischievous smile.


I was somewhat nervous.

Although I knew it, the girl in front of me is an idol voice actress who is at the top of the industry.

No, seriously…….

“Come to think of it, it’s been quite a while since we’ve met like this.

I hadn’t seen Himemiya san face to face since the day we recorded the last episode of Ore Kano.

“Let’s see, it’s been since the launch, right?”

When I say that, Himemiya san suddenly looks embarrassed and looks down.

“U-um,…… Didn’t I say something strange then?”


“I-I don’t remember after I drank alcohol……”

At a yakiniku restaurant the two of us went to after the recording, Himemiya san drank an oolong tea high that the waiter mistakenly served.

Well, she was certainly quite drunk at the time.

“R-right. I think it was something like [Elena is cheating] or something…….”

It must have been the alcohol, but I really don’t understand what she meant……

“Eh? N-no way !?”

Then, Himemiya san was dismayed with a surprised expression.

“W-what’s wrong?”



For some reason, Shiorin closes the distance and gently wraps her hands around mine with both of hers.

Eh, w-what’s going on?

“F-forget it…….”

Saying that, Himemiya san stares at me with a tearful expression and looks me up and down.

T-the destructive power is so high that my heart is going to……

“O-okay, I get it. Yeah, A-anyway, move a bit.”

“R-really……do you mean it?”

“Y-yeah. I’ll forget about it. So let’s move a bit, okay?”

Damn, this situation is really bad.

If people around me see that Shiorin is involved with a shady character like me—

“Hey, was that some kind of filming?”

“Well, but there’s no camera or anything…..”

“But no matter how you look at it, they’re both celebrities.”

Buzz buzz buzz

I noticed that a crowd was beginning to form around us.

Kuh. W-what should I do?

“……Himemiya san, let’s go !”

“Eh? Y-yes.


I headed to the backstage with Hinemiya san to get away from the crowd.

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