Should I head in the direction of the voice or keep my distance to hide? Without thinking, I chose the latter and tried to avoid an encounter with the boss. Then I thought about the meaning of the message I had just received from Hisui.

(Don’t leave the house right now…….does that mean there’s a lookout or something?)

I don’t think there are people at the back door like that. That means I can assume he’s keeping me around for something other than people watching. If that’s the case, what did he mean by sending me this message?

(Do he want to draw me in……between me and the boss)

It’s a cheap idea, but it feels right to think so. Or maybe he wants me to look him in the eye. I heard that it was the boss who had gone ahead with Yukihana’s engagement without telling her about it, and he must be a man with a lot of troubles.

(Now, what should I do?)

If this assumption is true, it’s another matter whether it makes sense to follow him honestly or not. In other words, if I want to leave this house, I can, and I don’t have to keep the boss in my sights. Yes, there’s no reason to follow Hisui’s instructions, even if they are called unjust.

But it’s also true that I’m curious.

(Well, I’ve figured out the escape route and the layout of the house, so it’s worth a try.)

Since I infiltrated this house, I have already grasped the general layout. Even if they find out I’m not from the Yukihana clan, I’ll be able to escape by the shortest route. In the worst case scenario, I could use force to force my way out. Or Icould use Yukihana as a hostage.

(That sounds like the thinking of a criminal.)

I think again, looking back at what I thought. In the past, I would never have resorted to such means. It seems that not only my personality but also my mind may have turned black. But that may change once this case is resolved.


I approached the place where many signs of people were gathered, muffling the sound of my footsteps and my presence. I looked inside and saw the many members of the gang who had been in this house. And behind them, I could also see two siblings, Yukihana Hisui and Yukihana Ruri. And behind them……

(That is the head of the Yukihana clan……Yukihana Koushirou)

The first thing that catches my eye is his shoulder-length black hair. But his face is full of a murderous intent that does not match his hair. He’s thin and looks weak, but I could feel his power more than any other bad guy I have ever met. Frankly speaking……he’s dangerous.

(But not in a deadly atmosphere.)

I thought I was expecting some sort of regular meeting to start, but it looks like he’s having a normal dinner with his gang members and his family. He’s been drinking since noon and acting like he’s completely off the clock. At least he doesn’t look like a yakuza group boss.

“So, Hisui, how are you doing? Are you getting used to school? How many friends have you made, yeah?”

“Shut up, old man.”

“Gahhh……ugh, Ruri, Hisui is bullying me !”

“You reek of booze.”

“Ruri, you too !?”

The boss, perhaps drunk, is making nonsense towards Yukihana and the others. He was far from the image I had of him. He’s a friendly person, unlike his appearance, and the members of the gang were laughing and making a fuss over such exchanges as a snack.

“Boss, it’s been a while !”

“Oh, you must be Tajima ! It’s been a long time. You’re Shimizu and Ishiguro !”

[ [Oh, it’s a pleasure to be remembered !] ]

“Haha, once you’re my subordinate, you’re as good as family ! It’s only natural to remember the names of family members. Gahahahaha.”

(Those are the guys who were with me just now.)

The reason they were in a hurry just now was because they wanted to say hello to the boss. It’s no wonder that his subordinates love him so much. And it’s hard to believe, but it seems that the boss remembers the names and faces of all the members of the gang. It was a good thing that I had acted separately at that time. If I had followed them, I would have been in trouble.

“Anyway, Pops, how’s Mother?

“Oh, Tamaki? Don’t worry. She’s recovered enough to be discharged from the hospital soon.”

“I see.”


(Tamaki……judging from the conversation, she’s the mother of Yukihanas. Is she being hospitalized?)

Looking at the relieved siblings, it seems that at least she’s being treated with more care than their father. I have never seen such a relieved expression on Yukihana’s face before. She always keeps a blank expression on her face or looks grumpy, so I saw a new side of her.

“Rather than that, Pops, it’s about my sister’s engagement. Just withdraw it, for god’s sake.”

After a few moments of banquet-like exchanges, Hisui begins to mention what has been going on at the mansion recently. It seems that there’s some kind of rift between the siblings and their father regarding this matter.

As soon as he hears Hisui’s words, his smile disappears and his expression turns serious. It was as if he had sobered up.

“The matter has already been settled. It can’t be changed now.”

“What the hell ! I’ve already explained to you many times that he’s a scumbag. What reason do you have for getting my sister engaged to such a man !”

“I should have explained it many times. This is not an engagement that was decided suddenly, but something that has been decided for a long time. I’m sorry about that.”

“Then !……”

“However, if we broke the promise we made many years ago, it would hurt the Yukihana family’s face. Besides, you should know that, Hisui. They must never look down on the Yukihana family.”

The situation was more serious than I had thought. Hisui is trying his best to appeal to his father to protect his sister, but he is reluctant to do so. And then there is Yukihana Ruri, who’s not expressing her own opinion and is watching the exchange with a pained look on her face.

(This breakdown between family members is probably one of the reasons for Yukihana’s recent depression.)

Judging from this exchange, they must have talked about this more than once or twice. However, it seems that they have always followed a parallel line and no progress has been made. Perhaps outraged by this, Hisui opened his mouth in a new direction.

“Then why the hell did that bastard transfer to my high school !?

“Regarding that, I was also surprised. After all, I only heard about it after the matter was over.”

“I didn’t care about that. He’s, no, why they got engaged in the first place !”

Saying that, Hisui begins to ask why they got engaged in the first place. No, more importantly, why bother digging up the past. This guy, could it be…

(Is he giving me information? To get me to do something about it).

I dismiss it as impossible for a moment, but at least it’s not a conversation to have in the presence of a foreigner, me. Moreover, he started this conversation in a public place, even keeping me around. It was as if he was asking me to listen to him.

“A few years ago, the Yukihana family received support from their family. That was the root cause. In exchange for that, they wanted Ruri to become his fiancée.”

“Why go to all that trouble……”

“Perhaps they wanted a connection with us. And the Yukihana family was in a pinch at that time. They needed to keep the Yukihana family alive, even if they had to accept our request.”

It seems heartless, but apparently he put the clan first. He may be a disqualified father, but as a boss, he may be an ideal person. At the very least, he is prepared to cut off his own people in order to keep the clan alive. That alone is formidable enough.

“But I did not expect the clan to erode to this extent. It seems that there are people who have established friendships with them among the members of the gang.”

The boss looks over at the members of the clan. He has probably already selected the traitor in his mind. Is it his own mercy that he does not pursue the matter deeply? Or is he aiming for a counter? I can’t judge that based on the information I have now.

“There will be complaints. But I will carry out this matter properly. I will put the prestige of the Yukihana family on the line.”

With that, the boss got up and left the room. I watched from a distance so as not to be seen. The room where the boss had been just a few minutes before was gradually becoming less crowded, and the cleanup had begun.

All that was left was Hisui, who was sitting down and clenching his fists tightly, and his sister, who was looking at him with a pained expression on her face.

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Then MC just need to help ruri and messed up the image of that transferred son of a bitch

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judging by it, this would be a very difficult battle since i can guess he’s the reason for MC’s current state